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Olivia is the schools shy good girl who has a crush on Jaimie, the schools popular Jock. Jaimie can't stop thinking about the girl who won't even talk to him and it's driving him to want Liv, in the worst way. Can liv break out of her shell and work up the nerve to talk to her guy crush? +18 (contains sex and swearing)

Erotica / Romance
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The bell rings and I make my way through the hallway to my locker. “God, I am so fucking happy we can go home now” Hailey groans leaning up against the locker next to mine. Hailey has been my best friend since middle school. “So what are you up to this weekend? I hear there’s a party tonight at Lauren’s….you know her brother Jamie will be there.” She says grinning from ear to ear. Jamie, who moved here last year, has been the guy I have been eyeing on all year but he would never go for someone like me. He is the popular jock who hangs out with his two guy friends, Lee and Tainer. Girls just throw themselves at them. He’s tall, dark haired and his wardrobe typically consists of black v necks and his fit denim jeans that hug his ass. “ to Liv”...... “Sounds exciting but no. I really have to study for this English lit exam.” She rolls her eyes, walking backwards towards the school exit. “Suit’re such a party pooper Liv!”

I have never been that girl to drink or smoke so parties were just not my thing. Plus when it came to anything that had to do with Jamie I feel like I melt. Yes I am the shy girl, the goody two shoes and I hated it so much. Hailey on the other hand is the complete opposite, she is always finding ways to get her freak on.

I get home and find that I am the only one here, mom must be working late again. I make my way up the stairs into my room, throw my bag to the floor and sit on my bed.

I wish I could just grow the balls to just throw on a low cut shirt and go to that party. I want to see Jamie so bad. Shaking my head I get up to light the candle on my desk and open up my English lit textbook, to get my mind away from just the thought of some other girl rubbing their hands all over him. “Ugh!” This sucks.

“Boo!”....”Oh my gosh! Hailey! Really!” We are both laughing…”Why are you here right now?!” Being my best friend and knowing my mom is always working late, of course she has her own key not to mention she lived two houses down from mine. “I think you need to go with me to the party tonight.” “No Hailey, I can’t.” “Oh come on, Liv! Live a little, It will be fun. This could be your chance to talk to Jamie.” She smirks. “You know very well I’m going to get there and I’m going to freeze up when and IF I see him, no way.” “Come on, Olivia, I’ll do anything!” “Okay, Okay! Stop shaking me!” I laughed. “One hour. I’ll go but you better not leave me to go play with some guy.” “Yay! Oh my god this is going to be so fucking fun! Okay let’s find you something to wear.” Walking over to my closet she scowls at me and lets out a sigh. “You clearly have nothing, I’m running to my house quickly to grab something.” And she’s gone. Now I let out a sigh. I can do this. I am going to get there and I am not going to even look around, pretend as if HE wasn’t going to be there.

A few minutes later Hailey comes skipping back into my room as if she already knew she was going to get me to go with her and already prepared an outfit for me just in case. She throws the outfit on my bed and looks at me. Faux leather leggings and a white lace cami.


Hailey’s brother, Luke drops us off at Lauren’s house and we walk in. Hailey grabs my hand and pulls me through the crowd into the kitchen. “Here.” she yells. She hands me a red solo cup filled with something pink and then grabs a drink for herself. I know I told myself I wouldn’t look around the room but I find myself in a trance from the sound of the music. There is a couple making out on the sofa, a group playing spin the bottle in the corner, girls dancing on guys in the living room and others are hanging outside by the pool. I feel relieved that I don’t notice Jamie anywhere, neither Lee or Tainer either. Phew.

I look behind me and Hailey is already flirting it up with a guy from the Lacrosse team. Uh. I should have known this was gonna happen. She sends me a smile. “It’s really crowded in here” trying to talk over the music. “I’m going to go outside quickly for some fresh air.” As soon as I go to leave the crowd starts yelling at some guys walking through the door. I immediately feel myself stiffen up and I can’t help but watch. Jaime, Lee and Tainer are being chanted through the crowd and Tainor is yelling at the top of his lungs “Let’s get this party started!” I quickly shift myself to the other side of the kitchen but I’m bumped into by someone making their way to the alcohol. “Sorry.” I looked up and oh my god. You guessed it. Of course. Freakin Jamie bumped into me. I just stare as I am in shock. “You’re Olivia, right?” I could not even get out one word when Hailey came in for the save. “Hey Jamie…...nice ass.” My mouth drops. I can’t believe she would even say something like that to him. Out. Loud. He just grins and turns away to meet Tainer and Lee yelling at him to grab a drink.

“Eric and I are going out by the pool” Hailey says as she taps my arm “Are you coming?” I nod and follow them. I really don’t want to listen to Eric brag to Hailey about how he carries the team or what he could do to her later when they’re alone so I sit on the other side of the pool with drink in hand, contemplating if I should just leave.

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