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Olivia finds herself stranded in a blizzard on the rocky mountains. Moments away from death she's rescued by rugged Grayson and stuck in his cabin. With only him for who knows how long. This is a fast romance story. Of course it’s unrealistic, that’s half the fun so don’t come for my throat. This is also labeled mature, so I’m not labeling mature chapters. It’s basically all of them. Completed (for now) leaving it as a short story with the possibility for more in the future

Erotica / Romance
Magnolia Wren
4.7 100 reviews
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Part 1

The Rocky Mountain snow fell hard and fast. Olivia trudged through the deepening snow as best as she could. But every minute it grew deeper and deeper. She knew she was lost and walking was just a fool's errand but she couldn't just sit in a snow mound and freeze to death. She wouldn't do that. So she trudged, with numb feet, wet knees and as the cold seeped into her core. She wouldn't cry, no, not now when she knew her tears would freeze to her face and cause her even more issues.

White, hills and hills of white was all Olivia saw for hours. she thought she saw smoke in the distance but at this point everything looked the same. Blankets of snow came down at record speed and soon she'd be walking through snow up to her waist. Every step drained her more and more. Olivia had never thought much about death but she was certain that this was how hers would come. She'd be found in the thaw of spring she thought, months away.

Finally she stopped. Listening to the snow fall a whisper away from silently she decided she would allow herself to cry. Her tears streamed hot and silently down her rosy cheeks and as another flood of tears clouded her vision before falling she thought she saw darkness against the miles of white. Well I can't believe the Grim Reaper is real. She thought to herself with a laugh. Once the fresh stream of tears tumbled out of her eyes and onto the final resting place of her cheeks, the dark object was closer and a little more clear. A GIANT? Her exhausted brain thought. She knew time was limited for her and made herself think she was seeing things. Rubbing her eyes as hard as her small gloved hands would she strained to see into the distance.

She clearly saw a giant mountain man walking towards her bundled up heavily to weather the blizzard. She realized the closer he got that he looked like a giant because he had snow shoes to walk on top of the snow. She released a high pitched hysterical laugh that came out like a scream. At least My body will be found before spring she thought as her body finally gave out and she slumped into the snow. The sticky wet snow welcomed her tiny body as it depressed around her.

Grayson watched as the tiny lump of bright pink snow suit fell into the snow. He grunted knowing he'd have to take the final distance between them since she was no longer advancing towards him. What the hell is she doing out here. He wondered to himself. He had seen a bright flash of color past the trees as the tree he cut down fell into the fluffy snow. He had thought it was a piece of trash or something blowing slowly in the wind. He couldn't believe it was a human walking into the wind waist deep in snow. He quickly chained the tree to his snowmobile and made his way to the person to see if they needed assistance. He chuckled under his breath of course they needed help this was the biggest snowstorm in the last few years.

Grayson scooped up the small girl and was thankful for how small she was. He wouldn't sink into the snow under her added weight much at all. He looked down at her tanned skin spattered with red from the wind and cold. Her long black lashes fanning out over her cheek catching more snowflakes before they melted onto her dry face. He climbed onto the seat of the snowmobile and shifted her into his lap and took off to the cabin
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