Becoming His

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I didn’t walk, I ran. Ran out to his Jeep. Hoping that he took me far, far away. Somewhere no one could bother us, no one could find us and where no one could even reach us by phone. I wanted it to be just us and I have been waiting all day to feel this man’s fingers rub my swollen mound.

I wore my cute little lace panties. The one’s that are thin enough that even the smallest amount of pressed friction against my pants can be felt against my sensitive bud. As soon as I got into his car, I stared into his beautiful eyes and looked over his sexy smirk down to his tight v neck. I was going to have my way with this man tonight.

A cough came from the back seat. We weren’t alone. Tainer and Hailey were sitting hands locked together on Tainer’s lap, Hailey leaned up against him in the middle seat. I had to tell the throb in my pants to settle down.

“Hey babes.” Jamie pulled me away from my disappointment. I looked back into his sexy eyes as he leaned into me with a quick kiss. I need more than this tiny little peck. I need more of him.

I looked down at his pants quick hoping Hailey didn’t notice. He had a bulge in his sweatpants that made me feel better. He wanted me to.

I let out a sigh before Jamie started to drive away from the curb. “Sooooo. Where are we going?...... Anyone going to tell me?”

“I’m sorry Liv but your just going to have to find out when we get there.” I could hear Hailey laugh into Tainer’s neck.

I laid back into my seat and sighed again. Jamie’s hand made its way to my thigh as a way of assurance. He grabbed my hand and kissed the knuckle of my index finger.

I must have dozed off. We were at a stop and there was a huge house in front of us. I could hear waves against the beach and I could smell the salty air. We were at a beach house with no other houses in sight.

“Finally!” Hailey climbed out to stretch. “Oh my god. It felt like forever.”

Jamie got out of his side and came over to mine to open my door for me. He took my hand guiding me out of the jeep and pulled me out and onto the sand. Grabbing my waist behind me, he pulled me in close and I could feel the throbbing between my legs return. I can feel his member pressing against my rump.

“Happy Birthday Liv.” He kisses the nape of my neck.

I leaned back into him. “Now what?” I said in a I really want you to take to the nearest bed and fuck my brains out tone.

He groaned into my neck. “Fuck babe…I could take you right now on this beach, Haileys got something cooked up for you inside.”

I pointed to the house. “Who’s house is this exactly?” I squint my eyes.

“Tainer’s family beach house. We got it for the weekend.”

Before I could ask anymore, Jamie scooped me up as I let out a scream and he brought me towards the beach house. He slapped my ass before telling me he was going to help Tainer with the bags and to make my way in.

Everything in the house was white. Shells, beach pictures and linen furniture. Typical beach house decor. I walked through the entrance way nearing the open home plan where Hailey stood just waiting for me to come in more.

“SURPRISE!” People popped out of nowhere but they weren’t just people. They were kids I’ve seen at past school parties. Here for me? Hailey let out another “Surprise” with her hands up in the air then giving me a hug.

Tainer came in with the bags and Jamie brought in a huge cake. Tainer set down the bags. “Let’s get the birthday girl a drink!” Everyone went wild. I never liked to be the center of attention but I have to say this is pretty nice.

Hailey grabbed my hand. "Come on girl. We got to get you into that sexy outfit."

My heart raced with excitement knowing what was going to happen next.

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