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Part 4

Olivia couldn't move as she realized that she was laying on the sleeping Grayson's chest with her bare leg thrown over his hip, completely NAKED. she knew she'd end up coming out of her over sized pants, but she had also discarded her shirt in her sleep. She did that when she was too hot I'm her sleep. She never slept in a warm room so she didn't wake up naked. And now here she lay, spread out naked over the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Thank god he was still asleep but he had her pinned to him with his arm. There was no escaping without waking him up. Her heartbeat sped up, finally taking a moment to think about every place her nakedness touched his. Her breast tightened and her nipples betrayed her as they stood at attention grazing his side. Her core was being touched by the top of his hip and all her attention went there. She slightly moved her hips closer to him and the warmth of his skin separating her lips caused her hot folds to drip. The slight movement seemed to stir Grayson, his arm tightened as he gripped her bare ass, pulled her higher and tighter against him spreading her lips further apart across his side. He moved his head into her hair nuzzling down against her. Olivias body went stiff, a mix of lust and fear coursing through her. She knew she wanted him but stripping herself naked and working her way together with him in her sleep, didn't tell her that he wanted her.

The first thing Grayson noticed when he woke up was the smell of strawberries. That wasn't anything new he knew it was from his shampoo. But then he realized he had a grip on velvety soft skin and his leg was warm and wet. Olivia. His eyes flew open and his body went rigid. Olivia lay plastered to his side completely naked. Her bare leg was laying across his left leg, spreading her burning hot core across his skin leaving a trail of her on his hip. He was instantly hard, before he even looked at her face. He pulled his face out of her hair slowly and looked down into her eyes.

"May I ask why you're suddenly naked?" He asked, the right corner of his lip curling up into a smirk.

"Grayson I'm so so sorry. Sometimes I do that when I get too hot at night." She told him pulling her hands to her face. As she pulled away from him to cover her eyes in embarrassment Grayson finally got a glimpse of her full perky breast, her rock hard nipples rosy pink pointing up at him. He groaned And rolled out of the bed, releasing her from his possessive grip. He rubbed his rough hands over his face

"It's fine. I'll leave you to get your clothes back on." He mumbled making his way to the bathroom. This time he needed that cold shower that he didn't take the night before.

Stepping into the cold water Grayson rubbed his bar soap over his face. What the hell are you thinking. She's 19. He scolded himself. He felt like his hip was permanently burned by Olivia's heat, and he wasn't complaining. He wanted that heat all over him, on his fingers, his lips, down his chin. YOU HAVE TO STOP! He scolded again as he felt himself throbbing again.

Olivia couldn't believe herself. She had no idea who this man was and she had unknowingly rubbed herself all over his bare skin. She was mortified. She thought of how his massive hand had struggled to get around her ass cheek. when he had squeezed it, digging his fingers into the right flesh, she had about lost all inhabitants. Olivia wanted nothing more than to loose herself in all the experience he had to offer her in the bed. But that was if he was offering, and at this point besides his sleepy possessive hands, he hadn't seemed much like he was interested. Why would he be? She thought with a laugh, I'm completely inexperienced and have nothing to offer. She was unaware of wrong she actually was.

Olivia pulled the oversized shirt on over her frustrated body and thought, to hell with pants, it's not like he cares anyway. She strode barefoot out of the bedroom past the bathroom where Grayson was still showering and into the kitchen to find something to drink. The snow had let up some but it still fell at a decent rate. She was glad to be in the warmth and out of the storm. She just hoped she could make the most out of this situation.

Grayson emerged from the shower finally, his hair still damp and messy. Olivia decided to learn as much as possible about the man she was trapped in here with instead of spending the day in silence. She noticed as he caught sight of her bare legs, on her his shirt hit a few inches below her butt and about mid thigh. Not bad at all, if she had some underwear to put on. Her mind went back to the feeling of his skin against her core and she shook the thoughts out of her mind.

She asked him question after question about why he was up here and why he was up here alone. What he did for employment and what he did for fun. Anything to keep him talking with his deep rough voice, and the time passing away. As much as she hated to admit it she hoped to fall asleep and wake up naked on him again. Every once in a while Grayson would throw another log in the fire and let it slowly catch fire and burn brightly. The amount of heat that fire put off seeped into her bones. They ate lunch talking here and there about different movies they liked and disliked.

Then sat back in the living room to pass the afternoon away. She lay out on the couch, her arms behind her head hiking the shirt up further, not knowing what it was doing to Grayson; and he sat in a chair across from the couch unable to keep his eyes off of her tight body. Every once in awhile she'd move and her boobs would graze the front of the shirt and it sent warmth to his extremities. The bottom of the shirt came dangerously close to giving his eyes admittance to her lower lips, which the longer the thought about it he was sure was completely shaved. The thought of that made his pulse stay raised. A completely unobstructed passage to every inch of her, nothing but her skin as he imagined her sitting on his face. The view he'd have as he spread her open as she slid down his shaft. He had to redirect his thoughts multiple times that afternoon.
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