Forbidden Temptations

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A collection of sinfully erotic short stories sure to light your fire. Let me know which one is your favorite *** WRITERS WARNING*** If you know me, close this now! I am warning you. In my daily life, I am who I am. My stories are not based on real life. They are just ideas that pop into my head. The are just that, ideas. These are not my wildest fantasies. I'm just this creative. 😉 Once again. I am warning you!

Erotica / Romance
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Boss (FxF)

I have to say, when I first met her I wondered which way she swings. It took me a good two years to figure out she’s gay. She may even be married. I have no idea how old she is. She looks young, maybe mid twenties, but she’s mature, maybe early thirties? Regardless, I have a girl crush on my boss. She’s sweet and cute. Her hair is golden and shiny. Her body is that of a softball player; sturdy, nice ass, perfect breasts. I’m as straight as an arrow, so why do I think of her so much? She’s a mystery.
“Hey, are you ready to go?” I snap back to attention. “Yes. All set.” She puts her sunglasses on “Great let’s do this.” I buckle in to the passenger seat of the company car. We’re taking a road trip to a company convention for the weekend. It’s some big to-do. I got the highest sales for the quarter, so I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. She turns on the radio as she drives us out of town. “Is this alright?” The music is what I normally listen to. “It’s perfect.” I bob my head to the tunes and lounge back in my seat. Two hours to go.
We pull in to the parking lot of the hotel. Ooh, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, sweet. She says hello to other managers and takes the time to introduce me. We check in with our bags in tow. She and I share a room as the hotel is filled with guests from other branches of the call center. There are two double beds and a nice view of mountains from our fifth floor balcony. I pull out my dress and hang it up. It has a few wrinkles from the trip, but they’re not terrible. Tonight’s activity is a semi formal banquet.
I shower and apply light but tasteful makeup. My dress is a black form fitting mini dress. The top has a sweetheart neckline that dips just a little lower showing off my cleavage. My hands are dry so I grab some lotion. Damn it, now I can’t get my necklace on. “Hey, can you help me with this, please?” She walks over to me in her black button down shirt and silver tie and vest. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail. “Sure.” I lift my hair to the side. Her fingers brush my skin sending a delicious chill over my skin. I’ve never touched her before, not even a handshake. I close my eyes to stop my wild thoughts as moisture pools between my legs. “Can you squat a little? I can’t reach.” I forgot she’s short and I’m in four inch heels. I kick off my heels and lean back a little. I can feel her plump breasts on my back. Stop it. She’s your boss and probably not interested. She gets the necklace clasped then steps in front of me. I stand up straight. She adjusts the charm so it lays perfectly on my chest. She let’s my necklace fall to my chest. “Thank you.” She looks up to my face with a friendly smile. “No problem.”
The banquet is a nice dinner and loud music. It’s not terrible, but not the most enjoyable evening either. We get back to our room and I strip right out of my dress and shoes. My feet are killing me. I sit on my bed and rub the soreness out. My black lacy panties and matching strapless bra are actually quite comfortable. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. “Do you want me to get that for you?” She’s in the doorway in a thin white t-shirt and panties. I check her out through the mirror. She’s not wearing a bra and her nipples are erect. I swallow down the desire to feel them between my lips. “Your necklace,” she says, bringing me out of my dirty thoughts. I set down the washcloth. “Oh, yes, please.” She gently moves my hair. Again, her breasts are on my back. She unhooks my necklace and brings the ends together in front of me. “Thanks.” She smiles sweetly. “No worries.”
I put my necklace away and look through my bag for my pajamas, then change my mind. I find a white tank top. I unhook my bra and drop it in the bag before standing up. I’m not exactly facing her, but my profile is when I put my top on. I crawl in to bed and try not to touch myself at the thought of her in nothing but a t-shirt and panties.
Saturday is more convention-like. Booths are placed throughout the banquet hall. She and I make our way around finding souvenirs to bring back with us. It’s an all day thing. It’s dark by the time we get back to the room. “I’m going to take a dip in the Jacuzzi. You want to come?” I ask her as I’m pulling my bikini out of my bag. “No, I think I’m going to stay behind, I’m pretty tired.” Damn. “Alright.” I strip out of my blouse and bra, not even bothering to turn around. I tie on my top then slink out of my skirt. I push my panties down my legs and slip my bottoms on. I slip on my robe and grab a towel then head out.
I get to the elevator and realize I forgot my phone. I can’t live without my phone. I don’t want to disturb her if she’s asleep, so I’m as quiet as possible. I open the door to the sound of feverish breaths, more like pants. “Oh, damn. You’re so fucking hot. That bathing suit. That body. Fuck!” My body turns numb. Did I really just hear that? I slowly step around the corner. She is facing away from me. Her back is bare, her hands are under the covers. Her hair is loose across her pillow. I can hear the sound of skin penetrating wet skin. She hisses in pleasure causing me to dampen my bathing suit. I whisper. “That is so hot.” She startles at my intrusion. I can see she’s too embarrassed to speak. “It’s okay.”
I let my robe fall. I reach up and untie my top. My hands caress my breasts as the fabric falls to the floor. “I think you’re so fucking hot. I’ve been thinking about you for a long time.” I run my hand slowly down my body. I sit next to her on the bed. I lightly caress her shoulder. Her skin is soft and silky to the touch. I watch her eyes as I gently kiss her smooth shoulder. She turns toward me. She ever so gently touches my breasts. She looks up to my face, checking for a reaction. Her eyes blaze when I bite my lip then lean forward. I take her nipple into my mouth. My tongue enjoys the feel of her puckered areola. The nipple buds under my tongue, becoming a pebble of desire. My lips wrap around them. I reach up to massage her breasts. The wight of them in my hands and the way they smash and mold as I kneed them spurs me onward. She closes her eyes and inhales.
Her fingers run through my hair. She tilts my chin up to kiss me. Our breasts crush together, our nipples catching each other with every breath. Her hand smooths down my back and back up to my shoulder. Her tongue enter my mouth. It’s warm and soft. I lick inside her mouth, massaging our tongues together. Her taste is sweet like strawberry. My hand combs through her golden tresses. I lay down beside her. Her body is soft and warm, but her breasts. Her breasts are comfortable and inviting. I love her breasts. I kiss down her neck and sternum. I lick her areola. I smile. I turn to the other one and make it react to my tongue. “Your breasts are so beautiful.”
Her taste is amazing and her smell increases my desire to taste more of her. I inch lower kissing her delicate skin as I go. Her abs contract as I lick and suck on her glistening skin She’s so responsive. The sound of her breathing excites me. Moisture pools between my legs. I inch further down until I’m above her perfect pretty pussy. I lock my eyes with hers as I take a taste. Pleasure shows on her face and I know she enjoys it.. I lick her slowly. She spreads her legs, opening her folds to me. Her pussy is tight and smooth. My tongue wants that feel. I lick from her opening to her nub. Her nub feels good in my mouth. I suck it and lick it.
She’s wet, I can see the moisture. I taste her sweet juices. My tongue moves back and forth from opening to nub and I suck on it again. And again. She’s breathing harder. I play with her nipples as I tease her wet sweet pussy. Her stomach tightens and relaxes with every lick and suck. Her legs are tightening around me. She likes it, but I want to hear her say it. “Do you like that?” She bites her lip. “Yes. Oh fuck yes. Please don’t stop.” I lick her again. “You have such a pretty pussy.” I suck on her nub as I insert a finger. Her pussy is soft and warm inside. I insert another finger and hook them so I’m rubbing where it’s the softest. I lick her clit as I massage her nub and stroke her soft spot. She’s bucking under me, barely hanging on. I watch her face as her head tilts back, eyes closed, mouth open. My hands continue as I tell her. “Your pussy is delicious. So pretty. I pat her nub then suck it again. She gasps. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck!” I rub her nub and suck her clit. “Come for me.” I rub her nub with my thumb. I press harder on her softness and suck her clit. Her inner walls clench around my fingers as she screams her release.
She takes my face and pulls me up to kiss me. She rolls us over so she’s on top of me. She pulls my bikini bottoms off then smooths her hands back up my legs. “You have a pretty pussy too.” She tastes me. “You’re so wet. I always thought you were straight.” I smile at her. “I am.” She sucks my nipple into her mouth. “Not tonight, you’re not.” I giggle as she takes my other nipple. I love nipple play. It feels amazing, and the pressure goes straight to my pussy making me even more wet. “Mmm, fuck!” She licks my pussy and teases me. She straddles my leg then brings our pussies together. Her pussy rubs against mine. It’s a sensation I have never felt before. Her clit rubs against mine as she hump me. “Oh holy fuck!” The smacking wet sensation is blissful. My body naturally responds, rubbing against her.
She pulls my leg tighter as the rubbing smacking deliciousness continues. I never want this to end, it feels so good. She bends her waist to suck my nipple as she continues to rub. I grab her hips pulling her closer, smacking harder. The wetness between us provides the perfect lubrication. We rub our pussies together, our clits caressing like passionate kisses. My body is tingling, ready to explode at any moment. She bites down just right and I’m in ecstasy. She pulls back and licks up our cream. Her tongue begins to work on me. I’m already so sensitive that it doesn’t take long before I’m panting and bucking. She hits just the right spot and I release again. She grips my hips then kiss her way back up. I can taste our juice in her mouth as our tongues dance together.
She lays with her head on my breasts. “What happens now?” I run my fingers over her back. “Let’s just enjoy the weekend.” She rests her chin on her arms. “Then what?” I kiss her soft lips. “Then we go back to earth. But right now I want you to have your way with me.” She smirks then begins kissing her way down my body.
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