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Part 2

Olivia woke up with a start, she had no idea where she was or how long she had been asleep. She looked around the room and took in her surroundings. She was in a giant bed with mounds of blankets and pillows around her. I'm the left wall there was a fireplace with a crackling fire that looked like it was opened on the other side as well. The window to the right of her looked out over the snow-covered landscape. She noticed a shape in the snow cutting wood. The mountain man. Suddenly she was terrified and instantly aware that she was not in her clothes anymore. She lifted the sheets and stared down at the white tee shirt and grey sweatpants she had on. They swallowed her. She thought to the giant mountain that had apparently saved her and undressed her then put his clothes on her and shivered. Glancing back out the window the man was gone now. She pushed herself off the bed and landed barefoot on the hardwood floor. Tiptoeing to the bedroom door she listened for a sound indicating the man was coming inside. As she peeked her head out the door into the rest of the cabin the front door swung open. A blast of arctic air and snow blew inside the door with the massive man covered head to toe in winter gear. He throat squeezed close as she took in his ominous size standing in the doorway. Snow clung to his clothes and skittered to the floor as he moved to shut the door behind him. As the wave of cold air reached her at the bedroom door she shivered but kept her eyes on the man.

Olivia watched as the man slowly shredded off his layers and layers of clothes and was very surprised as she watched this giant mountain man turn Into a normal sized human. Well maybe not completely normal size she thought as she noticed his thermal shirt stretching over his broad shoulders. He was very muscular, she figured he had to be, living on the mountain cutting down trees for warmth. He reached his hand up to his furry toboggan and pulled it off, letting his messy brown hair fall onto his forehead and just barely over his ears. He was much younger than she had expected and had to only be a few years older than her instead of this horrific old burly man that she was expecting. She was staring in a daze that she only realized when the man stomped his snowy boots on the rug. She squealed as the sudden noise startled her out of her daze. The man froze at the sound, almost as if he was on high alert forgetting the woman he had rescued and placed in his bed, then slowly turned lifted his head to look at her. It was obvious that neither of them were expecting the other at that moment.

Grayson's eyes widened as he took in the girl standing in his bedroom doorway. His clothes swallowed her tiny frame and her long wavy hair fell in tangles around her. Her unconscious condition had not prepared him for the amount of life that clearly flowed from this girl. She was absolutely stunning. even though he couldn't see any shape to her body beneath his clothes on her, he could feel his body react to what he knew was under them. She had been utterly defenseless as he stripped her frozen wet clothes from her body. He had known the importance of getting her to warm up and hadn't once thought to look at her body in any way. Grayson realized that he was staring and the silence filled the small cabin. He cleared his throat and took a single step forward in her direction.

"How do you feel" he asked his voice raw from the cold

He watched as her eyes widened at his words and her arms protectively move up around her chest. What she didn't realize is that now the white shirt clung to her chest giving him a view to the shape of her upper half. While it was still somewhat loose around her chest he could have sworn he saw her nipple harden and graze the shirt. Grayson swallowed.

The sound of the man's voice had surprised Olivia. She instinctively wrapped her arms around her chest as she felt her nipples harden at the sound. She had never seen anyone so ruggedly handsome, and her inexperienced body reacted to it. Not that she was unaware of the things her body did, she had lost her virginity in a painful, sloppy, awkward mess with her prom date her junior year. But she had never been with anyone since and had never been with a grown man. She was only nineteen she had plenty of time.

"I feel fine." She said so quietly then remembering what circumstances he had found her in she fumbled to add " thank you for saving me!"

The air between them both felt super charged. Grayson bent down to untie his boots not taking his eyes off the girl. He wasn't sure what to feel. He knew she had to be young. She looked young, but her body also looked mature. Her short muscular thighs had led to a very thick round ass and that wasn't what underage bodies did. He just hoped that him being 29 and the possible age gap between them wouldn't disgust her. he didn't know how long he'd be able to be stuck on this mountain with her and not touch her.

"No problem at all. Are you sure you feel ok? You should probably go lay back down."

"I'm starving and I'd like to take a shower. I feel ok I'm just super hungry now" she admitted. As badly as she wanted to shower she couldn't ignore her hunger any longer. She didn't know how much time had passed since the last time she ate and that last meal was a half of a granola bar.

"It'll take me a moment to heat you up some soup. The kitchen is this way." He gestured toward the kitchen and walked in socked feet into the tiled part of the cabin.

Olivia trailed behind him, taking 3 steps to his 1, his legs were so long. As she got closer to him she noticed how much he towered over her. She was barely five feet tall and he had to be over six feet. The size difference between them thrilled her and a smile spread across her face behind him. Glancing down to her feet to hide the smile on her face she noticed his feet striding ahead of her. His feet are huge! She thought, I wonder if that saying about huge feet is true? She surprised herself with her own thoughts and let out a small giggle. He looked behind him down at the top of her head and wondered what she was laughing about.

They reached the kitchen and she sat in the bar stool on the other side of the counter as he pulled a can and pot out of the cabinet. Grayson popped the can open, poured it into the pot and turned the oven on.

"My name is Grayson," he stated after clearing his throat.

"I'm Olivia" she replied with a smile pulling up the corners of her mouth. She brushed the tangled hair over her shoulder and stuck her hand out across the counter towards him. Grayson smiled and shook it. amazed at the size of her hand inside his as he wrapped his fingers around its entirety, she gave him a fierce handshake.

They sat mostly in silence eating their soup with the warmth of it filling them. Every once in a while one would make a statement about the snow or the cold but the silence that stretched between them only made the tension between them grow heavier. Olivia couldn't take her eyes off of the man in front of her. As he leaned over his bowl to take a bite of his soup, she watched the muscles in his jaw tighten. She wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers over his sharp jawline. Then she wondered what it would look like if he was leaning over her like he did that bowl. She shook her head trying to clear the sexual thoughts out of her mind. She needed to shower. Standing up abruptly she pushed away from the table. Grayson eyes widened in question as he looked at her with his spoon in his mouth.

"I'm gonna shower now. Thank you for these clothes"

She blurted out.

"You've only had those on a little while, would you like some new ones?" He partly wanted her to say yes so he could give her a darker shirt. The knot in his stomach was getting tighter and tighter as he randomly caught glimpses of her breasts as she moved around. But the more he considered it, he didn't want to give up those glimpses.

"No I'll be fine." As she said the words the large sweatpants slid down her backside. Olivia quickly grabbed them, smiled and walked off to the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind her she leaned against it and sighed. She knew she shouldn't feel any type of way towards a stranger who lived on the mountain. But the heat that filled her core told her differently. She turned on the hot water and let the shower run as she looked around the bathroom. She found a bar of soap, shampoo and a razor. Climbing into the steamy shower she melted into the bottom enjoying the stream of water as she started to scrub and shave from head to foot. She didn't know what would happen between them but in the event something did, she wanted to be prepared. She even considered initiating something between them and the thought of it excited her even more.
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