Becoming His

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He kissed me. Still in shock, I touch my lips to remember his on mine. “Liv, you’re going to the bonfire tonight, right?” I look up at Hailey after playing with my lunch. “I don’t…” I begin to say but she cuts me off. “Everyone who’s everyone is going to be there” she winks. I sigh because I know she’s not going to let me say no plus all I can think about is him. “Yea…. Kate will be there too.” “You really need to stop worrying about Kate, she’s too much of a slut and I can really tell Jaimie is not into that bitch” “Jeez hailey, a little harsh don’t you think?” “ Well it’s true” We both laugh. “Don’t forget the charity event is this weekend too, Hailey.” She rolls her eyes. “I know, I can’t believe my mothers making me go. But at least it gives me the chance to wear a pretty dress and dance my ass off” She smiles. “After school I’m gonna meet you at your house to pick out something sexy for the bonfire, I gotta go talk to Eric.” She winks again.


Haley’s brother dropped us off at Tainers and sped away. Tainer’s house was small but you can tell his parents still had money. We walked into the house and I was relieved that there were not nearly as many people as the party at Laurens. I followed Hailey as we walked to the other side of the house and walked out the sliding glass doors to the back yard. Reasonably sized and surrounded by fencing, it was quite cozy with a huge firepit in the middle. Tainer and a few girls were at the outdoor bar area and a few others including Lee sitting on the couches under the pergola. I continue to follow Hailey to one of the benches that circle the pit. “Eric just texted me saying he’s going to be a wee bit late. I guess he has to drop one of his friends off from practice.” I nod. The sliding glass doors wip open and it’s Jamie, both arms raised in the air with a pack of beer in each hand. “I brought the party!” he yells and everyone starts clapping and chanting Jamie’s name. My eyes are fixated on him as he walks to the bar and hugs Tainer. They both grab a beer and turn facing the pit. His eyes gravitated to mine immediately and he smiled. Oh my god. I turned away quickly, feeling shy. Hailey gets up. “I’m just going to grab a drink.” she walks away to leave me all alone to stare into the fire. “Hey” Out of nowhere Jamie sits next to me. “I didn’t think I was going to see you here.” “Yea…well Hailey has become very persuasive recently and I couldn’t refuse.” “What about me?” Hailey says coming up behind us. “That was quick.” I replied. “ I’m gonna grab another beer, did you want me to grab you something?” “umm…yea…I would like that” We smiled at each other and he walked over to the bar. “Such a gentleman.” Hailey snickered and then pouted. “Eric stopped replying to my messages.” “Maybe he got stuck talking to his friends parents or something stupid.” She didn’t say anything back and I could tell she was already assuming the worst.

Tainer and Lee started to walk over and everyone who was outside followed them towards us. Jamie came back and handed me a glass with what smelled like rum and maybe coke then walked over and sat on the opposite side of the pit next to Lee. “Let’s play Truth or Dare.” Lee insisted, wrapping his arm around the girl next to him and they start to make out like nobody is here. I start to stand to leave when Hailey pulls me back down to sit. “What are we in middle school?” Tainer looks at Jaimie and laughs. Lee stopped sucking face with the girl next to him. “Oh come on let’s have some fun….I will start us off……Tainer, Truth or Dare?” Tainer looks down at the ground. “Truth.” “pffft….okay dude….If you could kiss anyone here in the circle, who would it be?” Tainer looks at Lee and gives him a “really dude?” look. Tainer takes a big swig of his beer. “Hailey.” He says but doesn’t look at her. Everyone looks at Hailey but noone says anything. “Okay your turn to ask Tainer” Lee says gesturing with his beer. “Jamie, Truth or Dare?” “Dare.” Tainer takes a minute to think of something then he looks at me. “I dare you to kiss Olivia.” We both look at each other and I gulp down my drink. Hailey switches seats with Jamie and I feel the intense need to run from all the eyes that are now on me. I get up. “I don’t want to do this.” I say as I walk away. I feel pathetic but I’m not going to do it, it feels too much like a joke in front of his friends. I can hear everyone behind me burning Jamie for being turned down. I get into the house and I can hear his voice yelling for me as he’s running into the house after me. He catches up and I look into his gorgeous green eyes. “Can we go talk somewhere private?” He gestures to a hallway. “Please.” He adds and I part my lips just wanting his on mine again. “Okay…I’ll follow you.”


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