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Part 5

Before they realized it the grey sky had turned to black and the wind howled loudly outside. Grayson had been so lost in thought he hadn't realized he'd let the fire burn almost completely out. The cold had seeped down the chimney and into the corners of the cabin quickly and the temperature had dropped drastically.

"Shit" he cursed jumping out of the chair to grab a log and stoke the fire back to life.

Olivia seemed to notice the temperature drop at the same time he had and shivered watching him bring the fire back to life. All she could think about was sliding into the covers and getting warm again.

"You should probably go get in the bed to warm up," he told her " it'll take a while to bring the temp back up. I'm sorry I didn't even realize it"

"It's ok, I didn't either. I'll definitely head in there though I'm freezing." Olivia told him quickly heading into the bedroom. She grabbed the sweat pants and pulled them on. As she slid into the cold covers she thought at least I'll keep my clothes on tonight, however I'll still probably sleep close to him for warmth. She impatiently waited for him to get into bed, her body threatened to shiver to death. Finally she watched the fire blaze and the embers glow vibrant orange and red. Grayson walked into the room, closed the door and shut the light off. Fire light danced all over the room and Olivia marveled at the show. Grayson slid into the covers and felt Olivia shivering. His mind switched back to survival mode for a moment and he knew he had to warm her up with body heat. Her body had been too cold the day before, he couldn't allow her body temperature to drop too much so soon after.

"Here, we need to bring your body temp up with body heat" he told her in his instructive tone, " I'm sorry I shouldn't have let it get this cold in here" he slid his body closer to hers to allow his heat to seep into her skin. Olivia was cold, but even still she was excited to be so close to Grayson again. Both of their minds floated to that morning and the feel of their body's connected.

"It's really ok Grayson, you'll warm me up in no time" she told him scooting her behind up against his abdomen. Even though she had clothes on this time she was thrilled to be touching him again. It made her body tingle and warmth finally flooded back Into her as he slid his hand over her belly and pulled her even closer. She could feel his breath in her hair as he situated himself behind her. She fit the curve of him perfectly and his hand lay flat on her belly. They were both silent for a while both of their minds on the places their bodies touched and how amazing it felt.

Grayson winced as Olivia shifted the smallest amount causing her shirt to rise leaving a small space between it and the top of her giant sweatpants. His pinky grazed the exposed skin and he felt her muscles tighten. He knew what was going to happen to the part of him he couldn't control and this take he didn't care. She'd been so carefree about exposing her skin to him today and he had touched way more than just her stomach this morning, he thought maybe she was attracted to him. At this point he didn't care what his mind tried to convince him, she didn't seem bothered by their age difference like he had convinced himself she would. She almost seemed deflated when he rushed out of bed this morning to give her privacy.

Grayson lifted his hand off her belly slightly and used only his middle finger to graze the exposed skin above where her pants sat low. She hummed. He felt it in his chest through her back And the vibration made his cock tighten. Olivia felt his dick ever so lightly tap her ass as it hardened. She didn't care what he thought about her, she wanted him and wanted to be as close as she could. As Grayson's finger made a second pass over her lower abdomen Olivia gently pushed her ass further back against Grayson's growing bulge, sending a silent invitation for further exploration of his fingers.

Grayson's mind went blank as Olivia ass pushed against his stiff cock. He took it as an invitation and let all of his walls down. Gently he wrapped his other arm around her inching her shirt up even further exposing more of her incredibly soft skin. He decided to make his way up here body first. His right hand slowly slipped over her skin until it reached the underside of her breast. Grayson forced himself to continue slowly, he wanted to take his time with her. He knew he'd be to big for her, she was tiny. So he wanted to get her as worked up as possible, he remembered back to her leg on his hip that morning and knew she'd have no trouble getting slick enough for him to enter her.

Grayson teased the underside of her breast for what seemed like forever. She wanted him to grab her completely, twist her nipple and make her scream, but he was choosing to slowly make her beg for his experience. He drug his finger around her areola and her already tight breasts swole with need. Grayson remained surprised by how curvy her body was for her age. Her giant ass threatened to swallow his throbbing cock as she pressed even harder against him when he finally reached her nipple. Her mouth opened and she took in a breath leaning her head back as Grayson pinched her solid nipple in between his thumb and finger. He wanted to touch more of her. He slowly trailed his finger down passed her belly button. Finally his fingers reached the top of her pants and after rubbing the exposed skin once, he lifted the waistband and started his southern decent.

Grayson had been correct in thinking her pussy was shaved. His fingers inching along the crease of her he felt her with his knuckles. Her lips being completely bare drove him mad. He pulled his middle finger along her slit from hole to the top of her mound, pressing down his finger down he found her clit completely out of its hood. When his finger connected with her swollen button she sighed, pushed her head back into his chest and her hips up to meet his fingers. He couldn't wait to get inside of her and see how wet she was.

Olivia was coming undone, no one had ever touched her like Grayson was. He moved over the most sensitive part of her. using two of his large fingers to spread her lips apart, he trailed further down, paused then pushed his middle finger inside her. Olivia gasped and arched her back pushing her hips to suck his finger in deeper. She reached her hand up to lace her fingers in his thick wavy hair. Watching her body move in the fire light, Grayson groaned as Olivia's raised arm pulled her breast tighter pointing her nipple straight up asking to be touched. He grabbed her nipple with his other hand and simultaneously squeezed it, pushed a second finger deep into her and ground his stiff cock against her voluptuous backside. Olivia's entire body stiffened as she orgasmed. The walls of her impossibly tight inner lips rhythmically squeezed Grayson's thick fingers. Her hand clamped down on a fist of Grayson's hair and she screamed as she rode the wave of ecstasy.
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