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Part 8

After exerting all of her energy in bed with Grayson, Olivia had woken up starving. After grabbing her discarded shirt from the floor she tiptoed into the kitchen so she didn't wake Grayson. At the door she stopped and turned to make sure he was still asleep, to see that he'd not moved an inch. She made her way into the kitchen to try and find some breakfast. After starting a pot of coffee, she searched the cabinets, not finding much. Olivia sighed and went to pour a cup of the coffee as it finished, to have something on her stomach until she could find something more filling. The warmth of the coffee filled her and warmed her belly. After finishing half of the cup she padded over to the refrigerator, opened it and bent to search for something to make breakfast for the both of them.

Grayson woke to an empty bed. He hadn't slept that good or deep in years. Glancing around he wondered where Olivia had gone. He lay back on the pillow and thought back to the night he'd had. Olivias body was incredible and he felt insatiable when it came to her. His mind drifted to how they'd held eye contact as she swallowed him while he came, buried in her mouth so deep that her bottom lip touched his sac. He groaned and ran his hands down his face, his bare cock already solid beneath the covers. Reluctantly he climbed out of the warmth of the bed to try to find Olivia.

Grayson slowly walked into the kitchen to find Olivia bent over moving things around the refrigerator. The white shirt he'd given her stopped short of her wide hips giving him an unobstructed view of her full ass and her pussy lips as she Bent over. Graysons already stiff cock throbbed with a need to be buried inside Olivia's tight channel. He quietly walked over to stand behind her grabbing her hips in a tight grip and rubbed the head of his shaft against her bare core. She moaned softly while her hips wiggled hungrily. Grayson couldn't wait to fill her again, he wanted to bury deep inside her and fill her continuously, listening as she screamed his name over and over.

Pulling Olivia out from the refrigerator and against his body Graysons mind filled with the urge to find a sturdy surface to fuck her. Olivia twisted in his grip and her nipples grazed along his chest. Pleased with this position, Grayson reached around grabbing Olivia's ass cheeks roughly in his hands pulling her up against his body, her legs wrapped around his waist. this new position was causing graysons shaft to rub against olivia's wet pussy. While In his grasp, Olivia lifted her shirt over her head, discarding it on the kitchen floor so she was as naked as Grayson.

Grayson surprised himself when he leaned down to kiss Olivia's full lips. Kissing was never something he did with the women he slept with. It was too intimate for the fast hard fucking they did. But Grayson found himself unable to resist kissing her as he strode over to the table. He knew something was different about this girl and he was excited to explore it. Grayson sat her feet back down on the floor with a smile before turning olivias body to face the table. Olivia looked over her shoulder silently as she bent at the waist and lay her bare chest on the cold wooden table. The sight had Grayson desperately trying to take it slowly but utterly unable. He roughly lifted her right leg watching as her slick lips pulled apart and spread open for him, her excitement already showing as moisture clung to her separating lips.

Sliding a finger through her juices, Grayson groaned. He grabbed the base of his stiff shaft and aimed it at Olivia's waiting hole. He didn't want to hurt her but he was dying to feel her walls squeeze his cock tightly. In one swift movement Grayson buried himself deep into her tight pussy. Olivia lifted her top half off the table and loudly cried out at the solid intrusion. Last night she had rode Grayson slowly but this morning she wanted him fast and rough and she was so glad he seemed to want exactly that too. Grayson adjusted his grip on her leg, holding it higher to pull her open further. His other hand found its way into olivia's long wavy hair and fisted a handful of it. Olivia marveled at the roughness of his grasp in her hair.

"Pull harder Grayson." She demanded and Grayson complied willingly.

He pulled her hair towards him so that her breasts were lifted off the table giving him a view of them while they bounced everytime his body hit hers as he bottomed out inside her. Olivia held herself up with both hands, palm down, on the table while Graysons hips slapped her ass as he slammed his cock inside her. The sounds of their body's quickly slapping together and their heavy breathing filled the previously silent kitchen. Olivia felt like she was going to explode but she needed more, needed all of him. She lifted one hand off the table to greedily grab at her bouncing breast. Her thumb and forefinger quickly found her solid nipple and pinched it hard. Grayson growled behind her as he watched her, his thrusts becoming quicker, burying his shaft into her repeatedly, and loving how this angle made her vagina, somehow tighter. He watched her fingers twist and pull her puffy nipple, greedy for the rough assault she showed it.

Grayson was close to exploding inside Olivia's dripping wet pussy. He removed his hand from her hair and moved it to her ass. He tightly grabbed one cheek and Olivia groaned beneath him spurring him on. He rubbed circles around her wrinkly, tight ass hole and Olivia panted erratically into the table. Grayson desperately wanted to show her euphoria, he wanted to explore every single part of her body and he wanted to fill her with his cum and watch it slide out of her. Olivia started to arch her back off the table as she repeatedly moaned 'oh' louder and louder by the second. Finally on the cusp, Grayson forced his thick, rough thumb into Olivia's unreasonably tight, puckered asshole. He buried his shaft deep inside her core at the same moment, causing both of their orgasms to finally crash over them. Graysons muscles stiffened as he sprayed ribbons of cum onto Olivia's cervix. At the same time Olivia's walls pulsed rhythmically around both Graysons thumb and his shaft. Like the night before, Olivia felt the odd sensation fill her core before she felt her own cum spray out of her and onto Graysons hips, legs and onto the floor.

"Grayson!" Olivia screamed as her body shook from the onslaught of euphoria Grayson bestowed upon her. She unceremoniously collapsed onto the table with Grayson still inside her, his cock slowly deflating but still filling her tight hole. he removed his hand from her leg, lowering it back onto the floor before gently placing it on her ass. Olivia moaned loudly into the table as Grayson gently pulled her cheek, separating them before pulling his thumb out slowly. Her walls clenched around his shaft until his thumb was free from her asshole.

Olivia had never experienced this amount of sexual gratification. not even from when she fingered herself beneath the sheets in her bed back home. She lay on the table unmoving except for the rise and fall of her body from her rapid breathing. Grayson's shaft threatened to harden once again when Olivia gasped as he slid out of her. He watched with a smile as his cum dripped out of her, joining hers on the floor. He'd have to clean up later, he thought. Grayson lifted Olivia's tiny, spent body off the table gently and pulled her into his chest before carrying her back to the bedroom.

"I've never squirted before," she said, her voice breathy and light, "not even with toys." Grayson chuckled as he shifted her weight easily and slid under the covers with her still in his grasp.

" I didn't hurt you, did I," Grayson asked quietly before Olivia dozed off. She furrowed her brow and shook her head vigorously with what little energy she had left.

" God no, I've never felt this good in my entire life," she told Grayson honestly before she nuzzled down under the covers.

Grayson pulled Olivia closer to him, their naked bodies sweaty and spent touching everywhere possible. He couldn't explain the pull he felt to her. The question he asked her, full of genuine concern for her comfort, had him puzzled. He'd never been concerned about the women he fucked. He always took his pleasure rough and hard as soon as he was satisfied he left or had them leave. Olivia was different, while he had taken her rough and fucked her hard, he wanted to be sure that she enjoyed it as much as he had. Olivia had already fallen back asleep against him but Grayson remained awake, his mind working overtime. With closed eyes he pictured Olivia's full ass jiggling as he slammed into her. He smiled at the memory and couldn't wait to fill her again. He was unsure if she'd be pregnant from either time he spilled his seed into her so far, but he knew one thing for sure. Olivia would definitely be pregnant before this storm was over.
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