Kidnapping the King: The Royal Series Book One

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"I will burn this entire kingdom to the ground just to be with you." Emilia is sick and tired of the kingdom doing whatever they please with her village. She sets a plan in motion to seduce and kill the King but is caught before she can go through with the deed. An unlikely friend helps her to escape and she soon finds that the King is determined to find her-but not if she finds him first. However, their thirst for revenge soon turns to a passionate desire.

Erotica / Romance
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Wenches and Wine

“The red bandit has struck again sire.”

“Again? I thought you had it under control.” Grant said with a long sigh.

The sheriff shifted uneasily from one foot to the other.

“We made an arrest, yes.”

“And?” Grant said slowly.

“We arrested a man who we suspected of being the bandit but while he was in our custody Lord Butler from east of the river reported that all of his wife’s jewelry had gone missing ”

“How did you know that it was the red bandit?′ He said, his voice growing tighter.

“He left behind another message.”

The sheriff reached into his pocket with shaking hands and pulled out a folded letter and handed it to Grant. Grant unfolded the letter and read the contents.


I look forward to entering the homes of the filthy and wealthy people who live in your land because I know that I will find great comfort in laughing at your fruitless attempts to find me. Tell Lady Butler that this ruby necklace of hers is sure to feed me for at least three moons.

Your Dearest Friend,

The Red Bandit

Grant felt his blood begin to boil. This bastard dared mock him? He did not even use his title, he simply called him by his first name. He would not have the last laugh.

“You will search every mountain top, swim every river and burn down every house in that goddamn village if you have to. You will find him. If you do not find him by the time I return from visiting in Castleburry, you will die. You will rot in my highest prison until the rats have eaten every ounce of flesh from your body.” Grant screamed as his hand swept across his desk, his goblet falling to the ground, the wine splashing across the Sheriff’s tunic.

“Y-yes your majesty.” The sheriff stuttered.

“Get out.” He said, turning his back on him. He motioned to a nearby servant.

“Bring me fresh ale and the two wenches who clean my quarters.”

The servant nodded his head and rushed to meet the king’s needs. Grant paced his room quickly, anxious to think of some way to find this mysterious bandit. He had to admit, he was quite witty. He had eluded the guards for months now and he had his full attention. It was often that men such as the bandit tried to outwit him. He had taken the throne at only sixteen years of age and had ruled for the past eight years with an iron fist. Yet, some believed his young age hindered him and they underestimated his intelligence. His kingdom was the most powerful in the nation, with the strongest and most skilled soldiers and the wealthiest nobles. However, this bandit had never been caught, never been seen but always left a message, mocking the king.

All they knew of the bandit was that he wore a black cape, plundered the houses of the wealthy, was never caught, few had claimed to see him and he always left taunting messages for the King. However, the most memorable thing about the bandit was the red insignia that he left behind at each location. It was a crest with a raven flying above a thorny rose. It was always painted in detail and anyone who saw it spoke of it as being quite impressive. What amazed the king the most was that the bandit even had time to do so.

If the bandit wanted to play games, he was willing to play. He sat at his desk, laying out a piece of parchment, ink and a quill.

Red Bandit,

Your games are foolish, why not face me as a man should? I will allow you to duel for your freedom. Arrive at the castle gates at early morn in seven days. Wear a disguise if you wish and no one will attempt to take it from you. You will be allowed safe passage through the gates. Wear a helmet with your legendary mark so that they will know it is you. If you do not arrive your bounty will be doubled and we will ask that you be delivered to us dead and not alive.

Your KING,

His Majesty the King Grant Marcus Fels

He hoped that the bandit would show for his crimes. He would have this posted around the village for all to see. Grant’s blood began to boil again at the thought that he would not show. He began to calm when he saw the servant re-enter the room with the two maids he had requested following close behind. One was a curvy blonde haired maid named Mary with a fair face and the other a brunette with equally supple curves who’s name slipped the King’s mind.

“Servant, have this message posted around the village.” The King ordered, motioning towards the paper on his desk.

The servant quickly sat three wine goblets on the table, took the parchment and left the room. Grant knew exactly what to do with his anger and the two wenches before him were willing and able.

“Undress each other”. He said, not making eye contact as he poured himself a goblet of wine.

They hesitated for only a moment and looked at one another. They were each regulars in the King’s bed, always willing to participate in a night of wine and pleasure but he had never asked for two wenches at once.

“I said undress each other.” He said.

Mary gave a seductive smile and began to unbutton the back of the other maid’s dress.

“Slower.” The King hissed. He had a lot of frustration and anger welling inside of him and was growing impatient. “What is your name again wench, with the brown hair?”

“Eve.” She said smiling sweetly but inside she felt frustration that the king had again forgotten her name. She had spent many nights straddling the king in his bed, admiring his long muscular body, screaming his praises yet he could never seem to remember her three lettered name.

“Go on then.” He said sitting in his chair and leaning back, the goblet raised to his lips again.

Mary finished unbuttoning Eve’s dress and slowly pulled down one sleeve revealing part of a lacy chemise. She reached up and unwound Eve’s bun and let her long brown hair cascade down her back. Mary softly and slowly brushed the hair from her neck, and still standing behind her, slowly lowered her lips to her neck and began to suck. Eve let out a surprised squeal that slowly turned into a soft sigh. Mary continued to suck as she reached out to the other sleeve and pulled it down, she then stood back and pulled the dress to the ground. She revealed Eve in her form fitting chemise, her breast pouring from the top waiting to be touched. Mary stood in front of Eve and nodded to the wall and slowly backed her into it. Eve’s eyes were full of surprise for she had never done such things with a woman before yet her core burned with desire.

Mary on the other hand was not new to pleasing a woman, and had many an affair with men and women in the castle walls. She brought her lips to the exposed top of Eve’s breast and slowly licked, teasing her with her tongue. Eve’s breath began to quicken and moisture formed in the softness between her legs. Mary slowly brought her hand downward dragging it along her stomach and stopped when she reached her thighs. She continued to suck and lick at the top of her breast and let her hand linger on her thigh, teasing her. Eve began to shake in anticipation.

“Take off her chemise and be quick.” The king’s voice was so sudden and loud that Eve jumped. This is why the king enjoyed the wench so much, she was skittish and willing. He grinned as he watched Mary quickly undo the chemise and toss it to the side, revealing Eve’s naked body.

“Take her to my bed.” He finished his goblet of wine and began to disrobe.

“Would you like to take her now sire?” Mary asked seductively.

“Not yet Mary. Do with her as you please for now.” He said dismissively.

Mary took Eve’s hand and walked her to the king’s bed, adorned with the finest sheets and satins and roughly pushed Eve onto it.

Eve yelped in surprise but laid back and spread her legs in excitement. Mary quickly unbuttoned her dress, leaving her in only her chemise. She laid on top of Eve and took her hand, placing it on her breast. Eve gave a soft squeeze and Mary moaned in response.

“I have to take this off.” She whispered hoarsely and Eve quickly leaned up to unbutton the chemise and pulled it off hastily, tossing it over the side of the bed.

Her eyes were lusty.

“I have waited long enough Mary. Do what you will.” She breathed.

With that sentence Mary plunged her fingers into her wet softness. Eve moaned and Mary continued her motions, causing Eve’s back to arch in pleasure. Mary brought her lips to her nipple and sucked, bit and licked as she massaged the breast. Eve’s moans began to grow louder and Mary pulled her fingers from her soft spot, not wanting her to finish. Eve stopped and looked at Mary questioningly. Mary knew what to do to please the King. She had to put on a show.

She knew that if the king was pleased with her in his chambers that she would be allowed to spend another night sleeping among the finest silks and not on some pile of hay in a barn that smelled of manure. She lowered her face between Eve’s legs and heard her gasp. She took her tongue and lightly traced it over the inside of her ,outlining the entrance to her soft haven. She ran her tongue along her clit without warning and Eve screamed in pleasure. She continued to lick and suck on it, as Eve moaned loudly. Moments later she felt moisture pour from her entrance and felt her body vibrate in pleasure. Eve let out a scream as she reached the peak of her climax.

“Eve bend over the desk.” The King’s voice interrupted her explosion of pleasure.

Eve stood from the bed and did as he asked, bending and sticking over her bottom, still grinning from her orgasm.

“Mary,” he said sitting in his plush chair while admiring Eve’s plump rear end. “Mount me.”

Mary complied and straddled the king, plunging downwards, moaning with pleasure as his hard erection entered her already moist opening. He grinned with satisfaction. If this didn’t take his mind off of that bandit, then nothing could. Mary began to pump furiously, his hardness rubbing her inside in the most pleasurable way. For a moment she almost leaned down to kiss him but remembered that he did not like to be kissed by the wenches he bedded. He simply wanted pleasure. As Mary continued to move up and down she smiled to herself, hoping that one day he would let her kiss him. Once day she could be his queen. She began to rotate her hips in a circular motion and watched in satisfaction as the King moaned loudly.

“Off.” The king said suddenly and Mary quickly complied, frustrated that she had not finished.

He stood behind Eve who still stood in the same position. Listening to the moans of her other partners had aroused her again and she dripped with anticipation. The king reached from behind her and refilled his goblet, bringing it to his lips. Then without warning he placed his hand on her waist and plunged into her womanhood. She moaned louder than ever and was sure the entire castle heard.

Then a loud knock at the door interrupted them.

“Who is it?” The king called out sounding quite annoyed.

“Sir Harold, your majesty.” Came the reply.

“Enter.” He yelled back.

Ignoring the small man who had just entered the room, the king continued to pump himself into the girl who continued to moan in unbearable pleasure.

“Hush wench. I need to hear this man.”

Eve bit her lip as the king continued, trying to suppress her pleasure.

“Your majesty, you said to come at any time if news of an attack came to the castle.”

“Continue,” Grant replied as he paused long enough to refill his cup.

“There was an attack by the river on some of the guards.

“And?” He moved faster, a loud slapping sound was made each time as their bodies connected.

The man paused for a moment. “It was led by your brother’s men sir.”

As if Grant had not had enough to deal with today.

“Again ey? When will he learn!” He plunged as hard as he could into the wench, causing her to bite into her lip even harder, drawing blood. “Send word that we will convene tomorrow after breakfast. It’s time we wiped them out.”

“Yes sire.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes sire.”

“You may leave.” He said bringing his hand up to cup Eve’s breast.

The man bowed and left quickly. The king held firmly onto the wench with both hands and plunged deep and hard then quickly pulled himself away, exploding onto her backside.. The last thing he needed was some wench claiming she was pregnant with his bastard child. He turned and made his way to Mary.

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