Becoming His

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He likes it. I pushed my ass against him once more but this time he grabbed my hip and started to grind his cock into me hard. He definitely did not have anything under those sweats. My alarm on my phone starts going off. Shit. School. I quickly turn my body over to see Jamie’s eyes meeting mine.

“Good morning baby” mmmm his voice in the morning is so sexy. I snap myself out of it remembering we have to be at school in half an hour. Luckily it really only takes 10 minutes to get there from my house. “Jamie we have to get up for school” He gets closer to me touching his nose to mine. “Do we have to, baby?” He licks his lips “we can just stay in bed all day” He whispers into my neck. “I have a test today Jamie” He groans at my words and starts to kiss my neck now. “but… what if you came over later?” I continued. At this he perked right up and quickly got off the bed. “Well what are you waiting for? lets go!....get dressed and meet me downstairs. We will stop at my house quick so i can get dressed quick before going to school.” He smiles.


We get to school and I just can’t help but smile. We got out of his jeep and he ran over to grab my hand to walk into school. All eyes are on us. Being in the spotlight has never been my thing but when I’m with Jamie everything feels right like it’s just the two of us. We make it to my locker and Hailey is waiting there for me with a huge smile on her face as well. Jamie squeezed my hand before leaving for his class.

“Soooo?” Hailey is breathing down my neck at my locker. I chuckled a bit. “Sooo?” I returned the question to her implying her night with Tainer. “Oh you are so spilling the dirt to me at lunch time?” she says. “Well I want to hear all about the Tainer train as well” we both laughed before leaving for our classes.

At lunch I spilled all the deets to Hailey and she did the same. I guess her and Tainer did the dirty, and a lot of it too. Hailey looked up from her pizza and had her eyes on the cafeteria entrance. “Hey, Liv, have you seen that girl before? I think she’s new?” I looked over trying not to make it too obvious before looking back to Hailey. “Uh yea. She’s new. She was in my Physics AP class this morning.” Her name was Addison. Beautiful long curled hair and super athletic. “Huh…well It won’t be long before all the guys are all over her.” Hailey says with a sigh then she gets all serious. “She even thinks of looking at Tainer with those doe eyes and I’m going to eat her alive.” I rolled my eyes at her.

The end of the day could not come soon enough. I waited patiently at my locker for Jamie but he never came. Hmmm? So I messaged him.

“Hey, were you still coming over after school?” No reply. I waited a bit longer before sending another message.

“???” after waiting again, nothing.

Okay maybe he was in the middle of something important? I mean he should have basketball practice sometime soon, I'm pretty sure. “Hey Liv did you need a ride home?” Liv comes up behind me and puts her hands on my shoulder and rests her chin on the right. “Yea”. I couldn't help but think the worst, it was what I’ve always done.

On our way out the school doors, we were half way to Liv’s brother’s car when I noticed Addison walking towards Jamie’s jeep. What is she doing? Why is she going towards Jamie’s jeep? I bolt to Liv’s brothers car and get in, grabbing Liv by the hand pulling her with me. I pointed Liv to what was going on. Both of us quiet, watching. Liv’s brother started to talk but we cut him off with our “ssshhhhhhh”. A very familiar voice was running up to her. I couldn’t tell what they were saying since they were on the other side of the parking lot but they were leaning against the jeep facing each other. They looked as if they were having a really serious conversation. Both Hailey and I gasped at the same time when we saw Addison grab Jamie's arm, rubbing her hand down his biceps. I waited for Jamie's reaction. He didn’t return a gesture but I have no clue if there was flirting. Ugh. They started to move. Is Addison really getting into Jamie's Jeep right now? Before I knew it they drove off and out of the parking lot. I felt speechless and I could tell Hailey was just as surprised as I was. “Can we go now?” Hailey’s brother asked annoyed. Hailey gestured to go and we were off.

I looked at my phone. My messages to Jamie say that they were read. Why didn’t Jamie ever text me back? Where is he going with Addison? Where does that leave me?

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