Becoming His

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I shouldn’t have left the party like that last night, I regret it but it is what it is, right? Goodbye Jamie, cause I’m pretty sure I completely squashed that. Good Job Olivia. What is wrong with me? *buzz buzz* Hailey texts me. “Hey you okay? Do you want to go out tonight to a movie?” I pick up the phone and write back. “No, I’m just going to study and try to forget about that whole mess of last night” “Okay, well if you want to do anything let me know Liv.” Hailey is always going out. *sigh* Jamie did look really cute last night and I think I’m still in shock that he even came up to me. I’m sure he just felt bad for bumping into me at the party. I wonder what will happen Monday? Nothing Olivia. Nothing. Because this is Jamie Cole we are talking about. I just have to get through the last half of my senior year and then I am college bound.


Monday was like any other school day; meeting up with Hailey before classes at our lockers and then starting the day off with English lit. Lunch came along and I was glad I shared the same lunch as Hailey. She was always talking about the daily gossip and we’d catch up on the latest boy craze. Hailey was telling me about Eric and what had happened that night. My thoughts began to wander in the middle of her convo. I happened to glance up and that black v neck shirt caught my eye, Jamie. I tried to look away but something in me just wanted to see if he would acknowledge me again like he had at the party. Lee came into the room and slapped Jamie’s back. Jamie looked behind him and grinned at Lee but then Jamie’s eyes shifted to mine and I stared right back. His grin got wider and then winked at me before turning back around to follow Lee to the table across the lunch room. “Are you listening? Hello….Liv?” “Sorry, sorry” “What’s going on with you lately, I feel like you’re spacing out way too much. Are you thinking about Jamie again?” She laughed before continuing. “He clearly likes you….he wouldn’t have come to you at the party otherwise.” We overhear the girls next to us talking. It had to be a coincidence. “Oh. my. God. Did you guys hear that Friday night Jamie and Kate hooked up?” They kept talking but all I could hear was blah, blah, blah. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and then looked up at Hailey and gave her the “he likes me huh?” look.

The end of the day was finally here and Hailey left early for an appointment so it was just me. Putting the rest of my textbooks in my locker and the ones I needed in my bag, I jumped at HIS voice. “Hey Olivia.” I pause glancing at him “Hi….Jamie.” His hair is all messy as if some other girl’s hands were in it. “Are you coming to the game Friday night?” I start to feel giddy forgetting about Kate and his hair. “Um….I wasn’t planning on it” I pause “ww..why do you ask?” He smiles. “I was hoping that I would see you there and I was also hoping that maybe we could go hang out afterwards?” Holy crap, is Jamie asking me on some sort of a date. No. This can’t be real. What about Kate? This has to be some kind of messed up game for him. I actually started to get upset thinking about her with Jamie, how they hooked up. “Jamie, why are you talking to me? I thought you were with Kate?” And right on queue,. Kate comes over to us, skipping. I have the worst luck. “Hey Jamie!” He’s still looking at me but I don’t give him a minute to say anything and I walk away.


He threw me on the bed, took off his shirt and his abs, god his abs, looked as if he just came from a game, glistening in my candle light at the end of my bed. He bites his lip before saying “Olivia….the things I want to do to you…” My core now tightening and I can feel my thighs squeezing together at the thought of him inside me. His hand starts to trail from my feet, up my calves, peeling my legs wide open. His hand slides up to my inner thigh and I can feel myself getting so wet for him. “I want you Olivia…..I need you.” “Olivia!........Olivia!” I spring up, awake now. I let out a sigh. “Coming mom!” A dream, nothing but a dream.

I get myself together and head downstairs to see my mother getting her briefcase and making her way out the door. “Olivia, my dear, please don’t forget about the charity event coming up next weekend.” She hands me a huge box with a bow on it. “This is your early birthday gift, sweetie. I’m sorry but I am working late again tonight.” She says rushing out the door. My mother is a hard worker and since it’s just me and her, I know she’s doing her best. I open the brown box with the red ribbon and pull out a dark blue gown. Uh it’s beautiful and looks like it cost a fortune. I love you mom. I go upstairs and get ready for school, relieved that it’s Friday.


Hailey talked me into it. Again. And yes I mean the game. Her excuse was Eric was going to be there and she needed her wing woman which made no sense to me since she had everything under control all by herself. I knew there had to be some hidden agenda behind it. Sitting in the bleachers the cheerleaders came out to sing there alma mater and yes Kate was a cheerleader so of course she was there. Then the players came out and when I saw him, I immediately thought of the dream. I would have loved to know what would have happened. My legs start to squeeze together. Hailey started cheering, bringing me out of the moment. She stood up and waved for Eric as he came into the game late, making his way up the bleacher seats. I guess they are becoming a thing now. Hailey has always been the one with the boyfriends and was always the one to get rid of them as fast as they came. I on the other hand have only had one boyfriend that lasted all of two months. He came up and gave Hailey a peck on the cheek before setting his things down then going to the concession stand. Hailey looks at me. “Liv...I think you should give Jamie a chance...if he tries to talk to you again.” She looks at the players on the court. “Who even knows where those girls at lunch got their info from…. Just have fun if anything.” She looks back to me and winks with a smile then stands back up to cheer. I glance at number 3 on the court as he is trying to steal the ball from the opponent. Maybe she’s right.

Before I knew it the game was coming to an end and we ended up winning. Hailey, Eric and I stuck around after all the people had left so that Eric could grab some photos of the players for the school yearbook. Hailey informed me that Eric was taking her out to dinner tonight after bringing me home. Number 3 was last to get his photo taken. I watched as he stood there for his picture and then looked over to me.

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