Becoming His

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I pulled up his voicemail on my phone and hit play.

“Olivia….we need to talk….I left you like 30 messages….this whole thing is a huge misunderstanding….I talked to your friend at school today so I know why you’re ignoring me but you don’t have the whole story. I’m sorry I didn’t message you back…that was completely stupid on my part. Please just give me a call back. Hear me out.”

What could he possibly have to say to me that could really make up for everything? You know what? Fuck it. That’s right, I said it. Fuck it. I’m going to that party and getting effin wasted.

I texted Hailey, she sent me a winky face and sending someone to get me. It’s my senior year, I should be having fun, right? Not sitting here sulking. And hey maybe I should mingle with other guys. What am I saying right now? What’s happened to me? This is not you.

I put on a tight black dress that Hailey happened to leave last time and I gotta say I look pretty good in it too. I go outside to wait for my ride and right on time, Tainer pulls up and I get in.

“I have to say, I’m surprised you’re here to get me.” I gave him a quick smile.

He turned the wheel and we began to drive off. “I had just gotten to the party when Hailey asked me to come get you.”

I paused a minute trying to think of something to talk about. “Hmmm. Things are pretty serious with Hailey, huh?” I can see that he’s trying to hold back a huge smirk.

“I guess you can say that.”

I’m actually surprised. I thought for sure Tainer would have brought up something pertaining to Jamie on our car ride but nothing. Maybe Tainer doesn’t know what’s going on with Jamie and Addison? Or maybe he was trying to cover up for Jamie? No, Tainer isn’t like that.

The rest of the ride was quiet almost awkward in a way but it was nice to roll the window down and feel the breeze through my hair.


The party is in full effect and like every party I’ve gone to this year everything is always the same. Finding the boo’s, drinking the boo’s and finding somewhere to pop a squat or in most cases, look for Hailey. I don’t even care if Jamie’s here tonight. My chest starts to ache and with that I down my cup of alcohol and grab another. Some guy winked at me and another whistled. Do guys really whistle still? Geez. I guess this dress was a pretty good idea. I feel a bit better and make my way to a vacant wall in the dining room and lean myself against it, scanning the room. I notice Hailey sitting on Trainers lap in the other room waving to get my attention and then she puts a thumbs up to me. I give her the thumbs up back with a fake smile. I’m glad she and Tainer are together. Tainer is really good for her.

A girl in crop top and a tight mini skirt catches my eye and I immediately feel the anger swell. Fucking Addison. Why in the hell is she here? I’m too drunk right now to make rational decisions and my legs make the move in her direction. I can see Hailey’s oh shit face on but that does not stop me from charging up to Addison to call her out.

“Addison!” I’m so drunk.

She smiles in a binnacle way. “Ah hi….can I help you?”

“What the fuck do you think your doing with Jamie?”

She laughs before looking at her little possy around her then comes closer to me almost hiding what she’s about to say.

“You must be Olivia.” she smiles. How the fuck….Where is this going?

“How-....” I couldn’t get anything out before she cuts me off and is basically whispering in my ear at this point.

“Look here….. You might be Jamie’s little play thing now but I promise you that he’s going to be running right back to me….so I would just quit now.” What? Play thing? Who the fuck does she think she is? Hailey comes running to my side.

“Hey bitch….why don’t you go crawl back into that slut hole you came out of!” Hailey grabbed my arm and we walked away before I could punch her lights out. I could hear Addison yelling some gibberish as we left.

“That fucking slut!” Hailey sits me down on a surprisingly vacant couch in the living room.

“Thanks Hailey.” She nods and puts her head on my shoulder. “I honestly think you were going to confront her, Liv. That’s not like you.” And she’s right. That isn’t like me at all. I’m the shy girl. What is happening to me?

So does that mean Addison and Jamie did do something? But Jamie did say everything was a big misunderstanding. Part of me just wants to put everything behind me never to think about Jamie again but another part wants to just know the truth, talk to Jamie and look into his deep dark eyes. I want to believe that he does actually have the feeling he’s said he had for me and this whole thing is just nothing to even be worked up about.

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