Becoming His

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“Yo dudes, you excited to get some tonight at the party?” Lee is always looking to score some but also always trying to get me and Tainer to bring a lady home as well. “Nah, Lee, Jamie wants to hit some of that Olivia chick. Man, she’s so hot but she’s just too quiet for me.” Lee and Tainer laugh while packing up their bags from our basketball practice. I don’t say anything because it’s true. I do like Olivia. “Maybe she’ll be at the party tonight,” Lee says as we leave the locker room. Just the thought of her possibly being there gives me a semi. “Yeah I doubt it, she doesn’t strike me as the partying type plus isn’t that one girl Kate going to be there. Oh she wants it from you real bad Jamie.” I scoffed. Kate is the type of girl who is always hanging around us guys. You could say she’s the popular girl at school. “Her friends are cute too.” Tainer replies to Lee. “Imma go home and freshen up. I’ll pick you guys up on the way.” Tainer and Lee nod and we go our separate ways.

We show up to the party and everyone is just going crazy. It always feels like we just won a huge game when we arrive at these parties. I walk straight to the kitchen and I see her, Olivia. I bump into her, on purpose. “Sorry” I say and she says nothing and just stares at me. I try to start something with her. “Hey, you’re Olivia, right?” I get nothing and then her friend comes over and comments on my ass. I’ll have to try again later. God she looks so fucking sexy in those leggings. I start getting a semi again just thinking about taking them off her.

Lee and Tainer grab me to do shots and I pound one down. I can’t stop thinking about her. Fuck. Kate comes over. Great. “Hey Jamie” “Hi Kate” “Can we go somewhere quiet to talk?” She runs her fingers down my chest. Lee overhears us and comes over. “Kate, you want a shot?” I back up and take this chance “Maybe laters Kate, I actually have something I have to do.” I slip away making my way through the crowd of girls trying to grab a grind and I see her outside sitting by the pool. I don’t think she noticed me taking the seat next to her until I asked, “You having fun?” This time I know I definitely caught her off guard. How the hell do I get this girl to say something? “Do you need another drink?” Finally something. “Sorry, I think I’m actually going to leave but thank you.” Wait what just happened? She got up and walked inside, her friend chasing after her. Did I say something wrong?

I went inside after a moment of processing and noticed both Tainer and Lee have girls wrapped around them. Then I notice Kate making a B line straight for me. She is so drunk and she looks like she’s about to fall over but ends up falling into me. “Jamie, I want you.” she says in her drunken state. I look around to see if I can find one of her friends to take her but none in sight. Shit. I pick her up and bring her to the guest bedroom. I figured maybe I could just tuck her in then pop out and try to find one of her friends to help me out. I plop her on the bed and she grabs my neck as she goes down to the bed pulling me towards her for a kiss. I could really use the release right now but I’m just not into this right now. All I can think about is Olivia. I pull away from her. “What the fuck Jamie? Why don’t you want anything to do with me?” as she stumbles out of the bed. My hand goes to my face. Fuck. Really. I sigh. I guess trying to put her in bed didn’t go as planned. “Kate you’re really hot but I’m just not that into this” she chances after me as I get back into the party yelling for everyone to hear. “No one’s ever good enough for you!” God she’s so drunk. Lee and Tainer just start laughing.

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