Gone for a Week

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Mikhail's boyfriend Remi is gone on a trip for a week and it's making him..."antsy".

Erotica / Humor
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Gone Away

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Remi had only been gone one night and he was already antsy. Usually, they slept together at the apartment he shared with his brother Eduard or at Remi’s house but that one night showed him he wasn’t used to being alone anymore. He’d been restless the whole time, rolling from one side of the bed to the other, missing his lover’s warmth next to him. The fluttering in his stomach that thoughts of Remi caused reminded him of what else he was missing. He was so fucking horny! This was all Remi’s fault, conditioning him to having his ass ploughed nightly then leaving him alone.

Wrapping his arms around himself he tried to ignore his brain. He wanted Remi. He wanted to wrap his mouth around his boyfriend’s thick length while Remi watched him, warm hands threading through his hair. Swallowing the moan that threatened to come out at the thought of Remi pinning him and fucking him unconscious, he almost didn’t notice the looks he was getting. From the glances tossed at him, his thoughts were on his face and he’d have some takers if he wanted them.

He gave himself a shake. NO. He was not doing that. Eyes ahead, no looking left or right. He didn’t want just anyone, he wanted Remi. Specifically and singly. No substitutes, thank you. Okay. Maybe one substitute. Sighing, he ducked into the sex shop and tried to look nonchalant despite the fact he knew he was blushing. He was just getting something to tide him over until Remi came home in a week and he could jump his boyfriend’s bones again.

He waved off the sales girl and headed to the male masturbator toys in the back. Something to help him pass the nights before Remi came home, that was all he needed. Looking over the pocket pussies he sighed again. Maybe he should just get some new kind of lube and use his hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the wall of dildos. One of them reminded him of Remi, it was about the same size. About as thick too.

He blushed darker and pulled his eyes back to where they should be. In front of him and not on the rubber dicks. His stomach was fluttering again. He didn’t want something on his cock, stroking him off...he wanted that feel of Remi filling him. Goddammit! The cajun had him wanting one thing now. Great. Trying to look casual he walked over to the dildo wall and pulled down the one that had caught his eye.

“Did you need any help over here, sir?”


He’d been so focused on trying to look casual he hadn’t noticed the sales girl creeping up on him. He jumped and fumbled, almost dropping the toy. His pulse was in his throat and everyone in the store was staring at him.

“The fuck! Wear a frickin bell!”

“Sorry, sir! Um. I’ll be at the register if you need any help.”

Great, he was being an asshole to the sales girl. Just because he was embarrassed to be there and feeling lonely without his boyfriend he didn’t need to be a jerk. Taking a breath before plastering on his performance smile he turned and tried to be pleasant.

“Sorry. Just jumpy, I’m a little embarrassed to be in here.”

“No problem, sir! Were you ready?”

“Um. Yeah, just this and some lube.”

A look of amusement passed over the girl’s face as he grabbed up a bottle of lube on the way to the register and he could just imagine what she was thinking. Fuck it, he was too horny to care. Yes, the dildo was for him. He was going to be shoving it up his ass later that night. If anyone had a problem he could just bludgeon them with Remi’s stand in. That’d be pretty funny, actually. Beating someone with a dildo. Maybe he should get that other one he’d passed that was as big as his leg and keep it for self-defense.

The entire walk home he was jumpy. It felt like everyone looking at him knew he had a rubber dick in his bag and he was getting a lot of looks. Then again, he could be getting the looks because he was blushing dark red and clutching the bag to his chest like someone was going to take it away from him. Fuck, he needed to calm down. Unclenching his hands he tried to hold the bag like a normal person but was worried about it swinging open, or the bag ripping, or a random wind pressing the plastic too close to the toy making it look obviously dick-shaped. Why the fuck hadn’t he just brought his backpack to carry it back in? Oh yeah. His original plan was to buy a pocket pussy, not a dick. Goddammit, Remi. It was a relief to finally get home and behind a door he could lock.

“Eduard! You home?”

Silence greeted him so he pulled out his phone and sent a text to his brother. Eduard’s reply had him smiling, he was helping Eloise sell jewelry and would be out all night. He was invited too but declined, letting Eduard know he was going to be busy. Hopefully scratching an itch so he could get some fucking sleep. It was a relief to know his brother wasn’t likely to walk in on him but still, this felt weird. Going into the bathroom to open and wash it he didn’t need to look in the mirror to know he was blushing dark red yet again.

“Fucking Remi and his stupid cock conditioning. This is all his fault and he’s making this up to me as soon as he gets back. None of my exes ever did this shit to me.”

Thinking of all the shit Remi did do to him had his stomach fluttering again and his cock semi hard. He closed his eyes to try and get a handle on himself. With his eyes closed, he could almost imagine he was stroking Remi. Soapy hands squeezing and sliding up and down. Remi watching with those brown eyes growing darker. Shit, he wasn’t going to make it to his room.

He rinsed off the toy and stripped down, already hard thinking of how he’d ridden Remi the night before he’d left for New York. Warm hands sliding up his back as he moved his hips, the piercing in Remi’s cock massaging his prostate just right. The feeling of being stretched and filled while lips and teeth found the sensitive spot on his neck. He was breathing a little fast as he knelt in the bathtub and used the suction cup on Remi’s stand in to secure it to the bottom of the tub. Popping the top of the lube he applied a generous amount over the dildo and stroked it with his hand, closing his eyes and imagining Remi instead. Sitting up on his knees he positioned himself over the tip and slowly sat down.

“Oh, fuck yes...”

His voice trailed off into a moan as he felt his ass stretched the way he’d been craving all night. Gripping the sides of the tub to steady himself he didn’t stop until he felt the flared end of the toy against his cheeks. Shuddering and closing his eyes he thought of Remi as he began to move. He started slow, lifting himself up until he almost came completely off before sliding back down. Getting into a rhythm he picked up speed and rolled his hips, trying to angle the dildo to hit his sweet spot the way Remi’s piercing always did. His back arched and he couldn’t keep quiet when he found the right position.

“So good….Remi!”

He kept up his quick pace and hip rolling, not even trying to keep his voice down. Eduard wasn’t home and by now their neighbors were well used to hearing him call Remi’s name. The sweet friction inside him was building, his breathing getting faster. His eyes still closed he kept his mind focused on Remi. The way he smelled like warm cinnamon. The feel of his big hands on his waist. The way he pumped up into him when he rode his cock. The way he whispered in his ear, holding him close when they both came. His climax rushed through him, bowing his back and echoing off the walls.

A few hours later Eduard walked into the apartment. Following the sounds of scrubbing, he found his brother in the bathroom. Mikhail was on his hands and knees scrubbing the grout between the tiles. The room smelled of bleach and looked to be spotless.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just felt like cleaning.”

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