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Cherry Adams. 19 years of age, quiet, wondrous and withdrawn from her surroundings. She loves her little sister and doesn't associate herself with anybody until her old ex best friend Hanna asks for her to attend her boyfriends sit off. Cherry accepts her invite to try and keep it peaceful between the two of them to only find out that the person who's sit off it actually is, is her dad's younger best friend but there's more to it than that. His wants and desires for Cherry feed him with the need to make her keep secrets lying to her Dad and taking her with him. He's not the man you want to mess around or cross over to the darkside with. What could possibly happen? Start reading to find out.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
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Chapter 1

Welcome to the newest big series. This book will have loads of books in it like The Societa Oscura. Hope you enjoy it.

I run. I run for me, my life, what I believe in and my survival. It's my instinct kicking in but at the same time, that's all that I know. All that I've ever known. Adrenaline, disapproval and negativity. Run. Breathe in deeply and exhale. Don't stop and keep going until you physically cannot run anymore. That's what I need to do now, run. Swing my arms forwards and backwards, use all of my core strength to get me away. Who, what when, where and why. All of the w's.






Who from?
What for?
When did it start?
Where did it start?
Why run?

The five W's

So, who is it that I'm running from? Rosco Cabanne. Twenty nine year old Romanian. Ten years older than me and my dad's greatest and most dearest friend. I thought that it was weird for my dad to have such a young friend but it's apparently normal. That's what my mum always told me. Rosco is a man of his word. A nutcase, danger to society, unpredictable and a complete and utter lunatic. I asked my dad where he was from because he speaks in broken English. My dad said that he's from Romania but his name isn't Romanian. In fact it's actually French and his mum called him it because she liked how it sounded with her second name. His dad is Romanian and his mum moved there to live with him and gave birth to Rosco there. We didn't speak about him after that and I can't give you more information. I call him Five. Five because I ask all of those questions on a daily basis when it comes to him and his life.

Who are you looking for?
What for?
When did this problem start?
Where did it start?
Why proceed with it?

The questions change each time but they will always include the Five W's.

What is he?

My dad's best friend. He's in close protection. Yes you've heard that right. Well, there's more to it but still, you get my point. Some of the jobs that he completes are crazy as heck. I have zero words. Still, I don't want to be the middle man. He's suited, with a personality that's hard to understand, add to that his cocky arrogance with his annoying and protective nature.

When did I meet him?

When I was a kid.

Where did I meet him?

At a family party.

Why did I talk to him?

Because my dad didn't give me another option to choose from.

Back to the beginning where I was old enough to talk to him. Nineteen years of age and innocently stupid.

"Jennifer pick Fay up from school, I have to go out!" My mum yells up the stairs.

"Yes mum." I shout back and whine staring down at the jewellery on my purple bed cover. Sighing, I force the jewellery inside my bag with my clothes for the next day and zip it up before throwing it over my right shoulder. That bag is jam packed with all sorts of shit. My phone rings and I take it out of my short black leather jacket. Gareth. I will answer that later. He seems to think that he has something on me. I had sex with his friend Luke and it was recorded. Well, apparently it was anyway. Now Gareth tells me to do all sorts of things or he will show his friends. One side of me believes him and the other side doesn't. I don't know what to believe but I'm done with being that girl who will do all of his dirty work for him.

Running down the stairs and out of the door without saying goodbye, I make my way to the local jewellers where I meet with the manager Sandy. She doesn't like me very much and I end up leaving without getting rid of anything. Sighing, I make my way towards the school when I see Hanna my ex best friend.

"Hey girl." She smiles chewing a piece of gum. She looks orange with her fake tan on. She's obviously still in with the wrong crowd. The makeup she wears is slapped on her face thickly stopping her skin from being able to breathe. Her eyelashes are false and stuck on with eyelash glue. She's gone with a dark purple lipstick, glittery highlight on her cheeks with her hair thrown back in a scraggy bun. Her cheeks are bright pink from her blusher and her green eyes can just about be seen underneath her fluttering thick lashes. Taking the lip gloss out of her black bag, she applies it with her small handheld mirror. She's wearing a long black bubble coat, black ugg boots and green jeans. I'm the opposite wearing white high waisted jeans, a short black leather jacket and a pink frilly round neck top.

"You coming out tonight. My boyfriend is having a small get together. Please come with me." She pouts her lips and I nod my head thinking about what I want to do. Her lips smack together as she chews her gum. Me and Hanna were great friends when we were growing up until she attacked me with a hot chocolate when she was with Vivian. I distanced myself from her and she did apologise but I'm still finding it hard to move on from what she did to me. I wouldn't mind but she didn't have a reason for doing it either.

"I don't have any money. I've just tried to get rid of some jewellery but that bitch Sandy wouldn't take it. I'm sure she hates me!"

"I don't think she likes anyone girl. Don't worry about the money, Karlos has everything at his." She applies her clear lip gloss so thickly it shines.

"Who's going to be there?" I ask her and she pushes her lip gloss and mirror back inside her small bag. Checking her phone, she doesn't say anything for a couple of seconds while I freeze and blow my hands to try and heat myself up.

"Just a couple of his friends and then there's me and you of course." She plants the fakest smile on her face and I do the same back.


She's not a real friend at all but I'm trying to keep the peace. I don't need any negative attention anymore.

"I'll be at yours for six. Wear a dress or something." Hanna waves at me and I go to the school to collect Fay.

"Thank you for the sweeties. I love this love heart one. I love Joe so much." Fay is cute when she wants to be. I smile and place my hand on her back guiding her home. She skips down the path until we reach the front door and I push it open. Fay shouts when she enters the living room and I hear loads of men talking amongst themselves. My dads home!

I step inside the living room and my dad is sat around the coffee table with all of his friends. I spin the keys on my middle finger walking through to the kitchen. Brin, azza, kiln and Rosco are sat on the couches having a drink. They always wear blue jeans and a smart polo top. I push my fingers to the back of my throat. Gag! Why doesn't my dad have any friends that I can drool over? All my friends in school would say that their dad's had sexy friends and well, mine doesn't.

"Cherry where's your mum?" My dad asks me and I shrug my shoulders. "I don't know. She told me to collect Fay." I tell him from the door.

My dad gives me a swift nod and I enter the kitchen opening the fridge as a hand touches mine. Turning, I see Rosco standing next to me smiling.

"Erm. Hi Rosco." I grin and he bites his bottom lip looking down at me. Grabbing a yogurt, I turn around and open up the drawer to grab a small spoon. I can't use the big spoons for desserts.
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