Becoming His

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Hailey’s house was fully lit still by the time I got there which I’m thankful for. It means I won’t have to wake anyone up.

It’s a pretty chilly night and the cold night air makes me wish I wore a sweatshirt. The walk up to the house was long and I tried to think of everything I was going to say to Olivia when I saw her, how I was going to make sure she would never hesitate to question my actions again and to not worry about whether or not I would be thinking of her and only her. I froze at the door a few moments taking a deep breath before knocking. I could hear what sounded like maybe Hailey’s mother asking her to grab the door.

It opens and Hailey is just standing there waiting for an explanation.

“Is she here? Can I see her please?” I insisted on holding myself back from fully pushing the door open and barging in.

“No. She wanted to go home.”

Before she could get another word out I swung around and got back in my Jeep.

“You better have a damn good reason Jamie!” Hailey yells as I pull away.

Olivia’s house is just a few houses down so I pull up on the side of the curb and sit in the Jeep waiting, just waiting. I don’t know what for but I just sat there looking at her house. To be completely honest I was scared. Scared that this girl is still not going to want anything to do with me even after I’ve told her my side of the story.

Her lights weren’t on. Maybe she had gone to bed. It wasn’t going to prevent me from at least trying. So once again I walked up to the door and knocked. Nothing. I remembered the key. Do I use the key? I can’t just let this go. I grabbed the key and went to unlock the door when it opened.

There she was. The girl I had so desperately looked for all night. Standing in the doorway, makeup smeared down her face. She had on a cute little pink nighty and I could just imagine the cute little panties that matched underneath. She didn’t say anything, she almost acted like a zombie, making her way in as I followed closing the door behind me and walked up her stairs to her bedroom. Why wasn’t she saying anything? She got into bed and just sat there.

“Hey.” That was the best I could come up with right now, hey? Good job Jamie.

“Hi.” To my surprise she says back. I slowly walk up to her bed and sit at the end. The moon light is shining through her window onto her hair and her skin glowing. She’s so beautiful.

“I met her face to face tonight, Addison that is. It didn’t go as planned….”

“I know, Tainer told me.” I replied. We are both quiet. I literally had a whole speech and everything but now my mind is blank and I can’t find the words. She gets out of bed and starts to pace the room in front of me, arms crossed.

“Say something.” I finally say and get up off the bed in the process making my way closer to her. I want to reach out and take her into my arms but she’s still out of reach. I’m afraid of getting too close that she’ll back away.

“I don’t know what to do Jamie. I don’t know if I want to hear what you have to say to me. I don’t know if what we have is actually real. I don’t know if you tell me what I have been so longing to hear will come back to bite me because Addison seems to think you and her are going to be a thing.” She’s still pacing.

I walk a little closer still keeping my distance. “Okay for one, Addison and I are not a thing and never…ever…ever…will be and two, what I feel for you is real and I have never…ever felt this way about anyone before and it scares me. I’m scared of losing you Olivia. Just hear what I have to say, let me tell you what actually happened.” She stops and looks at me.

I walk even closer but now I am within reach. Do I reach for her or keep the distance. I want her so fucking bad. I want to touch her soft skin and feel her soft, warm lips on mine.

“Olivia, I…..” I’m unable to finish my sentence because her body is against mine, her mouth on mine and our tongues collide in a frenzy. So sweet and warm. My right hand caresses her arm while my left is on her bare ass. Holy fuck. She’s not wearing panties. Her ass is so soft and plump, making my dick so hard. I press my cock against her and she moans into my mouth. My body is feeling hot and itching to put my fingers into her tight pussy and watch her face as she feels her orgasm build.

She pushes me onto the bed. So unlike anything I’d think she’d ever do but its so fucking hot. My cock is pounding to be let loose from my jeans. She straddles me with our mouths still locked, moaning more than I’ve ever heard from her before. She starts to grind on me and I can’t help myself when I take off her nightie to expose her perfect tits bouncing as she moves her hips back and forth and all around as if she’s done this more than once before. I can’t help to also groan in pleasure of what to expect from this goddess. She’s completely naked and I was going to pound her so hard.


I don’t know what’s come over me but I like it and I want more. I feel so vulnerable with nothing on in front of him but at the same time I could tell he is smitten with what he sees making me feel confident. I can’t hold myself back and I move myself down to undo his jeans. It springs from his jeans, no boxers or briefs and it is huge. With my hand at the base I put my lips to the tip of his shaft, eyes locked with his. His head goes back and my mouth takes his whole cock in, sucking and licking over and over. He lets out a few groans. “Fuck” I speed up my pace now using my hand as well up and down. He feels so good in my mouth, so thick and it’s making my pussy feel so wet thinking about him entering me.

I stop and kiss my way up his body, first on his V, then up his perfectly ripped abs, to his neck and finally to his lips where our tongues meet again. He grabs my hips and I can feel his dick hungry for my tight wet pussy, rubbing me, waiting for me to give the okay to enter. My pussy feels as though it has its own heartbeat. “Are you sure Olivia?” He whispers in his sexy voice, getting me hotter and I can feel myself getting wetter. His hands are so gentle, caressing my body. I nod, hungry to feel him filling me up.

He flips me over, my back on the bed and kisses my neck and inserts his thick cock at the same time. Thrusting in and out, pounding my pussy so hard. I moan in satisfaction. He feels so fucking good. I can’t believe I waited until now to feel this hard cock inside of me again. My tits grazing his peck muscles, his soft lips now on mine, his hands latched into the sheets. “Fuck baby.” He groans into my ear. He starts to move faster and I know he’s so close. “I want you to cum for me baby.” Fuck. Just him saying this brings me so close. I reach down and rub my clit, moaning at how good his dick feels. I can feel myself on the edge of release. He thrusts even faster and harder. “I’m cuming Jamie!” I moan out loud reaching full orgasm. “Fuck!” Jamie lets go at the same time pulling out and his body falls to the bed.

I roll over and fold myself into him, drowning out the rest of the world and leaving my worry for Addison to deal with tomorrow.

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