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Girl fell in love with a prisoner...

Mere Darkness
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The Dream

The Dream

Last night I dreamt of you. Your lawyer sneaked me in and left us alone. No cameras and no microphones were allowed. So I all but jumped your bones, pressing my lips against yours. You responded quickly, kissed me back and deepened the kiss. My hands were stroking all over your body and down to your pants.
I got on my knees, freed your cock and took it into my mouth. Your head fell back and you moaned loud as I sucked you right there. Then I got up and more kissing happened…
Your hand sneaked under the hem of my dress and between my legs. Just to find me bare and your fingers pushed into my opening. A passionate kiss stifled our moans.
"I have to taste you."
You pulled your fingers out and licked them clean.
"Fuck me," I said turning around and bent down over the table.
"Meredith, " you sighed, as I exposed my bare ass and spread my legs.
"Austin, I want you right now."
"I wanted our first time to be in bed…"
"Me too, but we have not much time and I want you so bad."
"Bad, huh?"
"Yes, please."
You positioned yourself behind me and pushed the whole length of your cock into my wet pussy.
We stopped for a moment, because it felt so good and then you began to fuck me, hard and fast.
I urged you on, feeling my pussy tighten around your hard cock and your thrusts got frantic, then I felt you releasing into me. Hot spurts of cum.
You bent down whispering in my ear, "Bad enough?"
"Just about right," I panted and we laughed, straightening our clothes and kissing some more until we heard your lawyer just outside the door. Reluctantly we broke the embrace and got to stand apart.
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