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Part 3

The sun set over the snow, As Olivia showered and Grayson threw the dishes in the sink before heading to his bed. He told himself he'd be a gentleman and offer to sleep on the couch, even though the thought of it irritated him. He'd lay in bed and enjoy it until the time came they needed to sleep. He flicked the tv on across the room and cursed when he realized the storm had knocked out the satellite. They'd have to watch movies then. Grayson heard the water shut off and his muscles tightened. He imagined her stepping out of the steam, water droplets covering her body and his pulse sped up. Then he thought about her rubbing herself with a towel and drying off every single crease on her body then smiled. Hopefully not every spot on her is completely dried off , he thought as his mind once again wandered to the spot between her thighs. He sighed again irritated at himself now that his bulge strained against his jeans.

Sliding the white shirt back on over her dewy body she contemplated wearing sweatpants or not. She had purposely left some dampness to her body so the shirt would cling to her everywhere it touched her body. Olivia knew she would eventually discard the pants, they were huge and would definitely come off while she slept. Feeling the air between her uncovered lower half gave her a thrill of bravery. But then she thought if she got aroused at all there would be no barrier and he'd know almost instantly. So she slid the large pants over the butt and opened the door. Across the hall she could see Grayson lying stretched out over the large bed and she instantly felt hot, everywhere. She crossed the hall and walked towards the bed.

Grayson leaned his head up off the pillow.

"Did you leave me any hot water?" He asked with a smile.

"Maybe a little. It's warm enough here if you have to take a cold shower though." She laughed.

"I added a log on the fire for that very reason" he drawled with a low chuckle as he stood and walked past her to the bathroom.

As she listened to the water turn on Olivia thought to the fact that he hadn't taken any clothes with him into the bathroom. She smiled situating herself deep in the covers waiting to see how he came out of the bathroom. He must not be used to having company, She thought. She was so glad that she decided to wear the sweatpants he'd given her as she felt her lips moistened. The water turned off and the shower curtain was slung back, Olivia heard a curse from the bathroom and she straightened in the bed with a smile on her face.

Grayson swore as he stepped out of the shower and realized he hadn't thought to bring his clothes with him. Usually, he walked around the warm cabin naked after his shower. Now he had a beautiful girl in his bed whose age he wasn't sure of and he had no clothes. Wrapping his towel low around his waist, he opened the door and walked into the bedroom. He tried his hardest not to look at Olivia stuffed under the covers in his bed. Water drops fell from his hair into the floor and he finally looked over at her with a grin. Her eyes were dark and her lips were parted a little, making her look like she was waiting for him to slip his tongue across them.

"I forgot my clothes" he muttered not taking his eyes off her full lips

"I noticed" she replied low and like she was out of breath.

Grayson turned his back and walked back to the bathroom wondering what was this girl doing to him. Slipping his shorts on he dried his hair off, he brushed his teeth before walking back into the bedroom. He still couldn't get over the fact that this girl was laying in his bed in his clothes with no underwear on. The thought alone sent a flood of blood to his cock. He hadn't thought about that when he chose his sweat shorts to wear to bed.

Olivia's skin felt like it was on fire as she watched Grayson walk back into the bedroom. Her eyes involuntarily flited down to his shorts where she could see the distinct outline of his dick. The foot saying is definitely true. She told herself as the size of him surprised her. He'd tear her apart.

"I can sleep on the couch," Grayson told her " You don't even know me, honestly I don't even know how old you are." He chuckled

It hadn't even occurred to Olivia that he would've thought she was underage. Everything about the situation had excited her his size, the seclusion of the cabin and most of all how he definitely appeared to be older than her. His experience was written on his face and that made her want him even more.

"I'm 19, I'm not a child. do I look like a child to you?" She asked hurt dripping off the words.

"NO!" He hadn't thought about how that would offend her "I mean yes but no. I knew you definitely were younger than me but your body..." he trailed off realizing he'd started to ramble. Nineteen, definitely legal. He thought as a smile spread across her lips.

" and just how old are you?" She teased knowing it wasn't middle age or near it.

"29" he muttered situating himself next to her on the bed but leaving some distance.

"10 years is not a huge difference," she whispered, knowing it was to her and it made her feel like every nerve in her body was exposed.

They sat in silence for a little while, the sound of the fire crackling while the snow continued to fall in the dark outside. The exhaustion from the day had finally set into Olivia's bones. She covered her mouth as she yawned, her eyes taking long blinks. She fought herself, she didn't want to sleep yet, she wanted to get to know Grayson better.

"Sleep," he told her "with a storm like this it'll be a while before the roads are good enough to get back down the mountain. We'll be here a while"

She had laid her head down on a pillow between them and was already breathing slower. Grayson thought against reaching down to touch her but then decided why not. He reached across the pillow and ran his fingers through her damp hair. She pushed her head into his hand and sighed as sleep claimed her.

Olivia woke up to a grey sky still spitting snow. She was more comfortable than she had ever been, the bed was amazing. Her brain was still foggy with sleep as she registered where exactly she was. She felt a steady heartbeat against her cheek and she thought that was strange. The more her brain cleared she registered her surroundings. She was plastered to graysons side, her head between the place his arm met his chest, His BARE chest, she realized. Said arm was draped over her back, his fingertips lightly grazed the top of her ass. Her BARE ass, she registered as her eyes opened wide.
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