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Erotic Shorts 2

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Cheated On

It’s 10:30 on a Wednesday night, and there’s nobody in my bar. It’s been raining all day as I stand at the front doors looking out. Not seeing any movement outside except flooded streets.

“Fuck it, I’m closing,” I say as I walk back behind the bar and start my closing cleanup.

About ten minutes into my clean up, my door opens and a man walks in soaked from head to toe. He stops at the entrance and looks at me.

“Are you open?”

“I am,” I say as he drips all over my floor. “You know they make umbrellas for days like this,” I say laughing. “Come on up. What can I get you?”

“Whiskey and a beer,” he says.

I pull out a frosty mug and pour him a draft beer. Then got a shot glass of whiskey. I put them in front of him.

He takes the whiskey and slams it down then takes a drink of his beer. He taps the shot glass for another. I pour him another whiskey.

“My name is Sarah,” I say sliding the shot closer to him.

“Robert,” he says slamming the whiskey.

“So Robert. What makes you decide to walk in the rain with no umbrella and end up in my bar?”

I hand him a couple of bar towels.

“Just having a bad day,” he says wiping his face with the towel.

“Can’t be any worse than mine,” I say to him.

“Well, unless your wife is fucking her boss in another country,” he says as I watch him shiver.

I walk away and go in the back. Then come back to the bar.

“Here,” I say putting dry clothes on the bar. “I don’t need you dyeing in my bar with ammonia.”

He shakes his hand that he’ll be fine.

“Go change your clothes. I have a dryer in the back,” I say pointing the way to the bathrooms.

He takes the clothes and heads towards the bathroom.

A few minutes later he comes out with his wet clothes all in a ball walking back to the bar. He’s wearing grey sweatpants with a navy blue long sleeve t-shirt. I grab the ball of wet clothes and walk to the back. I start to unravel the wet clothes and throw them in the dryer. Hell he gave me everything, even his boxers. I grin from ear to ear.

I walk back out as he taps the shot glass with his fingers for another drink. I pour him another shot and slide it to him.

“How do you know your wife is cheating on you?” I ask trying to have a conversation.

“Oh, because of this,” he says pulling a phone out of the sweatpants then pulls up a picture. He shows it to me. It’s a picture of a girl holding up a very large cock up to her face taking a selfie, that says. “I told you I would get him naked.”

“Your wife sent you that text?”

“By accident. It was a group text to all her girlfriends, that I got included.”

“You said earlier, with her boss. Is that him?”

“Sure is,” he says while taking another drink of his beer. “It was supposed to be a girls’ week in the Bahamas for a tooth fairy convention. Just so happens her and her boss are the only ones there at the convention that doesn’t exist.”

“I feel for you. You’re wearing my soon to be ex-husband clothes. I caught him sleeping with the babysitter.”

I put down another shot glass and poured two more shots of whiskey. I slide one to him as I take the other.

“I don’t have kids,” I say slamming the shot.

“Damn,” he says.

“Damn,” I say as I prop my leg on the bottle rack with my elbow on my knee. I just stand there as we both just look at each other.

The more I look at him the more I want to see. I mean he looks good in those sweatpants and that t-shirt is a size to small for his frame.

I start to think of all the crazy shit I wanted to do when I was married. Robert just sits there like a scorned lover not knowing what to do next. An idea pops in my head. It’s a risky idea, but at this point in my life, who cares.

“You want to have some fun?” I say pouring myself another shot.

“What kind of fun?”

“You and me fucking, right here on the bar,” I say tapping the top of the bar.

He looks at me with his eyes wide as a cat trying to figure me out.

“Look your wife cheated on you, and mine cheated on me. Let’s even out the playing field and fuck each other’s brains out, right here on the bar.”

He looks at me with a huge ass smile and nods his head. I place the whiskey bottle on the bar and walk around and face him. I stand next to him as he is still sitting.

“Alright, I’ll start this,” I say.

I grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. I can see his eyes burning on my tits. I reach around and undo my bra as my girls fall out. He looks at the windows then back at me.

“What if somebody sees?” he asks.

“Who? I haven’t seen anybody walk or drive by in hours.”

He bends down and kisses my erect nipples. His breath and touch are warm as he sucks on one of my tits. A tingle travels to my pussy getting me wet. I kick off my shoes as I start to unbutton my pants then pull them down with my panties at the same time.

Now I’m standing totally naked in my bar next to this man whose mind is in over drive. I move his glass over on the bar and jump up and take a seat on the bar in front of him. I spread my legs and place them on his shoulders.

“Eat my pussy,” I say.

He doesn’t waste one second and buries his face on my pussy. I lean back on my elbows and watch him eat me out. My hips buck as I have a small orgasm on his face. I start to run my fingers in his damp hair pushing for him to go deeper.

He sticks two fingers in my pussy and sucks my clit at the same time. I take his phone.

“Hey look at me!” I say as he looks up not leaving my pussy.

I snap a picture. He doesn’t even care at this point. I tag all his wife’s girlfriends and his wife and type. “Two can play this game,” then I hit send.

My eyes roll to the back of my head. Now he’s finger banging me into another orgasm.

At that moment, I shrieked as I cum all over his face. I pull his fingers out of my pussy and bring them to my mouth. I start sucking the juices off his fingers. He watches me with a grin on his face.

I jump off the bar and stand next to him. I bend down and pull the grey sweatpants down as his already hard cock hits me on the top of my head.

I hold his cock looking at it.

“She left you for that, and not this?” I say as he looks at me and shrugs.

“I guess I was too much for her?”

“I don’t think so,” I say stroking his cock in my face.

I spit on my hand to help stroke him better. A low moan leaves his mouth as I take as much as I can without gagging on it. It was big, bigger than my husbands. I grab my phone out of my pants laying on the floor.

“Hey, take a picture with my phone.”

He takes my phone as I put his cock next to my face. I hear a click.

“Do another one,” I say.

I take him deep down my throat, then hear another click. I take my phone and look at what he took.

“I like both shots. Good job,” I say to Robert.

I send them to my husband with a text. “He’s bigger than you.”

Robert phone chimes on the bar.

“You sent that to my wife?”

“Oh huh,” I say with his cock in my mouth.

“She says she’s sorry. It’s not what you think,” he says chuckling at her response. “Yeah right.”

I suck him for a good five more minutes as he has his hand on the back of my head looking in my eyes. I keep eye contact with him. I let go and stand up. I pull out a bar stool and lay on it showing him my ass. He walks up and spreads my legs placing his cock at my door. He slowly works his way in as I look back watching him go in.

I watch him stick a finger in his mouth, then place it on my asshole pushing ever so slightly.

“Your ass is so tight. Has anything ever been in here?” he asks.

While his cock was filling my insides, I couldn’t speak. All I could do was shake my head.

“Someday I want to fuck this ass,” he says as he smacks my ass with the other hand. At that moment I said.

“You can have anything you want.” This puts a smile on his face.

“Now fuck me like you’re teaching your wife a lesson.”

He smacks my ass a couple more times as my cheeks start to get cherry red. I reach back and rub them feeling the heat come off them. They started to burn, but it was a burn I like. He grabs my hips and fucks me like there’s no tomorrow.

He pulls out of me.

“I want to see your face and your tits bouncing.”

I stand up and grab his cock and walk him to a booth table. I lay down with my legs in the air. He walks up and puts himself back in. He reaches down and fists both my tits putting them together. Now he bends down and sucks on both nipples.

Man can he fuck. I say in my head. He lets go of my girls, then grabs my thighs and pounds my pussy some more. Watching him fuck makes me cum again all over his cock.

I hold my tits rolling the nipples with my fingers. I have my mouth open.

“Where do you want it?” he says.

I tap my boobs for him to put it here. He pumps me good and hard six more times than pulls out. The first two shots hit my face, the rest lands on my tits.

I start to rub his seed all over my chest as he puts himself back inside me and fucks me some more. He brings me to another orgasm as my mouth opens. He pulls out and sticks his face on my pussy as I cum hard on his face.

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

He takes a seat at the booth while I’m still laying on the table. He plays with my tits as I try and get the cum off my face. I find it with my finger and lick it off.

“You’re good,” I say.

“Thank you.”

I regain my strength and walk to the back to get cleaned off. I grab his dried clothes and bring them to him. I get dressed as he gets back in his clothes.

“Can I have your number?” he asks.

“No,” I say.

He looks at me with a puzzled look.

“You know where I work.”

I walk to the doors and open it for him. It stopped raining.

“Catch you later,” I say as he walks out of my bar.

I watch him walk away with a little pep in his step.

“I never kissed him,” I say locking the door.

I’ve always kiss when I fuck. I’ll kiss him when he comes back. Will he come back? Of course he did, the next night. Problem tonight is, my bar is full of people drinking and having fun.

We waited until closing, then we would fuck in front of the windows again.

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