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Erotic Shorts 2

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Best Friends Daughter

I got a call from my best friend that I haven’t seen in years. He’s throwing a Forth of July party at his place. Ever since I came back from a job that closed. Coming home was a no-brainer.

When I found a place to live, I didn’t really have any furniture. I just left everything behind that wouldn’t fit in my truck.

Later that afternoon I arrived at his place. It’s a big house that sits on a cul-de-sac with a big backyard and a large swimming pool with a hot tub.

I ring the doorbell waiting for John to open the door, but instead, this beautiful red head with emerald colored eyes wearing a two piece answers the door.

“Benny? Is that you?” she says as she jumps in my arms, then jumps down.

“Megan?” I say as I try to focus on this magnificent creature. She nods her head really fast.

She takes my hand and drags me through the house.

“Dad! Benny’s here,” she says as I see John pop around the corner of the kitchen.

“Dude you made it,” he says as he gives me a big hug. I hug him back.

“Is that Megan?” I say as she walks away popping her ass cheeks. She looks back and smiles.

“That’s my Megan. All grown up and graduated from college. She’s spending a few weeks before her big move to California.”

The last time I saw Megan was when she was fourteen and had braces. She just started wearing training bra. Boys weren’t even on her radar at the time.

“Damn, I bet she’s a man killer?” I say with a small laugh. John turns around so I could adjust myself in my pants. I hope nobody noticed.

Later that day, everybody was standing around talking. I walk up to the cooler to get another beer. Megan hands me one already open.

“I noticed you were out, and I was bringing you another one.”

“Thank you,” I say as she walks away and smacks her ass. She looks back and had that same smile from earlier. She grabs another beer from another table and walks back to me.

“You married or have a girlfriend?”

“No. I’m divorced.” I say.

“Ow, what happened?”

“I lost my job because of budget cuts, so she left. She didn’t want to be with someone who wasn’t working and bringing home money.”

“What a bitch! If I was her. I would have never left you. You’re handsome Benny.” she says. “By the way, I’m single also.”

“Who’s ready to eat?” John says from across the yard.

I start to walk over as Megan puts an arm through mine and walk together. This girl is going to be the death of me.

I grab a couple of burgers and take a seat at the picnic table where John and his wife are sitting. Megan takes a seat next to me, really close. I let it go as we talked about our past as kids, doing stupid stunts with our cars. Megan just listened. She watched me talk the entire time I talked to John. She is still sitting close to me to the point I could feel the heat off her legs. Then I feel a hand touch my knee and stay there. I look at her and all she does is smile at me.

“I don’t know if you can tell. She had a crush on you when she was a teenager,” John says.

I look at Megan as she nods her head.

“Now baby, don’t make Ben nervous,” he says as he laughs.

“Oh daddy, he’s just a friend. It’s not like I’ll take him out back and rape him,” she says as they all laugh together.

Part of me wants to be raped by this creature. She is perfect in every way, but it’s my best friends daughter and that’s a code you don’t cross.

It started to get late in the night and I had way too much to drink. All the other guests left as John’s wife made a bed for me in another room.

I look over and see the hot tub.

“Can I jump in?” I ask.

“Brother, you can do what ever you want,” John says.

So I change in to my trunks and step on in. The water was nice and warm as I take a seat and lay my head back. I close my eyes and within seconds, I feel someone joining me. I open my eyes to see Megan smiling next to me still wearing the two piece. She reaches back and turns on the jets.

“Nice, Isn’t it?” she asks.

“Yes it is,” I say as I close my eyes again. Then I feel a hand pull on my trunks as a hand grabs my cock. I whip up my head to look at her.

“What are you doing?”

“Something I’ve been dreaming for about ten years.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“My father told you anything you want,” she says with a cocky smile.

“What I want and what is right are two different things,” I say as she squeezes my cock under the water. I close my eyes because it felt so good. Now I’m 100% hard as she strokes me under the water. She pulls my shorts down a little more so she can stroke me better. Then John walks up to the hot tub.

“How’s the water? Good? Temperature ok?” he says with two thumbs up. He couldn’t see what Megan was doing with all the bubbles from the jets. She never let’s go the whole time John was talking to me.

He walks away as I look at Megan with my eyes wide open.

“What the hell?” I say as she begins to laugh.

“He didn’t even notice I was jerking you under the water.”

“You trying to get me killed?”

“No silly. You look like you needed a stress reliever, so here I am.”

“I need you to stop,” I say as I get out of the hot tub with a ragging hard-on. She looks at me biting her lower lip as I walk away.

John’s wife shows me the room as I start to get settled in. I look at the door to my room and the door doesn’t lock. She wouldn’t. I say to my self.

I put my boxers back on and get into bed then turn out the light next to the bed.

Couples hours into the night, I wake up to the feel a hand on my cock stroking me again. I turn on the light to see Megan on her knees with a big smile.

“I had to wait until they were asleep,” she says with a big smile stroking me.

“Oh my god. This isn’t happening,” I say quietly.

She lets go and stands up. She’s just wearing a large t-shirt. She grabs the bottom and pulls it over her head showing her perfect body. I bite my upper lip looking at this beautiful girl.

She whips the covers off me then pulls my boxers off. She jumps on top grabbing my rigid cock. She lowers herself and sticks it in her mouth.

“Fuck it,” I say. “Just this once.”

She looks up at me and winks with my cock in my mouth.

She has her hair tied up in pigtails as I grab both of them and push her head down. Up and down I move her head getting me all nice and wet.

“I want you to sit on that fat cock,” I say quietly.

She looks up at me with my cock still in her mouth. She lets go and jumps on the bed and positions herself over me. I hold up my cock as she lowers herself.

I can feel that tight pussy slide down my pole until she’s sitting all the way down. She stares into my eyes with her mouth open waiting to get used to my size.

Once she’s ready, she puts her hands on my chest and begins to ride me. I place my hands on her hips to help.

After a few minutes she stops and shakes while still on top. Oh, she’s having an orgasm. I say to myself.

I sit up and lay her on her back. She takes hold of me and puts me back in.

“I’m not on the pill,” she says.

“You should have thought about that before you snuck in here.” I say. “When I’m ready, you’re going to suck everything I give you down your throat.”

She nods with her eyes wide open.

I take her legs and pin them down on the bed and fuck her like she’s never been fucked.

“I bet you’ve never been fucked like this?” I say as I pound her pussy into the bed. She puts her hand over her mouth to keep the squeals down to a low volume.

“I’m going to fuck you so good, nobody will ever compare to what I can do.”

Megan tries to talk, but I got her speechless at the moment.

I’m 54 years old and I’ve fucked a lot of women. She’s only 23 and maybe had five men since she started having sex.

I let go of her legs and grab her tits. I roll her nipples with my fingers and give them a nice squeeze. Then I bend down and put them in my mouth. I start to suck on them hard. She squeals again from another orgasm as she cums all over my cock. Now she’s wetter than before.

I continue my assault.

“I can fuck all night,” I say.

I let go of her tits and grab the back of her neck and bring her closer.

“You about ready?” I say as sweat drips down on her face.

Her mouth is open as I think she’s about to cum again. I let her cum as I wait for her to catch her breath. Once I see she’s finished, I pull out and make my way to the side of her face and stick my cock in her mouth.

I do two quick pumps in her mouth then cum down her throat. She takes hold of me until I finish, then cleans herself off of me.

“Is that what you wanted? Is that what you dreamt of?” I say looking down at her as she wipes her mouth with her arm. She nods.

“I’ve never been fu...”

“I know,” I say interrupting her. “Next time you’ll be ready.”

She sits up and grabs the large t-shirt and puts it back on.

“Now go back to your room,” I say as I watch her leave.

The next morning I wake up to the smell of breakfast. I make my way into the kitchen to see everybody there except Megan.

“Where’s Red?” I ask.

“Oh, I think she had too much to drink last night, and is probably sleeping it off,” John’s wife says.

I bet she’s sleeping it off. I say in my head and just smile.

After breakfast, I said my goodbyes and went back to my place.

Two weeks later I pull into my driveway to see Megan sitting on the trunk of her car with her arms crossed. I get out.

“What are you doing here and how did you find me?”

She jumps down and I can see what she’s wearing. Very short shorts like Daisy Duke with her ass hanging out. A tight t-shirt that was cut in half with no bra showing her under boob.

“One, I’m mad you didn’t say goodbye the night of the party, and Two, I followed you home the other night.”

“You still didn’t tell me why you’re here?”

She stands in front of me on her toes. I’ve got eight inches on her looking down at her. She reaches up and puts her arms around my neck to look me in the eyes. Her shirt is so short that her boobs are out for everybody to see, and she doesn’t care.

“That night we made love...”

“We didn’t make love. We fucked,” I say interrupting her words.

“Ok, the night we fucked was the best I’ve ever had and I can’t get it out of my mind. Every night since then, I dream of you doing it again. I wake up every morning soaking wet with my pussy throbbing for you again. I’ve got to taste you, and I want to taste more.”

“Here’s the problem I have with this. I like you, but you’re my best friends daughter. If he ever finds out what I did the night of the party. I’m dead, and I’d like to live. If I fuck you the way I want too, and you don’t leave. We have a problem.”

“Oh, I have to leave,” she says still holding herself up. “Can you please fuck me like you did that night? Please?” she says blinking her eyes at me.

I reach down and touch the sides of her boobs, and they felt great. Soft and warm. The nipples were hard.

Then I feel a hand touch the outline of my cock over my pants.

“Fuck it!” I say as she squeals in excitement.

I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. I place my free hand on her ass and I can tell she’s wet. I grab her shorts and rip them off. They rip pretty easy because there was not a lot of fabric holding them together. I pull them down as I drop them on the ground.

I get my keys out and unlock the door while my other hand fingers her wet pussy.

Megan moans when I stick two fingers in.

Damn this girls pussy is tight. I say to myself.

I close the door then drop her. I grab what little material was left of her shirt and pull it over her head.

“God damn!” I say looking down at her body.

She looks up with a huge smile. I pick her up and throw her up against the wall. She places her legs on my shoulder and lifts herself bringing that pussy to my mouth. I stick my tongue deep in her hole. She tastes like sweet honey.

She puts her hands around my neck to hold the position. I lower my hands and cup her ass cheeks still up against the wall. I flick my tongue on her clit rapidly as she bucks my face.

She stops moving and starts to squeal, then gushes in my mouth and all over my face. Now she’s panting from the orgasm I just gave her. Her breathing is shallow as she regains herself.

I put her down as her legs shake from trying to stand. She looks at me, then brings my head down and starts licking her cum off my face. She falls to the floor and see’s my hard cock through my jeans. She starts to unbutton them, then the fly. My jeans hit the floor as my cock smacks her in the face.

She grabs it and pumps it several times before sticking in her mouth. She lowers her hand to touch her very wet pussy then brings it up to stroke me.

I turn around and lean against the wall so I don’t fall back. I close my eyes as I can feel her hot mouth engulf my whole cock.

She comes off to catch her breath then goes back down on it. I’m 54 and never had a woman take all of me like Megan’s doing to me. I can feel the pressure building in my balls. Damn she’s good. I don’t want to nut just yet, so I pick her up and take her into my room.

I throw her down on the bed as she bounces. She gets on her knees and shows me her ass.

I get behind her and flick my head over her wet pussy. Then I position myself and bury my cock deep in her pussy. She yelps when I hit bottom.

“Remember, you wanted this,” I say in a deep voice. She looks back.

“I know, don’t stop.” she says as I grab her hips and pound her pussy on the bed.

She bends down and starts rubbing her clit but my balls keep hitting her hand.

I reach over and grab her throat with my right hand then take my left hand and cup her left breast. I squeeze it good and hard.

“Fuuuuck,” she screams.

“Is this what you were dreaming about?”

“Oh, huh,” she says with her mouth shut. Then I see a tear fall from her cheek. I stop fucking her while still deep inside.

“Why you crying?”

“Because it feels so damn good,” she says with a whimper.

I continue with the assault, then switch hands. Now my left has her throat while the right squeezes the other breast. Another tear falls.

“I’m cumming,” she cries.

I begin to fuck her so hard, my thighs smack her ass so hard, it sounds like I was smacking her ass hard.

I hear a low moan as I stop, then she starts to scream as I can feel her pussy contract on my cock as she was cumming.

Once she was done, I pull out of her and watch her fall on her face on the bed. She started shaking uncontrollably. She brings her legs to her chest and lays there.

“I’m not done yet,” I say. “Lay on your back.”

She has her eyes closed as she lies on her back. She picks up her legs and holds her knees. I get into position and look down. Her pussy is red, as red as an apple. I put my cock at her door and trust forward. I go all the way in with ease. Yeap, she’s loose now.

I watch her facial expressions as I fuck her some more. Her eyes keep rolling in the back of her head. Her breathing is erratic and shallow. I don’t think she can take much more.

“I’m going to cum on your tits,” I say as I watch her push her tits together.

I give her several more pumps before I pull out and shoot my load all over her tits and belly.

I lie next to her catching my breath. She reaches back and takes my hand and interlocks our fingers.

“Thank you,” she says softly. “I’ll never forget you.” she closes her eyes and was out.

She will never find a man, that can do the things I do.

She, will be my curse.

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