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Part 6

Olivia was panting to catch her breath. How quickly Grayson had her cumming at his touch made him wonder if she'd ever been touched in that way. She obviously wasn't a Virgin but he wondered if she'd ever been properly fucked. It didn't seem like it and by the way she responded, she wanted to. Grayson left his fingers deep between her legs until Olivia opened her eyes. He figured if she was willing he'd spend the night showing her just how a woman's body should be treated. Olivia finally opened her eyes as her breathing started to slow. A smile spread across Grayson's face and he slowly pulled his fingers from her protesting folds. Olivia felt suddenly empty and she didn't like the sudden absence of him. She watched his fingers as he pulled them from under the loose sweatpants. In the light of the fire she could see how slick with her fluid they were. She watched carefully as Grayson kept pulling his wet fingers closer and closer to his mouth before sticking them both on his tongue and sucking her cum off of them. It was incredibly hot and she felt a new rush of fluid flood her tight hole.

"Come here" Grayson growled in that deep raw voice that Olivia loved to hear. Reaching down he slid her pants off completely, grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her into a sitting position on his chest. Olivia has no idea what he was planning to do but the thoughts raced through her mind exciting her. Olivia looked down at Graysons face and saw his smile spread, he dug both hands into her hips and lifted her up until she was sitting right over top of his mouth, a leg on each side of his face. Olivia's mind went blank, sitting on her knees with Grayson inches below her wet lips she felt his breath over every inch of her hungry core. Grayson slid his hands from her hips to grab her ass. He squeezed each cheek roughly encouraging her to lower down onto his mouth. He was certain she had no idea what to do. But after a tight squeeze she started to lower herself. Grayson could not wait. After tasting her cum on his fingers, he knew he wanted to spend time working her until she came on his face and it thrilled him even more to know that she'd never had it done before.

Grayson watched as Olivia lowered her bare lower lips to his, sticking out his tongue at the last moment so she spread herself over it. Her body took over as she slowly started to raise and lower riding Grayson's face. He expertly slid his tongue over her sensitive nub as she pulled herself up, then curled his tongue and slid it inside her folds as she pushed herself down on him. Olivia had never felt anything like this before. She had been right in assuming, being older, Grayson had a lot to show her. He squeezed her ass pulling her further down on his face which also pulled her cheeks apart. She had no idea why but the feeling of the cool air grazing the spot which never saw sun, excited her more.

Grayson felt his cock leaking and he knew he needed o get inside her soon. All this attention to Olivia's tight body was driving him wild. He felt her pussy start to bloom out and he knew she'd be wet and loose enough to fit him. As much as he wanted her to cum on his face, he wanted to feel it on his erection more. With one last flick over her clit he lifted her off his lips. The irritation was written on Olivia's face. She thought knew what she liked now, man he enjoyed showing her what her body could do.

Gently he settled her down right over the head of his length. Olivia's eyes widened as she realized she was about to take his cock into her. Ever so slowly he lowered her onto his head and watched as his shaft spread her lips open. Olivia looked down in amazement as they both watched her lips swallow the entirety of his fullness. As soon as their hips touched Grayson stopped, allowing her to adjust to his size.

" are you ok?" He asked looking up at her, taken aback by her beauty as her long hair fell around her chest framing her face and her breast as they sat perfectly on her chest.

" way more than ok" she breathed as she started to move her hips around.

Grayson couldn't handle the movement. Olivia was so petite and tight that just being inside her squeezed him to insanity. When she raised her hips then slipped back down quickly he knew all her inexperience would be his undoing. He reached up and cupped one of her boobs, holding her hip with the other hand as she slid up and down him. Olivia was in full control and she loved it. She felt so completely stretched and full that she didn't want to stop pulling him out of her and slamming him back inside, touching her cervix. She could see what she was doing to him and she was incredibly aroused. Finally when Grayson felt like he was going to explode, he took one hand off her breast and quickly found her clit. He waited until she lifted off of him pulling out almost completely then grabbed her clit and rubbed it in fast circles. Olivia came right then as she slid back down his throbbing cock. Suddenly clear fluid flooded out of Olivia all over the both of them and the sight of it was what did it for Grayson. He grabbed both of her hips and held her down on his pulsing erection. they both felt it as Grayson shot ribbons of cum all over her cervix. Olivia's slick lips sucked every single ounce out of him.

Olivia's muscles were like jelly, more relaxed than she had ever been. Sighing she rolled off of Grayson's lap onto her pillow, more satisfied than she ever thought possible. Her core tingled with aftershocks of the mind blowing orgasm she just had. She stared into the darkness at the ceiling where light from the flames danced.

" are you ok?" Grayson asked again looking over at her as her chest rose and fell in the darkness, the light of the flames licking over her body made him hungry all over again.

" can I tell you something personal?" she asked tilting her head towards him

" anything"

" I'm not a virgin, I've had sex before, only once but still I have. But it was NOTHING like what we just did." she told him

" so you enjoyed it then?" Grayson asked with a smile

" of course i enjoyed it. That was the best feeling I've ever experienced. You're VERY large."

Grayson chuckled " well you're VERY tight, god i thought you were going to squeeze me to death. But it wouldn't be a bad way to die so I'm not complaining at all."

" no one has ever put their mouth on me like that" Olivia told him quietly

" i hope that was ok?" Grayson said in a questioning way hoping he hadn't made her feel weird. But to his surprise she asked

" will you do it again?"
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