Becoming His

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We went down the hallway and into a room on the left which I assume to be a guest bedroom as there were no pictures nor any clothes hanging in the open closet. Jamie closes the door. “Jaime…about the dare, I..” His lips were suddenly back on mine, so warm and wet. I could feel his arms wrapped around me working their way under my blouse and up to my bra. I want to tell him let’s take this slow but my hand is on his chest and I can feel his heart beating so fast along with his breathing. I can tell he wants this so bad and so do I. “I want you so fucking bad” He lets out a breath. I hesitate for a moment. Fuck it. My shirt is off and I pull him back to my lips. I can feel my tits tingle against the inside of my bra at the smell of his cologne, god he smells so good. He undoes my bra and we fall to the bed. I can feel his hard shaft through his jeans as he grinds against my clit under my black panties. He takes off his black shirt, now touching skin to skin. It feels like fireworks. Jamie lifts from my lips and moves to the end of the bed. All I can think about is my dream of him, this is soo hot. He pulls my jeans off with a side smile then removes his. Working his way from my calf to my inner thigh he kisses me and I can feel myself getting so wet. He kisses my sweet spot through my panties and my head goes back. “I can’t wait to taste you” he smiles and I groan. Before I know it my panties are off and Jamie is face deep in my pussy. “Fuck” I let out with another moan. Right before I’m about to unfold he stops and finds my lips again. His cock, hard as a rock, is pressed against my pussy and I’m dying for him to enter me. He stops kissing me and we lock eyes and he’s in me. Every thrust feels like I’m on the edge of cumming all over him, he’s so thick filling me up. This feels so good, HE feels so good. Speeding up now his breathing picks up and we lock eyes again. “Fuck” he groans and that sends me over and we both release at the same time.


I left Tainers house in kind of a hurry after the whole sex with Jamie thing. I didn’t want to stick around to find out that this thing that we were starting was just a fling or a one time thing. After all he could have any girl that he wants, he wouldn’t want to pick someone like me to be his girlfriend, right? My mind goes straight to his lips on mine before shaking my head to bring me back to reality. I look at the time. Time to get ready for school I guess and I know I’m going to hear about Eric this and Eric that from Hailey but I mean at least she will be a distraction. I was able to say bye to her before leaving the bonfire last night and I could tell she was pretty upset. Eric never showed.

At school I did my best to avoid Jamie all together pretending nothing had happened. I knew if I gave into this feeling I wouldn’t be able to come back from it, at least not until I went to college and didn’t have to look at HIM everyday. I was scared to get hurt. He tried to come up to me a few times during the day but thankfully Hailey was able to pull me away at the right moments. At lunch Hailey basically said she was moving on to the better ones, was done with Eric and that he was a cheater and a liar.

The bell rings at the end of Math class, the last class of the day and I get to my locker. Jamie catches me by surprise, this time no Hailey in sight. “Olivia, why are you avoiding me? I have been trying to talk to you all day? About last night…” I cut him off “Nothing happened last night Jamie, it’s not like this was going to go anywhere anyways?” I look at him and I want to bite his lip but resist the urge. I go to walk away but he grabs my arm. “Olivia. It could be something.” We both stare at each other and I start to feel all the flutters. “I have to go Jamie.” “Wait, Olivia. Hold on.” I turned to him. “I actually wanted to ask…I’m not doing so well in my Physics class. I was hoping. maybe. you would be able. to possibly….tudor me?” I sighed and he went on. “Look I get it you don’t want….us, but the whole tutoring thing only has to be a few nights a week, after school? Pleaaaase….I would really appreciate it” I sigh again. “Jamie, fine. Only two days a week. That’s it.” His face lights up and we exchange numbers. “We will meet up at my house Wednesdays and Fridays after school.” Lee and Tainer call for Jamie from down the hall. Jamie gives me a kiss on the cheek before walking off to meet up with the boys. Did I really just agree to tudor the guy I’m trying to suppress these feelings I have for, alone, two days a week?

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