Dare to Be Different

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Book # 5 in the DARE BROTHERS series. (18+ STEAMY!) Zahn Dare has always been the most open out of all the Dare brothers. What more can I say about him other than he's confused, his tastes aren't exactly singular, and his desires are a little more vivid and far fetched than his brothers. But when someone who is already a huge part of Zahn's life starts to appear differently to him, he must learn to navigate how he feels, what it means, and what to do with this newfound outlook. Dare to be Different is about a different kind of love, a different approach, a different type of bond. Warnings: LGBTQ content, explicit sexual scenes, swearing

Erotica / Romance
Nordika Night
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Chapter 1 - Zahn

I’m slugging my ass off trying to get this plane loaded as Remy bitches about how busy we’ve been. Like fuck off, bud, we wanted to be this busy. We worked our asses off to be this busy, and I’ve never been one to be afraid of a little hard work.

“We need to hire someone else,” Remy complains as he stacks crates in the back of the seaplane. “We need to get Four here full time. Make him leave Search and Rescue.”

I shake my head at his bitching. “He won’t leave S&R. He fucking loves it.” I slug a crate over to him, and he stacks it in the back.

We’ve been basically nonstop busy for the past couple of months, making runs to everywhere within Alaska as well as northern Canada. I love it, but at the same time, I understand his bitching; we’ve barely got time for our own lives outside of this business we started when we were nineteen.

“There’s that Canadian company out of the Yukon that’s looking to expand. We should join up,” he suggests like an idiot.

“I’m not joining a company without working with them first. We know nothing about them.” I slug another crate; we’re taking a few loads of hospital supplies from Anchorage to a remote Native reserve.

“We’ve worked with them before, man. We gotta do something, or we’re going to burn out. What if one of the planes goes down, or we need a day off?” He shakes his head and lights a smoke; there’s still fifty crates that need to be loaded, but he’s stressed the fuck out.

Maybe we really do need to look into hiring or converging with another flight company; I wouldn’t mind a day off every now and then. “Fine. Set it up, and we’ll meet to talk. I’ll ask Four if he can help out more.” I shrug and keep stacking. “And stop being a lazy ass.”

He doesn’t put his smoke out; he continues to ‘take a break’ until there are only twenty crates left. Fucker.


I walk into Mom and Dad’s in the middle of the night; that run took way longer than it should have because the propellers on the plane kept icing up. We had to cover them and heat them a bunch of times before we could take off. Now I’m tired as fuck but wired at the same time; I’ve got to be up in five hours for my next run to the North West Territories.

I close the door behind me and toss my coat on the chair by the front door.

“Work or pleasure?” Laken smirks at me from the kitchen; she’s making tea and looking sexy as fuck.

“Why you up?” I walk over to her and lean against the counter; do I want a whiskey before I go to bed? Are Four and Gen fucking in there, or are they at his place? I really need to find the time to move out of here for good. I had a place of my own for a bit, but it was stupid to pay for it when I spent so much time travelling for work or at Mom and Dad’s.

“Freya had a mild panic attack about being a mom,” she laughs. “She’s good now. Think Hardin distracted her.”

I have to laugh at that. Freya is all over the fucking place with this pregnancy; she goes from excited, to terrified, to pissed off, to joyous. It’s probably normal. I decide to have a whiskey.

“You wanna get your pilot’s license and come work with Remy and me?” I move over to the table and sit down while I gulp a whiskey; fuck, might as well have two. If anyone could fly a fucking plane, it’d be Laken. She’s fucking badass at everything outdoors, but fucking sucks at the indoor shit. She can’t cook to save her life.

“Still crazy busy?” She sits with me. “Why don’t you hire someone?”

“I’m trying to recruit you,” I smirk at her. She called me beautiful. “Come on, Lakes. Imagine all the overnight trips we’d get to spend together.”

She laughs. “Don’t tempt me.”

The thought of spending the cold nights with Laken has my cock acting up. Jesus. She’s hot as fuck, and I’ve definitely jerked off to her more times than I care to admit, but that ship has sailed; Kade and Jed aren’t letting another Dare in there.

“You’ll find someone, Zahn.” Her turquoise eyes are basically begging me to fuck her. Jesus. It’s probably in my head. It’s definitely in my head. Remy gave me that same look earlier, and I know for a fact he was just pissed off at me. I gotta improve my people reading.

“Morning!” Genevieve’s chipper as fuck, proper morning voice sounds from the hallway as she makes her way out of the bathroom. “Laken, good morning! Zahnder, good morning!”

I check my watch; it’s four in the morning. “Jesus, Gen, why you up?”

She starts the kettle for tea. “I have a shift at five, Zahnder.”

Gen is the only one who ever fucking calls me that, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy it coming from her southern lips. Jed and Kade went for a sexy badass, Dom went for a rugged guy, Bo went for a curvy, down to earth chick, Hardin went for a fiery local, Four went for a polite rich girl on a mission, and now Rydan is getting all up in a local beauty we went to high school with. Is there someone out there that’s going to be psychotic enough to make me settle down? My tastes aren’t exactly...singular.

I’m closest with Rydan, Four, and Hardin out of all my brothers; we’re all really fucking different when it comes to what we want in the bedroom. We’re all fucking wild, yet I’m downright...wrong. They’re really the only two who know the full extent of it.

“Killin’ it, girl.” Laken smirks at Genevieve.

“Killing?” She asks, and fuck if my cock doesn’t throb again. Why does her naivety get me going?

“She means you’re doing awesome, Gen.” I slam my whiskey and get up. “Have a good day, Gen.” I give her a kiss on the forehead. “Behave, babe.” I smirk at Laken and plant a kiss right on those tasty lips. Do I cross a line with her sometimes? Sure. Do I give a fuck? No.

I strip down and climb into bed; Four groans and tells me to shut the fuck up. Four and I are also pretty fucking close; I’ve literally fucked a chick two minutes after he did. Oops. That was a fun night, though.

I try to stop my busy mind and fall asleep, but I’m overthinking work and sex. We definitely need some help at work; Remy and I can’t keep going this way, or we’ll fuck up our business. I should ask Four to help out, but I know he’ll never leave Search and Rescue; I can’t say I blame him, it’s an adrenaline rush.

I haven’t hooked up in over two weeks because I’ve been so fucking busy at work; that shit needs to change. After spending the last half hour with Lakes and Gen, my cock is achingly hard, but Four will get pissed if I jerk off while he’s trying to sleep.

“Fuck it,” Four climbs out of bed. “I’m taking her to work.” He throws on sweats and a hoodie. “Maybe she’ll suck my cock on the way there.”

As soon as he closes the door behind him, my hand goes down my boxers, and I start to stroke myself while I think of Laken and I doing really fucked up shit. Somehow, Gen and Maeve join that fantasy, but I’m okay enough to roll with it.

Unlike these assholes who all seem to be settling down, I wasn’t made for monogamy. My tastes are too broad for that.

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