Becoming His

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He’s avoiding the main reason why he wanted to come over in the first place and now he just wants to get into bed with me to watch tv? I mean if this is really going to end up to be a real “thing” between us like bf/gf, I would want to take it slower and not jump right into sex again. Calm yourself down Olivia.

After grabbing water from the fridge, I climbed the stairs and opened the door to see him in the same spot as I left him, cuddled beneath my blankets with messy hair. Walking around the bed I could feel his gaze at every step. I got in bed next to him pulling the covers over me. We had some distance between us and It just made me long for his touch.

“Olivia?” His voice soft, yet sexy. “mhm” I replied. Jamie reached for my arm grabbing it and pulled me closer to him so now my head rested on his chest. His chest was hot and solid but still made for a good pillow. My hand rested on his rock hard abs. As I laid there waiting for his next words I wanted so badly to put my hand down his body and under his sweats to feel his sex. “The other night at the party…” He started and my heart sank. “You looked really good.” I paused feeling like this wasn’t actually what he was going to say. “Thanks, Jamie” I looked up at him and smiled hoping for him to bring his lips to mine but he just smiled back. “So....not only did you look good at the party but...ah... you also may have said some things.” My heart sank even lower. “Like what?” I honestly could not remember what I could of said which is absolutely terrifying. I was blacked out drunk and upset over Jamie.


She laid there on my chest. The smell of her hair is giving me a semi and I’m not wearing anything under my sweats. I’m just glad these blankets are covering it right now, I don’t know how she would react. I continue, “You may have said something like you really...really like me?” I waited for her to say something back but nothing, she must still be putting up a wall with me. “Yes.” picking herself up off my chest to look at me. “Yes. It’s true Jamie. I really do like you. Honestly, I’ve just been so scared this whole time to even say it. Scared that I would just end up another fling and I don’t want that at all.” I tucked her hair behind her ear. “I wish you had just said that from the beginning Liv. I know you know how I feel about you because I’ve said it before. I like you too and I know I haven’t had the best rap with anything that has to do with a commitment with a girl but I really like you Liv. You’re different.” She’s blushing at my words. I grabbed the back of her neck and brought her closer to me. Before I could take her in she held my arm from pulling her any closer. “I want to take things slower. I know we already had sex but now that we are a thing…… we are a thing right?...” I nodded and she smiled. “Good.” Before she could finish her sentence I pulled her lips to mine meeting them as if it had been years.

She is such a good kisser. My hand made its way to her silk cami then touching the skin underneath. I felt myself pull back. I don’t think I can contain myself if I touched anymore of her remembering that she wants to take it slow. I let go of her lips, watching her bite hers as it left mine. I pulled her back to my chest and we watched the office until we fell asleep.


I woke up laying on my side and I could feel his arm wrapped around me, his hand beneath my cami. My tits harden at the realization that his hard on is pressed up against by butt. I am so turned on right now and everything in my body is telling me to turn around and feel that body of his including the one part of him I thought about the whole night. What is this boy doing to me? Instead, I decided to settle for some teasing. I pushed my ass into his cock and his hand grabbed my hip but he didn’t move. Is he waiting for me to do it again? I pushed my ass against his hard cock again and he let out a little grunt followed by "mmm baby, you are making me so fucking hard."

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