Gone for a Week

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My Boyfriend's Back

Remi had gotten back from New York earlier that week but things felt a little different. Every now and then he caught Remi looking at him oddly. He didn’t know what was going on but it was making him nervous. Maybe he was being too clingy? Usually, they were both reaching for each other at the same time and touching almost constantly. There was a hesitation when Remi reached for him lately, so Mikhail was trying to hold back a little. Shit, he hadn’t met someone in New York, had he?

Mikhail was stressing about that when he got home, going over it again and again in his head. That was his only excuse for walking all the way into his bedroom, sitting on his bed and taking off one his boots, before he realized Remi was in the living room. Shit! Tripping a little getting his other boot off he ran back into the living room. Remi was sitting in the wicker chair watching him with those brown eyes of his. Despite Mikhail’s earlier worries he still felt that warmth Remi brought out in him, he had to smile regardless of what he’d been stressing over just a few seconds ago.

“Hey there, cajun. When did Eduard let you in? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming over?”

“We need to talk, cher.”

He wasn’t pulling him to sit in his lap. Remi always did that. Mikhail felt a lump in his throat. In his experience “needing to talk” was code for “I’m tired of dealing with you/your bullshit”. Trying not to show how nervous he was he sat down on the couch and folded his legs under him. Keep it light, it’s not like you know for sure Remi’s about to dump you.

“What did we need to talk about?”

“I talked to Charlotte. She said somethin about a lot of noise while I was gone.”

That left him blinking in confusion. Remi thought he was cheating? It hadn’t occurred to him to worry about the noise. Whatever the neighbors heard, it was the same shit they always did. Eduard had made comments about him being as loud as a monkey but Eduard was his brother and roommate, it was expected. Mikhail would be the first to admit that he forgot about things like common courtesy during sex. Sometimes he forgot his own name when he and Remi really got into it. Hell, last Mardi Gras he’d started speaking in tongues. He needed to clear this up quick.

“I don’t know what Charlotte said but I think I need to make something clear. Any noise she heard from me was a solo thing.”

“That’s what I told her but she said you was yelling someone’s name.”

The fuck? He now understood where the phrase “cut a bitch” came from. Charlotte had a habit of watching Remi a little too closely and batting her fake lashes at him when they met in the hall. While Mikhail hadn’t let it bother him before, he wouldn’t be with Remi if he didn’t trust him, he had a serious problem if she was going to be whispering bullshit in his boyfriend’s ear. He hadn’t been planning on telling Remi about his stand in just yet but it looked like he had to.

“Fucks sake. Wait here.”

Going into his room he crawled under his bed to pull out a sack. After the night he brought home Remi’s stand in he’d gotten curious and had gone back to see what other fun stuff they had. Needless to say, he now had a bag full of fun and was on a first-name basis with Violet, the sales girl who’d almost given him a heart attack on his first visit to the store. He wasn’t sure how Remi would take it so he’d planned on talking to him and feeling it out first but thanks to his neighbor Charlotte trying to spread rumors he was stuck hoping Remi’s kinky streak extended to toys and...other things. Going back into the living room he tossed the bag onto Remi’s lap. Catching it he looked up confused.

“Open it. I was too fucking horny to sleep the first night you were gone and I really really missed you so, rather than risk temptation I went to the sex shop. Imagine my surprise when instead of the pocket pussy I PLANNED on buying I ended up getting a dildo instead. Remi, meet your stand in and for the record the name Charlotte heard was YOURS.”

Remi was still looking confused until he opened the bag and realized it was full of sex toys. Pulling out his stand in he started laughing. Mikhail could feel his face heating up. He’d intended on telling Remi about his new interest in this stuff slowly. Not tossing his bag of goodies in the man’s lap and admitting he’d missed him so much he had to go to these lengths just to get by. That was kind of sad, now that he thought about it.

“You were?”

“Yes! This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn’t gotten me conditioned to getting fucked every night I would have been fine with the wait. Hell, I could have just jerked it and been good but nooo. You had to get me craving your cock all the time and now if I can’t get the real thing I have to...well...you know.”

Mikhail had his arms crossed in annoyance as he sat on the arm of the couch glaring around the room but it was hard for him to keep it up when Remi sat there so relieved and happy. Looking away and trying his best to look grumpy he yelped when Remi finally pulled him into his lap, squeezing him tightly. Relenting he wrapped his arms around Remi’s head and laid soft kisses on his hair.

“You know I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“I don’t know. I’m thinking I have to see you use this thing before I believe you.”

“The fuck?”

Looking down he saw the amusement on Remi’s face. His brown eyes though, they were turning darker. Mikhail could feel his pulse speeding up. Remi wanted to watch him fuck himself with the toy? Those dark eyes slid to the toy and Remi’s grin got wider. Probably because Mikhail was blushing a red darker than his hair. What was it with people and making him blush?

“Come on, cher. Let’s see how you use this.”

Remi led him into the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. Laying back he finally got the cinnamon kisses he’d been missing. Wrapping arms around Remi’s neck he tried to show his lover how much he’d missed him, putting all the want and longing he’d been trying to hide into his kiss. From the way he was pressed back into the mattress and how Remi’s tongue tangled with his he wasn’t the only one who’d missed their usual closeness. Things quickly heated up, shirts being pulled over heads and pants shed with frustrated kicks until they could press skin to skin. Shivering he rolled his hips, rubbing his erection against Remi’s.

“Remi. Please fuck me.”

“I told you, cher. You have to show me how you’ve been using this.”

The playful nips and licks along his jaw and neck had him whimpering. He was being serious? Shit, he couldn’t think when he was this horny. Dragging nails down Remi’s back the way he knew his lover liked it made the big body over him shiver but the cajun pulled back to grin at him. Goddamnit, he was really going to make him do this.

“Come on, I’m too turned on to think. Can’t we talk about it maybe for round two or three? I wanna feel YOU inside me.”

“You will, cher. I just wanna see how well you work this first.”

He glared as Remi pulled him up onto his knees and backed him up to the headboard. Guiding him forward onto his hands he was dimly aware of Remi lining the toy up with his ass and using the suction cup on the end to stick it to the headboard. His attention was centered on the fact he was practically eye to eye with the cock he’d asked to fuck him. Licking his lips he rubbed his cheek along the thick length and swirled his tongue around the head, rolling his eyes up to watch Remi shiver.

“Not yet.”

He whimpered as Remi moved away then pushed him until he felt the toy against his ass. Gripping the sheets he leaned back on his knees, feeling the head slip into him. Fuck, when had Remi spread lube on it? Probably while he’d been distracted with the man’s cock. He spread his knees wider and reached up to grip Remi’s hips for leverage as he pushed the toy deeper. He was shivering and moaning long before his ass reached the headboard.

“That’s right, cher. Let me see you move.”

He started a gentle rocking motion. Slow and shallow movements at first but speeding up and going deeper as he panted and moaned. This felt different than before when he’d kept his eyes closed and thought of Remi. Now the man was right in front of him and watching. He was already dripping precum onto the sheets from knowing Remi was watching the dildo move in and out of him. Goosebumps spread along his spine to his neck, following the heat of Remi’s large hand as it moved over his ass and up his body. Tangling in his hair, the solid grip there took control of his pace.


He didn’t know what he was begging for but the hand gripping his hair pulled until he backed up, his ass cheeks resting against the headboard. Smiling softly at the feel of the toy seated so deeply inside him he looked up at Remi. Those brown eyes were almost black but it was hard to keep eye contact when his lover moved so his cock was standing right in front of his lips.

“Open your mouth.”

Mikhail’s limbs were going weak. Panting, he opened his mouth and moaned in pleasure as the head of Remi’s cock pushed past his lips. The grip in his hair started pulling him forward. Relaxing his throat, Mikhail used his tongue to stroke the shaft and gently suck as Remi started fucking his mouth. He had to dig his nails into Remi’s hips to keep from losing his balance. Every pull forward had Remi going deeper into his mouth and throat. Every time he backed off of Remi the movement it drove the dildo deeper into his ass.

He wasn’t going to last much longer, the feeling of being double fucked building the tension inside him. Remi’s hips were thrusting harder, pushing him closer to the headboard until the dildo was filling him and his lips were kissing the base of the thick shaft. His arms were wrapped around Remi’s waist, trying to hold on. Remi’s hands were rough when they peeled Mikhail’s arms off and pulled out of him completely. He whimpered, trying to keep the cock fucking his mouth.

“Nooo, I’m so close..”

“Need inside you, cher.”

He was pulled off the toy and into Remi’s arms before he could protest. Straddling Remi’s lap his hips were gripped and pulled down hard while Remi thrust up, impaling him. Clinging with his knees and wrapping his arms around Remi’s shoulders he gave himself over to kissing his lover as deeply as the cajun was thrusting into him. Moaning, he twined their tongues and rolled his hips. While one of Remi’s hands held the back of his head, the other slid between them to grip and stroke his cock. He couldn’t hold back. Dragging nails down Remi’s back and moaning into his mouth, Mikhail came in one long spurt. The cajun continued thrusting into him until he was panting and shivering, begging Remi to cum. When he finally did, Remi squeezed hard enough Mikhail knew he’d be bruised in the morning.

Panting, they fell back on the bed. Remi pulled Mikhail on top of him as they both tried to catch their breath. With his ear over Remi’s heart, he could hear the frantic beating, making him smile. He loved it when Remi got as caught up in things as he did. Drifting off he sleepily thought how relieved he was that things were cleared up. He also needed to see what Remi thought of the wrist cuffs, spreader bar, and vibrating butt plug he’d bought on his last trip to the sex shop. After a nap. May a shower too.

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