Becoming His

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A few months later…

I woke up the happiest I had been in quite a long time and everything has been nothing but a dream with Jamie. Addison has been out of our hair… crazy enough and the summer was drawing near which meant it was getting to be that time to say goodbye to our senior year.

In the fall I will be starting at Siena college and Jamie will be going to the local community college. He says he wants to do something with his hands. My body responds to the very thought of one of them gliding up my leg up to my chest while the other grabbed the back of my head.

The morning air hit my face as I made my way over to Haileys to grab something she wanted to give me, she said it was very important to get there first. I have my suspicions about what it might be.

I opened her big red door to a loud “SURPRISE”!

Hailey, her mom and brothers, Tainer, and Jamie were all surrounding me as I walked in.

“Happy Birthday Liv!” Hailey gives me a big hug.

“Hailey wanted you to have a big breakfast for your birthday.” Hailey’s mom leaned in for a hug next. “Happy Birthday.”

I feel a warm hand on my back and a whisper in my ear. “Happy Birthday Liv.” I turn around and wrap my arms around Jamie’s neck.

“Thank you J.” I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I hope you’re hungry…my mom made a whole smorgasbord of breakfast food.” Hailey grinned.

I grabbed myself a few pancakes, fruit and some sausage before sitting next to Jamie who looked as if he was up to something. “What?” I smirked.

“Hmmm….nothing.” He just went back to digging into his breakfast.

Hailey’s mom left for work bringing the boys to daycare. The table fell quiet. Something is going on, I just can’t put my finger on it. I looked at Tainer in search of some kind of expression that could give it all away but he kept his eyes down almost not to give anything away otherwise he would most likely feel the wrath from Hailey if he did.

I’m brought out of my own thoughts by a hand on my leg. I can feel my thighs squeeze together. His hand starts to move up my leg to the hem of my panties. I’m practically panting and trying not to give any indication to Hailey or Tainer what Jamie is doing right now to my body.

Two can play this little game.

I moved my hand to his thigh and he let out a cough and a sexy smirk.

“Okay lovebirds, save that for later.” Hailey walked over to the sink with Trainer and her plates.

After we picked up our own plates, Hailey dragged me out of the house to do some shopping leaving Tainer and Jamie. What the hell is going on here? If I had it my way I would have gone back to my house with Jamie and had extinguished the fever that’s been building between my legs. It’s my birthday for crying out loud. I longed to feel his touch on my thigh again.

Hailey insisted we go out to get some sexy outfits for tonight but wouldn’t tell me why. I had a feeling it was a party. I mean, what else could it be? She talked me into this red leather bodycon dress paired with some cute heels and she ended up getting the same outfit but in black. Next she led me to Victoria’s Secret where she also picked out a lingerie set for me which she also got in the opposite color as well.

My core tightened just thinking about what Jamie would do when he saw me in this.

During our little shopping spree I used my fine detective skills to get some things out of Hailey. Obviously she had already said something was happening tonight but not what. I knew that most everyone was going to be there, she slipped that little tip out when I was trying on the dress and that there was definitely going to be some alone time with Jamie, judging by the seductive lingerie. My hope was that there would be a lot of it. I’m gonna need it after leaving our little game this morning.

On our way back to Hailey’s I had Hailey's brother stop off at my Physic partners house to pick up some materials on a project we were paired up to do. Colt was a pretty big bookworm in the sense that I didn’t even know anything about him or that he was even in my senior grade. He was the type of person who stayed in the background, working towards getting into a prestigious college to one day become a millionaire. He was definitely not bad looking but he was nothing compared to Jamie, almost the complete opposite but I’m sure if Colt wasn’t so hard into his books he could get with any girl he wanted.

His house was the type of all brick with a long driveway that pulled up to the front door. Fancy, is the only word that really comes to mind. I knocked on the door. I was expecting maybe his mother or father or maybe even a butler to greet me but it happened to be Colt, himself. He seemed different, more laid back. He didn’t have his glasses on, his hair was messy and he wore lounge pants that showed everything. It reminded me of the night Jamie came over in his sweatpants, making my mouth water.

“Hey Olivia.” I looked up at him and I could feel my face turn beet red. Oh god, what the hell was I just doing.

Without any expression on his face, he turned to pick up a folder that laid on a console table inside. Peeking more inside I could see just how massive this place actually was, kid has money I guess.

He holds out the folder to me and I go to grab it, accidentally touching his hand in the process. We both looked at each other. I quickly took the folder from him and on my way back to the car threw a bye wave and yelled to him that I would have my piece of the project done by Monday.

I got in the car feeling almost frozen in place. What was that? What just happened.

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