Becoming His

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The last class of the day was finally over and I was finally able to grab Olivia’s attention after multiple attempts at trying to get her attention all day. In the process I was able to get her to tutor me a few days a week which meant I’ll be able to see her. Two days a week. I feel myself get a semi at the thought. Last night was so fucking hot but she left in kind of a hurry. Since then, she has been the only thing my mind has been filled with. I seriously can’t get her out of my head and I can’t get over that maybe I want so much more out of this.

We get to Tainer’s house and all I can think about is Olivia’s lips on mine, how tight that pussy felt and how good she felt under me. “Yo dude, you have been quiet from the moment we left school until we got here. What’s your deal?” Lee says as he grabs the game controller from the coffee table. Tainer sits next to him and grabs the second controller. “It’s that girl, Olivia…. duh.” “Oh yea….. we saw her leave in a hurry last night. Did you end up getting your dick wet and scare her away?” Lee laughs and I punch him in the side of the shoulder. “Ow….just joking with you dude. Chill.” He pauses. “No but really what happened?” I try to find the words without sounding like a total idiot. “We did it and she left. That’s all. She wouldn’t talk to me all day until I saw her at her locker after our last class. She’s going to be helping me with my Physics homework twice a week so I don’t really know.” Going to the fridge I grab a water and sit down in the chair alongside the sofa. “Dude, I mean she is the shy type. So maybe she didn’t really know how to approach you after.” Tainer adds then Lee. “I’m sure you’ll find out when you see her. When do you have to do the homework thing?” “Wednesdays and Fridays…so the day after tomorrow.” I knew it was coming… “so…was she a good lay?” I punched Lee again in the other shoulder before getting up to leave. “Your such a fucking dick.” I couldn’t sit there anymore. I had to find something to preoccupy myself other than sitting in the house I have had sex with Olivia in.


Tuesday went by so slow and I felt like Olivia was avoiding me again. I mean, I never tried to talk to her but still. I haven’t caught her staring at me the way she used to before the other night. Like she actually liked me. Like she would actually talk to me if I tried to talk to her. It made me kinda feel like maybe she’s really not that into me anymore.

Today was the same. So fucking slow. I could not fucking wait to get out and see her after school. I remembered we exchanged numbers and I messaged her because I was afraid she was gonna try and walk away again if I tried to ask her if tonight was still a go.

“Hey, it’s Jaimie.”

I waited for a good ten minutes before I got anything back.


That’s it! Just Hi! Okay…

“What time should I come over after school for tutoring?”


“Sounds good to me :) c u then.”

well at least it wasn’t a no. I take a deep breath and I can feel like my chest is fluttering in excitement.

The school bell rings and I get home. Grab a bite to eat, put on some cologne, grab my physics and make my way over to her.


I get to her house and I can already tell how different this is from my past experiences of going to girls houses. This time I’m nervous and I actually really want to be here, not for a quick fuck. I knock and she opens the door. We stare at each other for a minute before she invites me in. “It’s just me here so make yourself at home. There’s soda in the fridge.” My heart is racing and she seems just so calm. “Thanks.” I follow her up the stairs to her room. Her room is light blue and she has a candle lit on her desk. She grabs a book from it and sits on her bed and motions me to sit with her. We are both so quiet and it’s just almost awkward. Maybe it’s just me. Flipping through the pages I can’t help but to take her all in. I can smell her, like she had just showered. It immediately sends me into an almost carnal feeling but I surpress it before noticing more. Her hair dangling over the pages, her white polished nails flipping through the pages while biting her lip. That lip. Hmmm…fuck. I want that lip sooo bad. “Okay…so did you bring the homework.” I hand it over to her and we begin.

Half way through our tutoring Olivia gets up announcing that she was going downstairs to get a drink and asks if I wanted anything. “I’m gonna come with you…I have to stretch my legs from all the sitting anyways.” Going down the stairs I get a scent of her again. Fuck. It sends me back into a primal state and I want her sooo fucking bad. I want so bad to take her over the table right now. My dick is so fucking hard. She opens up the fridge and I can’t help but to put my arms around her. I can feel her body responding with every inch of my touch. She turns herself around with a soda in hand and my mouth is on hers. My hand has a mind of its own, making it's way under her shirt, longing for her perky tits. Rotating her to stand against the kitchen Island, I stand against her, making sure she can feel my hard cock through her skinny jeans. She lets go. “Jamie, we should be studying.” With soda still in her hand she walks up the stairs back to her room. What the hell. I follow after her and as soon as I’m in her room, I can’t help but to confront her about the other night. “Why do I feel like you’re avoiding me Olivia? Why can’t you just let things just happen and why did you leave in such a hurry the other night?” I feel like I asked way too much because of how she’s looking at me right now. With a confused look on her face. I wait for her to say something. “I…I left the other night because I knew I made a mistake. I don’t want to be one of those girls who ends up being just another one of your flings to just get hurt later on.” She thinks it was a mistake? One of those girls? “Okay…well now I guess I know what you think of me.” “Let’s finish studying.” She motions for me to sit on the bed again. “I think I’m just going to go….” I grabbed my things without looking back and left.

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