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Blame on love

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She got married to a guy who never loved her but married her because of her father's wealth will she find out his motives?all he will fall in love with her during the process.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I met this guy on my way home and I was cold shivering like someone who wants to turn into an ice
and he whisper into my ear miss beauty I think you need a jacket.

I was shocked but when I turned to see that person that whispered into my ear "OMG"this guy is cute but his cuteness does not matter

thanks stranger you're welcome and my name is pascal it will be nice if you call me by my name

nice to meet you Pascal
it's my pleasure and thanks for the jacket once again

I would love us to be friends
I can't be friends with a stranger
I'm not a stranger my name is Pascal you are still a stranger to me

Miss beauty don't say like that you are very pretty by the way and you are not expected to say that to a guy like me I'm a cool guy I'm not harmful okay.

ok if you say so we can be friends thanks for accepting my proposal so where are you heading ? I'm heading home waiting for a cab.

I can actually drop you home please save the stress. Come on, let me drive you I will be happy to drive you home ok thanks you're welcome

Oh my gosh.......this guy is good I pray I don't get home quick his staring is like something else
I just couldn't stop staring at him while he was driving the next thing I saw I was in front of my gate
I was so disappointed but what to do nothing I just open the car door and get out of it.

hey miss beauty can I have your details

Yes and thank you for the Ride
it's nothing miss beauty but just have a good night rest.

and thanks for the jacket you can have it I'm home thank you very much really appreciate for the ride

it's okay have a nice night bye!

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