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Part 7

Grayson was hard as soon as the words left her lips. This time he was going to make her finish on his tongue. Now that he knew what she tasted like, he was desperate to make her cum on his face so he could taste her again. He slid under the sheets and hovered over her naked body pulling the sheet over her head. He was quick to make his way down her body only stopping once to pull her nipple between his lips then releasing it with a kiss before settling down between her thighs.

Once again Grayson marveled at the womanly body of this girl who was stranded with him. He kissed up her thighs before spreading her lips with his broad tongue, landing on her still protruding clit and quickly sucking it into his mouth. He knew as soon as her walls started to contract she'd be pushing his cum out of her, so he focused on her bundle of nerves.

Olivia tried to close her eyes but the sight of Grayson under the covers feasting on her, captivated her. The things he made her body feel were incredible. Grayson pushed her thighs apart, opening her folds up before him. He used his fingers to spread her open further, then slid one inside as he sucked her clit further into his mouth. Olivia moaned above the sheet, her eyes rolled and her hands went to her hair. Grayson was driving her wild and she felt heat everywhere consuming her completely as she was driven to the edge once again.

Grayson added a second finger into her wet hole curling them both up towards the ceiling as he pumped them in and out. He quit sucking and started to flick her nub with his tongue faster than Olivia ever thought possible and she came instantly with a scream.. Her legs started to shake and she felt a rush of warm cum spill out of her as Grayson continued his assault on her tender clit, causing her orgasm to continue. She arched her back off the bed but it only pushed her core closer to him and his fingers further into her. She couldn't take the heat any longer and threw the sheet off of them. Grayson's eyes met hers and she could see his face covered in shiny fluid she knew was her own cum and it drove her wild.

" fuck grayson, come here." she said as she leaned down to pull him towards her.

Olivia sat up pulling Grayson until he was on his knees directly in front of her face, his erect cock pointing straight at her face. She wanted to taste him. Grayson cursed and put one hand on the wall behind the bed to brace himself as he felt Olivia's breath on him. She grabbed his throbbing member and guided it to her beautiful mouth, softly licking his hole before licking all the way down his shaft and back up to the tip. He looked down at her as she guided him into her mouth, taking him completely while staring back up at him. The site alone has him close to cumming but he had to make this last, he was in heaven with this beautiful, young, inexperienced girl and he was going to make it last.

Continuing to brace himself on the wall, he wrapped his other hand around the back of Olivia's neck. While Controlling the rhythm as he gently pushed her further down his shaft then pulled her back to the tip, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She let out a low moan as she reached the base and Grayson came undone, holding her in place as she swallowed all his cum while never breaking eye contact.

Grayson pulled out of her mouth and rolled over onto his side of the bed. He'd been with women before, many of them if he was honest, but none of them had ever satisfied him to the point Olivia had. He wasn't sure if it was her inexperience or what but he was in love with the things this girl's body did to his. All he wanted to do was find different ways to fuck her and worship her body.

" I'm not on birth control" Olivia said, breaking the silence as she laid next to him.

" fuck olivia, im sorry, i didnt even think"

" It's ok, I don't think that I'm close to that time when I could get pregnant. But i mean even if i did i wouldn't make you do anything for me. I just wanted to let you know."

" I won't cum in you again" he told her even though he knew it wasn't what he wanted. The feeling of complete release inside her while her tight core spasmed around him was amazing.

" It's an amazing feeling, I don't know that I could ask you not to." she told him honestly and Grayson rolled over to look her in the eyes.

" Olivia it was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt And I've been with multiple women before you. If you don't want me to cum in you so you don't get pregnant I won't, but if you don't care, then I'm going to tell you that honestly I don't care if you got pregnant, I wouldn't just abandon you."

Grayson couldn't explain it, this feeling he had about olivia. He barely knew her but as she adjusted herself next to him falling asleep all he could think about was how he didn't want her to leave. He'd never felt this way about a woman he slept with, he wanted to get out as soon as possible after sleeping with someone. But with Olivia all he could think about was waking up and exploring her body again, showering with her, eating breakfast and spending the day laughing. What was going on with him he wasn't sure, but he wanted to find out and for once it didn't scare him.

Olivia awoke once again spread across graysons naked body. Her mind quickly went to the night before and the amazing sex she had with grayson. Her core was sore from the size difference in his cock and how tight she was. It wasn't miserable but it definitely was noticeable. Then she remembered how he had cum inside her without a condom and how the revelation of her not being on birth control didn't seem to bother him very much. She reasoned that most men wouldn't care what happened if they weren't concerned about helping out if someone they slept with did end up pregnant. She knew she didn't care if she got pregnant, her parents might, but she lived a life where outside of this cabin Grayson would never notice her. She didn't have a boyfriend and besides her prom date never had. If she could feel this way with Grayson for the time she was stuck in this cabin it would be worth it. She always wanted a family anyway.
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