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The one he Wants: Bree

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Chapter 2

Derick’s POV

I closed the door right as I heard Bree yell out in pain. I can’t stand to see her in pain. I know that we had only known each other for about a month, but she had my brain racing.

I’ve never had a ‘girlfriend’ so to speak, too much to do, and I didn’t have time to put the right amount of energy into it. But Bree was doing something to me.

She seemed interested in me but also seemed a little hesitant. I can’t get a clear reading on her. All I know is, damn, she’s something else.

She was a blond bombshell. Not usually my type. She wasn’t bone thin like the bar whores around here. She’s built healthy, thick thighs, and curves in the right places. Just thinking about her gets me hard.

I heard Stacy come out of the bedroom and close the door. “I got her stitched up and gave her some pain meds. She’s resting now.” She patted me on the shoulder as she walked by.

“Thanks, Stacy, for everything,” I said, rubbing my eyes and looking down at the floor.

“You look extra tired,” She said, stopping at the stairs and looking back at me.

“Yeah, a little bit, I guess. Haven’t slept since this all went down. Too on edge and too worried about her.” I nodded my head back towards the bedroom.

“Well, worrying and lack of sleep isn’t helping any of us around here Prez. You deserve rest too,” She said, turning to walk down the stairs. “Also, I don’t know what’s happening or not happening between you two, but you guys need to figure that out. It’s not fair to keep each other in limbo like you are.” Pointing between Bree and me, “Good night Derick.” She said, waving her hand above her head, and she started down.

Shit, I didn’t know that others in the house could see the tension too.

I headed down the stairs to the bar. I sat down at one of the stools and one of the usual bar whores comes over to me. She starts rubbing her hands on my shoulder and started kissing my neck as she sat down next to me. I reached up and gently grabbed her wrist, and moved her hands off of me.

“No,” I said without even looking at her.

“What’s the matter, Prez? You look like you need to let go of some tension if you know what I mean.” She said, starting towards my ear and neck.

“I said NO, damn it! Cant, you take a fucking hint bitch.” I said, slamming my fist down on the bar.

“FINE.” She said, rolling her eyes and flinging her hair at me.

She walked off and grabbed one of the other men and took him to the back room instead.

Stacy was standing behind the bar cleaning some of the cups. Just watching. I looked up and just shook my head and asked for a beer.

I felt my phone go off, and I read the message.

“Metting in 10, tell everyone who isn’t here to get their ass here now,” I said, taking my beer and heading to my place at the table.

“I just got a message from our chapter in Shelton. They just got wind that the Mayhams have been seen there. They also did some digging, and they have recruited their Sargent of arms to the new VP to take the place of Deker.” I told the men.

“They can all burn in hell for all I care,” Brandon said, taking a drink for his beer. “Have we heard anything on Brittany? That’s the only bitch of theirs that I am concerned with. She will get what’s coming, one way or another.” Brandon was looking straight at the table when he was saying this. He had a look in his eye that I have never seen before.

“Brandon, we will get it handled. I promise we won’t stop until the whole lot of them are dead. I have just as much beef with them as you brother.” Derek shot my girl, he might be dead, but that bitch that started all of this isn’t.

“I will be in contact with the Prez down there, and we will set up a meeting shortly. Till then, I want everyone to get some sleep. We have all been a little tense. Dismissed.” I slammed the gavel down and took a drink of my beer. Everyone left except Brandon and Grave.

“How is Bree?” Brandon asked.

“She’s still having nightmares. They are getting worse, and I don’t know how to help her. Earlier, she woke up from such a terrible dream she ripped her stitches open.” I told them.

“Did she tell you what it was about? Maybe you can talk through it with her?” Grave said.

“I haven’t had the chance. Stacy had to stitch her back up and gave her some meds that made her sleepy.” I told them.

“Stella still has nightmares. I don’t know if they will ever stop. It’s all because of those fuckers. They don’t deserve to be breathing right now.” Brandon said, getting tenser in his voice.

“I’m hoping all of our nightmares will stop once we kill off every one of them. That is the ultimate plan. No one will want to fuck with us after this goes down.” I told them, slamming my beer down.

We sat and talked a few mins more before we got up and headed out the door.

Most of the boys were either drinking beer or fucking a whore down in the main room. I was getting tired of sitting and watching it all, so I decided to head up and check on Bree.

I headed up the stairs and was preparing myself to sleep on the cot again. It wasn’t that comfortable, but it allowed me to be with Bree and make sure she was safe.

I opened the door to see her awake and talking to Stella.

“Hey, Bullets,” Stella said, standing up slowly so she wouldn’t hurt her stomach.

“Hey Stella, you don’t have to get up because I came in,” I said as I headed to the cot.

“No, I was leaving anyway. I’m way past my bedtime.” She said, smiling and waving at Bree. “I will see you, tomorrow love.” She said as she walked out the door.

I sat down on the cot and took off my cut, shirt, and pants, and started to lay down on the cot when Bree said, “You don’t have to sleep on that thing. You could lay next to me if you wanted to.

I felt my dick throb at the thought of being that close to her body. I had to readjust myself to keep it down.

“I don’t want to keep you from being comfortable or bother you. I’m good.” I tried to tell her, conflicted as to what to do.

“Please, you won’t bother me. I cant roll over or anything.” She said laughing.

“Alright, but wake me up or kick me out of the bed if I do bother you,” I said, moving the covers to lay down.

“Not likely,” She said, “Goodnight, Derick.” She said before I turned off the lights and laid down.

I was hoping that it wouldn’t take me long to drift off to sleep. I had been lacking a good night’s sleep for weeks now.

Before I knew it though, I was dreaming about Bree, and what I would like to do to her.

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