Becoming His

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What the actual fuck? What did I get myself into. The day Olivia saw me and Addison together was a complete misunderstanding. I remember it like it was yesterday....


All the boys in the locker room are all fired up about the game next week. The game wasn't on mind, all I could think about was Olivia and our night together. Just the thought of that little ass backed up against my cock is making me get a semi. My phone vibrates. I feel enraged for a split second at whoever just pulled me out of that sweet day dream but I quickly cool off as soon as I see her name. Olivia messaged me.

“Ohhh Jaaammmiiiee!” I quickly put my phone in my gym bag and lift it over my shoulder trying to make a B line for the exit but I’m just not quick enough. Addison blocks my way out. Shit.

“What do you want Addison?” She gives me a frown. “I want to talk….to you silly.” She's tracing the lining of the doorway with her finger.

“I’m kinda in a hurry Addison, I can’t right now.” She turns to leave and walks out. That was easy. A bit too easy.

Addison and I did have something at our old school. It was nothing close to what Olivia and I have nor how I feel towards Olivia now. I had learned quickly that what Addison wants, Addison gets. There was no way you could question her motives for anything without suffering the repercussions of Addison’s fury. I’m just glad I made it out of that relationship without too much of a hassle.

I grabbed my water jug from the bench that I would of forgotten in my attempt to make a quick get away, closed my locker and walked out the doors. There she was. At my Jeep. Just standing there. I should have known Addison was not going to give up easily. I met her at my Jeep, both of us leaned up against it.

I tried to get out my words. “Addison…..”

“Jamie, I just want to talk. We left things off in a bad place back at our old school and I just want to talk it out... you know clear the air.” She’s looking at me now with puppy eyes and I sigh in frustration. I don't want to do this right now.

“Addison. I am with someone now. It’s over for us.” She grabs my arm.

“Well that’s okay, Jamie. We can be friends.” She’s smiling now. “I just want to talk to you, It won’t take long. We could even go to the diner…it’s out in public, so you wouldn’t have to worry about us being......alone....together.”

My gut is telling me to just tell her to get lost but I know too well I won’t hear the end of it, whereas if I talk to her, go sit down with her and “clear the air” like she wants then maybe she’ll just leave us well alone.

“Get in.” I’m going to regret this.


Fast forward to now.

I feel like I have been nonstop trying to call Olivia but nothing, not one word from her and no answer. I tried to talk to Olivia’s friend but I feel like that may have just made everything worse. And to top it off, Olivia hasn’t even showed up to school the last two days so there was no way of trying to talk to her in person. I thought about showing up at her house plenty of times but I just knew if she didn’t show up to school then she probably just didn’t want to be seen period. Especially by me. I’m afraid that this might be it for us. If I can’t get in touch with her how will I ever be able to talk to her to tell her this whole thing was just a total misunderstanding?

I know this isn’t the end with Addison either. When we ate at the diner, I tried to make it as clear as possible that we would be friends and that was it. She was always pretty nice to me but towards the end, just the way she treated everyone else around her just made me reach my breaking point. Not to mention I felt as though she was a bit obsessed. To sum it up, it got very messy, ending our relationship and resulted in me basically begging my parents to move to a completely different school entirely.

My phone vibrates. It's Tainer. I sigh in the hope that my screen would have read her name instead.

“Duuuude….you gotta get over here to the party…. Addison and Olivia just had a major confrontation. It’s not looking too good and I’m pretty sure Olivia was ready to throw fists.”

Holy shit. This is just getting worse and worse.

“I’ll be there in ten.”


The party is so crowded and the music is blaring some kind of Drake song. I'm really getting sick of these parties. After awhile the smell of weed mixed with the smell of spilled alcohol just isn't doing it for me anymore, not to mention the attention I get. Something seems to always get broken or there happens to be some kind of a fight.

I scan the room first for Olivia then for Addison. Neither of them seem to be in sight. I don't know whether to panic or be relieved. Leo comes up behind me at smacks me on the back.

"Yo dude! You came! Go grab a drink!" Leo already smells of alcohol and already had a girl wrapped around his waste.

"Nah. I'm not here to drink. Have you seen Olivia?!" I'm yelling at him over the music.

"Who?" The kid doesn't ever pay attention to anything but himself. I don't have time for this and I'm just getting more agitated.

I went looking in the kitchen, then the dining room and finally checked the backyard. They were nowhere to be found. I did spot Tainer chilling out in the corner so maybe he knew something more.

"Hey." He just nodded to me in return.

"Do you know where Olivia is?" I could tell he wasn't happy.

"Nah man. Hailey's brother came to pick them both up not to long ago." Shit, I'm too late. "You should get out of here though before Addison sees you. She just went into the bathroom." Yea I'd like to avoid that storm. I turned to walk away and I could hear Tainer shouting over the music. "She's probably at Hailey's!"

Tainer was probably hoping to be with Hailey the rest of the night. I don't blame him. Hailey and him are really hitting it off. He hasn't had too much luck with the ladies so I'm glad he found someone. I mean he's a good lookin dude but the ladies don't seem to take him seriously. I guess we kind of built that reputation this year before I met her.

I quickly got in the Jeep and took off for Hailey's house.

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