Becoming His

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The movie was just okay, at least from what I could actually see through all the crying I did throughout. I want to just go home and hide under the blankets never to come out of my cave. I feel like I’m going to hurl. I just knew that this whole thing with Jamie just had to be too good to be true. What kind of guy ignores their current “thing” to go off with some girl to be “just friends.” He’s been calling me all night. Before the movie I turned off my phone all together and there’s no way I’m turning it back on now. I just don’t want to hear any excuses that might come out of his mouth.

On our way home, Hailey made sure to make it very clear that I was not going home tonight and that I was sleeping over ,as she put it, just in case that cheating bastard decided to make an appearance. She’s actually being a really good friend right now. She’s always about her but whenever something was really really wrong she was always there for me. That’s what I always liked most about her.

We made a stop at my house to grab some pjs and clothes for tomorrow. Thank god you know who didn’t make an appearance. I think I would have died right there. The rest of the night consisted of me sobbing into my pillow at Hailey's. I feel bad she had to hear me most of the night.

The next few days I ended up skipping school and stayed at Hailey's only going home to grab more clothes. It’s so unlike me but I just couldn’t face him, not yet and that’s if he even came close to me or decided to talk to me. I feel so pathetic. I kept my phone off completely and had Hailey’s mom explain everything to my mother so she didn’t worry if she texted me with no response. She was all the way in Colorado for a business convention, not coming home anytime soon.


Hailey came home from school. “Get up Liv! We are getting out of the house and going for a run around the block.” I groaned at the thought of moving from this snuggly spot I was in. “Do I have to?” I threw the covers over my head. “What are you, 10?...Yes! Now get your big bootay up and let’s go!” My heads been filled with nothing but Jamie and Addison, Addison and Jamie. It would be good to get some fresh air anyways.

Our run was actually really refreshing and the temperature was just right for it. We stopped at the stop sign at the end of a street to catch our breath and take a small water break before finishing up.

“I know this is the last thing you probably want to hear now….” Hailey started then took a drink before continuing. “...but Jamie came up to me today. He wanted to know why you haven’t returned any of his phone calls.”

The anger was building in me. “Wait, are you serious?! How bout why the hell didn’t he ever return my messages? Oh wait…that’s right. Because he was with Addison!” That actually felt really good to get off my chest.

“Well I brought that up to him. And he says he left his phone in his gym bag. He was going to respond to them but he was caught off guard by something and totally forgot.”

“Right. Addison.”

She continued. “Yea so I called him out on that and told him like hey you know me and Liv saw you with Addison. Get into your car. And drove off. Without even saying anything to Liv. He actually looked pretty upset after that like he had an oh shit I fucked up face on.” She took one more drink from her water bottle before finishing all that she wanted to tell me.

“So…after that he basically said he can explain everything and to please turn on your phone and talk to him.”

“Yea I don’t know Hailey. I feel like that ship is sailing. I just don’t want excuses. I’m just over it, you know.” She didn’t say anything, just motioned to finish our run.

It’s Friday night and of course there is some kind of party happening. Hailey tried to get me to go but the whole party thing is just not in my best interest right especially if I were to make a fool of myself with the amount of alcohol I would most likely consume in my state. She shrugged. “Okay well, if you decide to go just text me and I’ll have someone sober come get you….Also it might not be a bad idea to turn your phone on to at least see if there is a voicemail from you know who about you know what. Love ya Liv!” And she was gone.

Should I turn on my phone? I know I’m scared to find out the truth but fuck it, maybe this is the only way to get over him. I take a big breath and turn on my phone. 37 MISSED CALLS! All of which are from him. Geez. 1 voicemail. I walked home, locked the door, put on The Office, got a tissue box and covered myself in blankets preparing myself to listen to this one voicemail. I pulled it up and hit play.

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