Becoming His

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She’s wearing a hoodie and skinny jeans. She started to walk away. “Eric, are we done here?” Eric nods “Olivia!” She stops right away. Just saying her name makes me feel like I’m going down a roller coaster. She turns and looks as I run over to her. “Are you hungry?” She pauses and starts to bring up Kate. I stopped her. “There is nothing going on with Kate…..never has, never will.” She takes a deep breath and lets out an “I can eat.” “I’m going to go change into something less sweaty and then I’ll be out, then we will go.” I look over to her friend. “I’ll be bringing her home.” I run into the locker room and I feel like I won the championships. Lee and Tainer are right there with me in the locker room. “Jamie, my house and we’ll play some playstation?” “Sorry boys, I have plans.” They both looked at each other and smiled. “Oh yeah, plans.” They say with finger quotes. They leave and Lee yells back. “Have fun with Kate!” Changing into my black shirt and jeans I throw my bag over me and leave the locker room. She’s waiting for me at the exit doors. God she is so cute and the way her jeans hug her as I walk behind her makes me want to take her in my truck. Fuck.

We get in and I can smell her right away, vanilla and some kind of floral trace. My cock is instantly hard and I try so hard to think of something to ease up the swell. “Where are we going?” Even her voice is so sexy. “Pollys? Does that sound good to you?” “Yea that sounds good.” Fuck. I don’t know how I’m going to keep it in my pants tonight. I take a deep breath and think about Pollys. It’s a small diner that I am always hearing Lee and Tainer talk about.

We pull up and go in. I love to eat breakfast at the diner, doesn’t matter what time of day, so I order the short stack and the waitress looks to Olivia. “I have the waffles, please.” The waitress leaves the table and I look at Olivia. “So….Do you know what you want to do for college next year?” Her face lights up and I feel like I finally asked a question she was more than happy to answer. “The plan is to go to a college to be an English lit teacher...How bout you.” “Well my dad wants me to pursue the basketball thing but I don’t really know what I want to do yet.” “You have some time left to figure it out.” she smiles and bites her lip. I want to bite her lip for her.

We finished our food and got in the truck then headed for her house. “I’m right up here on the right.” We stop and she looks at me. “Thank you…. hh..have a good night Jamie.” I grab her chin and go in for a kiss. To my surprise she doesn’t pull away. Our lips touch and I want to take her all in. She pushes me away before this leads to me devouring her mouth and she gets out. I rolled down the window. “Night, Olivia!” She doesn’t look back. I pulled away from her driveway wondering if she was feeling the same way, carnal for more. I want to taste her pussy so bad.


The rest of the weekend consisted of nothing but the constant thoughts of her. What I could do and what I wanted to do to her. She’s driving me crazy! Laying in my bed looking at the ceiling, thoughts of her rush in. I wish I got her number. Shit. I have never wanted anyone so bad. She’s different. She’s not like the other girls that are always coming up to me at school asking for my number and flirting. I start to touch myself just thinking of her perky tits in that shirt from the party. My phone starts buzzing. It’s Lee wanting me to go to the bonfire at Tainers tomorrow night. I text him back and jump in the shower before school.

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