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Erotic Shorts 2

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These are short erotic stories nothing more. Just more of my imagination at it's best. Warning: content has graphic sex with a wild imagination.

Erotica / Fantasy
J. A. White
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Two's company, Three's better

Two’s company, Three’s better

Graduation day

Today my girlfriend and I graduate from the University of Central Florida or UCF as they say. I finish my college life on the Deans list with honors. I can pretty much do anything I want with my life.

“Tina, we fucking did it baby!” Rhonda says to me.

“I know right. This feels fantastic to finally be done with all the exams, and now we can do what ever we want,” I say to her.

“We’re going out tonight. Since you made the Deans list, I want you to pick where we’re going tonight.” Rhonda says.

“I want to go to Flames downtown. DJ Remix is going to be there,” I say all excited.

We make it back to the sorority house and the place is jumping with a party already.

I decide to go ahead and have a couple of drinks before I need to get ready. I talk with other sisters of the house and a few of the guys there. I run into a guy who says he knows DJ Remix. My eyes got big when he said he knew him.

“He’s been a secret crush for years,” I tell him.

“Would you like to meet him?” he asks.

“Oh my god. That would be awesome!” I say jumping while doing small claps.

“Tell you what. I’ll meet you at the club and I’ll introduce you to Darrel.”

“His name is Darrel?” I ask as he nods his head. This puts a smile on my face knowing I now know his name.

After a couple of beers, I decided to go and get ready. I make it up to my room and take a quick shower. I find a sexy black dress and slip it over my head as it stops at my thighs. I find a pair of panties that match. I threw on some make up and tie my hair up in a ponytail. I then adjust my boobs for maximum exposure. I meet Rhonda downstairs for a quick shot of Tequila as she calls for an Uber.

Later we arrive at the front of the club as the driver lets us get out. We see the line as we both sigh at the same time. We can hear the music playing outside as we can see the line go around the building. Then I hear a whistle. I stop to see who it was, and it was the guy from the party. He waves his hands and motions for us to come where he is. We make our way to the front.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name at the party,” I say with my hand out.

“It’s Jimmy,” he says as he shakes my hand. He looks at my girlfriend.

“I’m Rhonda,” she says shaking his hand.

“You guys ready?” he asks as we both nod our heads.

We walk around to the front of the line. He steps up to the velvet rope and opens it up to let us in. I can hear people complain. Rhonda looks at me.

“Fuck them, they’re just jealous.” As we follow Jimmy into the club.

He brings us to a bar and asks what we want to drink.

“I’ll take a screwdriver,” Rhonda says. “Because that’s what I plan on doing later.”

“Miller Lite,” I say.

Within seconds the drinks are on the bar. “How much?” I ask.

“Don’t worry about it. I got this.” he says.

I look at Rhonda, and she’s already dancing with the drink in her hand sipping out of the small straw.

“I’m going in,” Rhonda says as I watch her pick her target and start dancing with him. Jimmy taps me on the shoulder.

“You ready to go up?” I nod my head really fast then take a drink from my beer.

He holds his hand out for me to hold. I take his hand as he leads me in a dark hallway that leads to a set of stairs. We both walk up, and now I’m standing on the main floor where the DJ plays. I can see Darrel jumping with the crowd. Jimmy still holding my hand brings me to the edge where I can see everybody dancing down below. Then I spot Rhonda dancing with another guy grinding her pussy on his knee. She looks up and waves as I wave back.

I look over at Darrel, and he’s wearing board shorts with a tank top. With palm tree sunglasses with sunscreen on his nose. He’s so much hotter up close with those muscles and his well-defined chest. I bite my lower lip watching him work the table. He stops for a second and looks behind himself. Jimmy walks up to him.

“This is Tina. She just graduated today from UCF,” Jimmy says.

Darrel has his hand out as I take it. He doesn’t shake it, he brings it to his lips and kisses my knuckles. Lighting shoots through my hand to my pussy, which by the way is now on fire.

“She has a crush on you,” Jimmy says to Darrel. I blush six shades of red on my face.

“Really?” he says. “Well, I don’t bite. You’re welcome to stay up here with me, if you want,” he says as he kisses my hand again.

“Damn,” I say over the loud music. He goes back to his table and starts another mix. The crowd goes wild as I stand on the edge looking down at everybody. I see Rhonda dancing with a girl. She looks up as I wave my hands and point to Darrel. I make a heart with my hands and point to him again. Rhonda stops what she’s doing and starts to do sign language, but I understand what she’s telling me. She’s telling me to fuck him tonight. I wave my hand at her to stop.

About an hour into the night and I have been dancing my ass off while Darrel worked the table. I finally get the courage to ask him a question.

“Do you take requests?” I ask.

“I do, but I charge for them.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I don’t want money. I want something else,” he says with a slight grin.

“So what are you asking?” I say.

“Your panties,” he says with his hand out.

I look him in the eyes, and he has the sexiest smile that makes me melt.

“Done,” I say.

“What do you want to hear?”

“Your remix of Like a Virgin by Madonna.”

“Done,” he says with his hand still out. I look around and back up so nobody can see me. Only Darrel can see me. I go under the dress and grab the sides of my panties and pull them down then step out of them. I ball them in my hand and walk back to him.

I place them in his hands as he brings them up to his nose and smells them. I cover my eyes as I know people on the dance floor can see him doing this.

“You smell amazing,” he says as he sniffs them again. I lower my head for a second then look up, and he has them around his neck. He starts to play my request and the crowd goes nuts again. At that moment, I realize I’m wearing nothing but my dress and nothing else, and I don’t care.

After a while he would come dance with me. He would grab my hips and sway from side to side. Then he would turn around and grind his butt on me. I place my hands on his hips as he bends down. Then I feel a hand on my wet folds. He stays there for a long second as I let him explore, then I feel two fingers enter me. I stop moving, wanting him not to stop. He pulls out and turns in my direction, then looks in my eyes. He puts his fingers in his mouth and sucks.

I stand there with my mouth open, then he bends down and gently kisses me. My tongue explores his lips as I can taste myself on him. All of a sudden his tongue darts in my mouth and our tongues collide. I start to breath heavy as I wrap my arms around his neck as he picks me up and holds me.

I didn’t care if the crowd down below could see my naked ass. This is something I’ve dreamed about ever since seeing Darrel for the first time three years ago.

“My nights done. DJ Dreamin is taking over. Would you like to go...”

“Yes,” I say before ever hearing the question.

“You sure? You didn’t let me finish.”

“Yes, I’ll go with you.”

This puts a smile on his face as he takes my hand and leads me down another dark hallway until we’re at the back of the club.

He walks up to a black Porsche 911 with tinted windows and opens the passenger door. I step in and pull my dress up so he could see everything, then he closes the door.

He gets in and starts it up and away we go. Driving the backstreets of Orlando to his place. I sit there with my legs open rubbing my clit wanting him to touch me. But he doesn’t do it while driving a stick shift.

We make it to his place as he opens my door and takes my hand. Once I’m out of the car I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me holding my naked ass. I grab his face and kiss him with passion. I pull away from and look in his eyes.

“I want to suck your cock!”

He carries me into his room and throws me down on the bed. Before I could get into position he had already pulled his shorts off and threw them on the floor. Now his throbbing cock was looking right at me. He pulls the tank top over his head and all I do is stare at his chiseled body.

He fingers me to sit up. I sit up as he pulls the dress over my head exposing my hard nipples. He reaches down and pinches them both as I suck air through my teeth.

He lays down on his back and motions for me to sit on his face. I never moved so fast and positioned myself over his face. He grabs my hips and pulls me down until his whole mouth is covering my pussy. I moan as I can feel his tongue touch ever inch of my wet folds. I look at his throbbing cock and take hold of it. I bend down and stick it in my mouth.

A moan escapes him as I start to moan myself. For a good ten minutes all you heard was sucking and moaning noises. I must have came three times while he ate me out.

I stop and sit up and look at him.

“I want this meat stick in my pussy,” I say in a sexy voice.

He sits up and motions for me to get on all fours. He then gets behind me and slowly inserts his thick cock into my pussy. I have my mouth open trying to breath, but the size of him stretches me to the limit.

Once he’s in all the way and lets me get used to the size, I start to move and fuck him slowly.

Darrel takes over and starts to fuck me at a good pace. I’m about to cum again when he stops.

“Do you trust me?” he asks.

What are you talking about? I’m getting the best fuck of my life, and he’s asking Do I trust him?


“Close your eyes,” he says.

I close my eyes and wait until he tells me to open them.

“Ok, open your eyes.”

I open my eyes to see Jimmy standing in front of me stroking his cock.

“I want you to suck his cock while I continue to fuck you.”

I open my mouth as Jimmy moves forward and sticks it in my mouth. I begin to suck on Jimmy as Darrel pounds my pussy. It was like one fluid motion, all three of us moving and working together as a team. I cum instantly on Darrel’s cock.

I motion for Jimmy to lay on the bed so I can look in his eyes while sucking on his cock.

Jimmy’s not as thick as Darrel, but I can take all of him at once. I go all the way down as my nose touches his stomach.

“Oh fuck!” Jimmy says holding my hair away from my eyes.

This goes on for a few minutes when Darrel stops.

“I don’t want to cum yet. Let’s switch.” as he pulls out of me, and they trade places. I stay on my knees as Jimmy gets behind me and Darrel slides in front of me. As soon as I feel Jimmy go in, I go down on Darrel as far as I can.

“Fuck,” he says as his eyes never leave mine. I can feel Jimmy going to town fucking me fast then slow, then back to fast.

“Damn, your pussy is tight,” Jimmy says. I come off Darrel’s cock and give him a wink.

This goes on for forty minutes trading places, fucking me in every position. I lost count on how many times I came, but I’m not complaining. I loved the attention they were giving me, and I didn’t want it to stop.

We take a small break to get some water. Jimmy hands me a bottled water.

“Thanks,” I say as I try to hold myself up from my legs shaking. “Did you guys ever cum?”

“We do,” Darrel says as he drinks his water. “We like you a lot, and just wanted to give you an experience you won’t forget.”

“I’m starting to feel bad. I’ve had at least a dozen orgasms to your guy’s zero.”

“Well if you’re ready? Then so are we,” Jimmy says.

We get done with our break, and they motion for me to get on my knees again. I do as both men stand in front of me stroking their cocks hard again. I take both men and start to suck on them.

“You guys want to cum on my tits?”

They both shake their heads at me.

“We’re going to give you the orgasm of a lifetime,” Darrel says.

My eyebrows raise as I try to figure this one out. Now they are good and hard at this point.

“What’s next?” I ask.

“Do you want to ride cowgirl or reverse cowgirl?” Jimmy asks.

I think about this for a moment and decide reverse. Jimmy gets on the bed and props his head with pillows. Then motions for me to have a seat . I lower myself on his cock and slide all the way down. I start to ride him as I watch Darrel stroke himself hard again. Jimmy makes me stop, then pulls out of me. Then I feel him trying to go in my backdoor. I now know what’s about to happen. This is something I’ve never done, but dreamed about it. Being taking by two good-looking men and having both my holes filled at once.

I can feel my ass stretch until I feel the pop and I start to slide down his cock slowly. It hurt for a second while the muscle got used to his cock. Darrel looks at me.

“You ready for more?”

I nod my head as the anticipation couldn’t come any faster. Darrel gets into position as Jimmy holds my hips down so I don’t come out. Darrel puts the head at my entrance and slowly pushes his way in until both men are inside me. My mouth is open not breathing at the moment.

Once I start breathing, they start to take turns. One would slide out as the other slides in. It was like two pistons working an engine. Jimmy keeps his hands on my hips to keep me down, then let’s go and starts playing with my tits. Darrel bends down and kisses me with his tongue. I suck it in my mouth as my breathing gets heavier.

“Faster,” I say as they pick up their speed. Now my orgasm is building getting bigger with every thrust they do, waiting for them to release me.

“Now,” Darrel says.

“Now!” Jimmy says as I can feel their cocks throbbing, cumming inside me at the same time. Once I felt the heat of their seed, I lost all control and came so hard it nearly knocked me out, I was shaking that hard.

Both men fall out of me as Jimmy lets me go. I fall between them trying to catch my breath. Next thing I know, I passed out.

I wake up the next morning thinking it was a dream. It wasn’t a dream at all, it was real. I look up and see I’m spooning Darrel as Jimmy is spooning me with his hand on Darrel’s shoulder. They start to wake up.

“Good morning,” I say.

“Good morning,” they say together.

It felt good being sandwich between these two good-looking men. Both bodies keeping me warm.

“Do you guys do this a lot? Bring them home and tag team them?” I ask. Darrel turns over and looks at me in the face.

“You’re the first. We talked about doing this for a long time, but nothing ever happened.”

“You two,” I say pointing at both. “Did very well,” I say with a snicker.

I get up from between them and walk into the bathroom. I see a window next to the shower, then I walk up to it and look out. First thing I see is my sorority house a block away. I walk back out.

“I didn’t know you lived this closed to my house,” I say with my hands on my hips still naked.

“How do you think I knew about the party?” Jimmy says.

I shake my head and jump back into bed with these two sexy men.

That weekend, I never left their place. We fucked all weekend.

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