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An ongoing work of short stories. Each chapter is a story by its self. They will be added as they are completed. Some are very short.

marsha rice
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Chapter 1 Secret Crush

I must admit to having a secret crush on my best friend’s wife. To begin with, Jill is adorably cute. Not magazine cute, but girl next door cute. She is naturally blonde, not Miss Clairol blonde, and she has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. I would guess she’s about five-foot-four and maybe around a hundred and twenty pounds, although I’m not the best judge when it comes to how much a woman weighs.

Jill, and her husband Dave, have an inground pool and they invite my wife Nikki and I over quite often. I must say that Jill fills out her bikini just fine. Her top doesn’t support her boobs, just covers them, and the bottoms barely cover her ass cheeks. She makes it very difficult for me not to stare when she gets out of the water. Quite often, my wife has had to tell me to put my eyes back in my head.

Another thing that feeds my crush, is, Jill is a tease. More than once, she has purposely dried off right next to me, bending over with her ass in my face while she towels off her legs. When she acts like she’s cold and hugs herself, exaggerating her cleavage, she makes damn sure I’m within eyesight of her.

Tonight, things got a little carried away. The four of us got invited to a party, and we all tossed back a few too many. When I finally, and after waiting much too long, had to break the seal, I couldn’t find the bathroom. Jill must have seen the exasperated look on my face, and said that she knew where there was one upstairs, and that I should follow her. I couldn’t walk fast enough. I was sure that my Fruit of the Looms were going to be flooded before I reached the top of the stairs. Jill opened the door and I unzipped my pants on my way to the toilet. It suddenly dawned on me that Jill had closed the door from the inside. I didn’t think much of it at first, I was just happy to be peeing.

It seemed like I was never going to stop. Jill stood by my side, staring at my cock, and started to do a little dance.

“Hurry up will you, I gotta go too.”

“Sorry, I’m almost done.”

The stream finally came to an end and I shook off the last couple of drops.

“Let me help you do that.” She said and grabbed onto my penis.

Instead of shaking it, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and gave a couple of gentle strokes. I came to attention instantly.

“Oh, my.” She said while wiggling her pants down around her ankles. She kicked them to the side and sat on the toilet. While she relieved herself, she continued massaging my cock. I knew that I should stop her, but I had dreamt about this for so long, I thought surely I must be dreaming again.

The excitement was overwhelming. A little precum oozed out the end, Jill stuck her tongue out and licked it off.

“Take your pants off.” She commanded, and Jill proceeded to pull her top up over her head, exposing her bare breasts. She was now completely naked, and propped herself up on the vanity, bracing one foot on the shower door and the other on my shoulder.

Jill didn’t say a word, but tugged on my cock, and guided me to her vagina, never loosing eye contact with me.

I pushed my way in as far as I could go until our pubic hair meshed together. It was quite a contrast, her blonde hair against my dark hair. I pulled back out until I could see the shaft of my cock, then pushed back in again. I looked back up and Jill had never taken her eyes away from mine. She had a very intense look on her face.

I began to fuck her a little faster, and she started to breathe a little harder. Suddenly she closed her eyes and moaned rather loudly.

“Faster, don’t stop.” She pleaded.

I was afraid that she might fall off the vanity, so I scooped her up, with my hands under her ass cheeks. We spun around and her back slammed against the wall. She started to slip from my grasp. Jill wrapped her arms around my neck, and humped me like there was no tomorrow. My cock was throbbing. I felt her juices trickling down my balls, which were on fire and about to explode. I began to sweat.

“Don’t cum inside me, please.” She whispered.

“I’d better pull out then.” I said.

Jill looked down at my cock, which was still stiff enough to hang a towel on, and pulled the shower curtain open. We stepped inside the shower stall and she finished me off with her hand.

“Wow.” She said looking at the amount that I spewed onto the shower wall. “You been saving up for a while? Boy, I’m glad you didn’t do that in me, I’d be dripping all night. That sure would be a tough one to explain.”

We both put our clothes back on and Jill looked for a brush in one of the vanity drawers. She straightened out her hair, and made sure we were both ready to go back to the party.

“This,” she said, looking me right in the eye, “never happened.”

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