Becoming His

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I opened my eyes to see him sleeping so peacefully and the light of the sun beaming down on his face, he's almost angelic. My hand can’t help but to trace his chest and ab muscles as if it had a mind of its own. He rolls on his side, facing his body towards me.

“Good morning.” I blush, knowing that he probably felt me staring at him and that I woke him up with hand drawing. Damn hand. His eyes open and he kisses my lips.

“Morning” I want to just lay like this with him forever. I mean it is Saturday and I have nothing planned for the weekend.

“What do you want to do today?” He pulls me in closer to him.

“This.” I snuggle into him.

“Hmmm.” He seems to agree with me. “I’m actually starving. Do you want to go get breakfast and then continue the rest of the day in bed?”


Breakfast with Jamie was nice. His touch caressing my arm and our eyes locking every few minutes, smitten with each other, holding hands. We didn’t talk about Addison and I knew it was going to have to be brought up eventually. It had to be before we both saw her on Monday morning. I was dreading every moment of it and I wondered if Jamie was too.

On the ride home we both were quiet. I think Jamie was thinking about the elephant in the room as well, his face was serious nor did he touch my hand. We were having such a good day and I didn’t want it to end, not yet, not before things got complicated.

I took the initiative and grabbed his leg. He didn’t flinch, say anything nor move me away so I took it as a go ahead. I moved my hand up his leg towards his hip, still nothing. Relieving some of the tension from my seat belt, I leaned in closer to him and started to nibble his ear. His breathing started to pick up. Oh I was going to make him groan and I wasn’t going to stop until my goal was complete. I slid my hand over his jeans till my hand laid on top of his cock. I could feel it growing under my hand and I moaned in his ear then went back to nibbling on the lobe of his ear.

Jamie licked his lips and unzipped his jeans. This was such a rush. We were on a back road, anyone could see us if they drove by us. His hard cock was begging through the opening of his boxers, wanting to be touched. I kissed his neck and opened the hole to his boxers to reveal his member pulsing. He wanted me and I wanted him.



We made it back to her house, me a little less stressed than I was when we left the diner, all thanks to Olivia and her ravenous mouth. It’s making my dick hard again just thinking about it. We had to address Addison and I needed to tell her everything she needed to know.

Her house was so quiet, I mean obviously since no one else was ever here but my house was always so noisy whether it was my dad yelling at someone on a business call or Lauren blasting her music for everyone to hear.

I followed her to her kitchen island, grabbing her hips then wrapping my arms around her chest, so my dick was right up against her firm ass.

“We have to talk about Addison.” she confessed before turning around to look at me.

“I know.” I knew this moment was coming, I just was procrastinating. I’m glad she had more balls than me to bring it up first.

I told her all about how Addison and I grew up together at the old high school and how she led me to leave there to be here. Olivia seemed to take it well but I almost felt as though she was questioning whether I was telling her the truth or not. She hugged me and thanked me for telling her. It felt good to get it all off my chest, I mean I told the guys but they never seemed to listen like how Olivia was right now.

“I want to pretend like the whole situation with Addison the other day didn’t happen.” She looks sad staring at my chest and running her fingers along the hem of my shirt collar. Her face was so beautiful and I didn’t notice before but she has such long eyelashes. She never even wore a lot of makeup. “I want us to be a normal couple, no distractions, no Addison. And I want to trust you Jamie.”

“I want you to trust me too. Addison is nothing to be other than maybe just a friend and I will make that perfectly clear to her on Monday.” I pull her closer to me and kiss her lips. “I want to go back to your bed and cuddle with you for the rest of the day.” I couldn’t help but grab her ass and rub my dick against her. I’m such a perv but she made me that way.


The rest of the weekend was filled with nothing but Olivia. I drove her to school everyday and drove her home, sleeping over whenever I could. To our surprise Addison did not try to come in between Olivia and I anymore after I made it extremely clear to her and pretty much threatened her to stay away from Olivia otherwise I was going to leak the video that Lee gave me of him and her. You can imagine what was on that video wasn’t something that should be out there. I couldn't believe that the girl next to me was pretty much the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Olivia was mine and I was hers.

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