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In-law Trouble

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Crush: a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate. There is no one more wrong and unreachable for Fiona to have a crush on that Alexis Steffano Pierce. This doesn't stop Fiona from indulging in her lustful desires.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I will see Alexis today and that aching and needy feeling will just come back at me again...

I have a MAJOR crush on my sister’s husband.

I’ve known Alexis basically all my life. He has been on and off with my sister. They divorced because he cheated on her while pregnant with my niece Aurora. Just a few months ago they started dating again. No one in my family saw that coming, except for me. Even though my sister didn’t admit it to anyone, she was still head over heels for that guy. Never understood her. As I see it, it’s like she “saved herself” for him through all those years. While Alexis was having fun and had multiple girlfriends, my sister barely dated. I found it annoying.

Guess you might wonder, where does my crush come into all of this family drama? Well, here it goes.

“You just had to wear that dress didn’t you?” Marcos asked eyeing me up and down with a devilish grin.

“You mean this old thing?” I asked, slowly twirling to give him a show.

I knew that Marcos loved the black backless dress I had on. The same dress I had the first time he fucked me senseless in the bathroom at the Christmas Eve Party.

5 months ago late night out

We barely had spoken but he couldn’t keep from bumping into me and touching my back whenever he had a chance. Being a party planner has its advantages in times like these where you are at work but can also let loose and have fun because your client is also your best friend who is going to do a surprise proposal at midnight, and that’s where I come in. Details and perfect timing.

Marcos caught my eye and after some small talk and a little alcohol, I was determined to have my way with him. We were at a distance and he kept following me with his burning gaze. My black, strap, short, backless dress kept luring him to my braless chest. My nipples kept poking at the fabric, every brush and wind kept them at attention. He was hypnotized. This was my advantage. I walked to one of the halls where I knew the guest bathroom was. He followed like a trained dog. I quickly got in the bathroom and he stood in the hall confused. He probably thought he was crazy. A little disoriented he kept walking into the hall.


With a jolt he screamed “Are you fucking crazy?” and I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom.

“You should’ve seen your face! Omg! I think I’m going to pee myself!” I couldn’t stop laughing. He had an annoyed look and started to get mad. “Sorry, sorry! Couldn’t help myself. Name’s Fiona or Fi if you prefer. And you are?”

“Marcos,” he said, still mad and startled.

“Ok Marcos, why are you following me?”

“Um, well, I mean, I actually don’t know.” he chuckled. “I feel really stupid now that you mention it. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” He started walking to the door.

“No, wait! I just wanted to do this...” I said in a low seductive voice. I pushed him on his back to the door, grabbed his hands, and put them on my ass, which he squeezed right away. Then I put my hands on his neck and lowered a little his head and started kissing him very slowly. Looking into his eyes and seeing his permission, I continued.

I kept exploring his hot mouth and wanting tongue and a moan escaped his lips. That encouraged me to intensify the kiss and started lowering my hand to feel the very protuberant bulge now forming in his pants. He panted and moaned. I broke the kiss and took a step back. He looked shocked at my forwardness. Lust in both our eyes.

“This would be the time to stop me...” I said while lowering myself on my knees. He parted his lips and kept attentive to all my actions. Without breaking eye contact I unbuckled the belt. Then I opened the button of his grey slacks, undid the zipper and pulled down the pants. My hands started feeling his pulsing boner. He grunted. Latching my fingers on the boxer briefs I slowly started to lower them to free his pulsing cock.

“Fuck” we said in unison for very different reasons.

He was extremely turned on while I couldn’t keep my eyes from his succulent dick. I couldn’t wait to taste him, to have him in me. I hadn’t noticed I was licking my lips in anticipation. With a nod of approval from Marcos, I took his dick in my hands. Started to slowly pump him. His wet head flicked in anticipation to feeling my hand as I lubed him with his precum. I couldn’t wait any longer and put him in my mouth.

“Mhmm, fuck!” he said.

I had him in my mouth and starting to roll my tongue on his tip. Sucking and licking him completely. In and out slowly fucking him. I grabbed his balls and started to massage them while I licked his shaft completely from the head to the base.

“Holy fuck! Mhmm so so good. Please keep going, faster.” he encouraged.

“No,” I said, ” I want you to fuck me”.

That’s all it took for him to become a carnal animal who had just gotten his prey. He kicked off his shoes and took off the slacks that were hunched up at his ankles.

He helped me stand up and pushed me hard on the counter. He kissed me hard and wanting, tasting himself and his arousal. I moaned in his mouth. That’s when he flipped me and said “I want you to watch me fuck you.”

Right there he took the dress and pulled it up exposing my black lace hot pants. He spanked me! Catching me off-guard while an excited moan escaped my lips “Agh!”

“Such a beautiful sight,” he said while stroking my now red ass. He took my hot pants and ripped them off. I stared perplexed. Then he bent me and started to slowly touch my ass. I felt how his hand started to go from the ass to my pussy. He started playing with my throbbing clit.

“Damn mami, so wet and hot. You are so ready for me.”

“Fuck! Mhmm. Please...”

“Please what baby?”

“Just put it in me!”

Without another word from both of us, he rammed his cock in me. Being taken from behind felt amazing. His cock felt so good inside me. He was thick. He didn’t have a monster cock. But was very gifted.

He started thrusting and we couldn’t contain ourselves and our moans. All you could hear were loud “Fuck, Mhm, Agh and Ohs”. I started to wonder how it would be heard from outside. We started to get sweaty. He kept thrusting into me.

“Fuck Marcos! So good. Harder!”

“As... thrust you... thrust wish...” and with that, he started pounding harder than I have ever been fucked in my life.

“Holy shit,” I said barely a whisper.

I could feel his dick hitting my g-spot. My arousal had me so wet. My legs were dripping from my juices as I was being pounded. All of a sudden he took it out and I groaned in frustration.

“Relax mami. So eager are we?” he said with a cocky smile.

He put me on top of the counter facing him and started kissing me will his cock was painfully teasing me, stroking up and down my slit and barely touching my clit. I needed him inside again. Unconsciously I started grinding into him. Between pants and heaving, he asked, ” I want you to choose, do you want to ride me, or do I keep pounding you?”

Without an answer, I pushed him on the closed toilet lid making him sit down roughly. I took off my dress. Walked up to him and sucked his dick. I felt my juices combined with his. It was salty and sweet. I was so turned on, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I got up and started to slowly stroke myself with his dick. Up and down my pussy lips. They were so wet and hot. I parted them with his head and that made my clit stand at attention. He could feel how hard my bud was. He groaned.

“You’re killing me.”

I lowered myself onto his thick shaft and moaned.

“Mhm. Holy fuck. It feels so good.” I said.

Working myself up and down so slowly was putting both of us on edge. I couldn’t take it anymore and started riding him faster and harder. The sudden change of pace catching him off-guard. “Fuck Fi,” he said. “Oh, Mhmm, yes!”

You could hear the squishing of our bodies. The bathroom smelled like sex and sweat. I could feel him starting to tense up. And I started to feel my walls start to tighten. Just as our orgasms started to build up, he got up with me still inside. We stepped forward almost falling hitting my back to the door. “Ow!” I cried.

“Sorry,” he said. He straightened up and we were back again at the counter but this time he was pounding me and kissing me.

“I’m so close mami” he said. And that’s all it took for my walls to clench at his cock buried inside me and started to orgasm while he kept pounding me. “Fuck, Fiona!” was all he said as he started to cum and I felt his hot liquid in me.

Chests heaving, sweaty bodies, tousled hairs, and frantic breathing filled the bathroom. We stayed like that till our orgasms had subsided. Then with a smile, he kissed me. He got me off the counter and laughed at how red my ass was. We started collecting our clothes speaking of how good everything had been and that’s when we realized that the door was slightly opened. We finished getting dressed and got out quietly and cautiously from the bathroom. We looked around but didn’t see anyone so we continued out to the party.

We weren’t caught. Or so we thought.

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