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When Amy decided to spend her summer vacation in Los Angeles with her mother little did she know about the Silverfox that her mother had married when she was studying abroad in London. James Ashwood is a handsome silverfox with a godlike body despite his age. When James meet Amy for the first time, he is intrigued by her beauty and sexappeal. He can’t seem to stop fantasising about his new stepdaughter and he continues to seek her out. She is a handful but he has his methods to take care of her filthy mouth. He is determined to teach her new stepdaughter how she can handle a real man like him in bed. DISCLAIMER: Containes explicit sexsual content! THIS STORY WAS PUBLISHED YEARS AGO SO I WILL EDIT IT GRADUALLY TO FIT MY CURRENT WRITING STYLE!

Erotica / Romance
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It had been years since I had last visited California. My mom had insisted that I should spend the summer vacation with her and her new husband. She had recently remarried and it was finally time for me to meet my new stepfather. Knowing how lonely my mom had been for years I was happy that she had found love in another man. She was a pretty sexy woman despite being in her early 50s and she deserved a taste of happiness after so many lost years.

I had moved to London when I started college and I had only a semester left to finish my MBA degree. I was still considering whether to return to the States or stay in UK. Things were getting a little complicated with my long-term boyfriend, Brandon. We had been together for the past 3 years and our relationship had become boring and predictable. I liked to be spontaneous and unpredictable so we were having difficulties on embracing our differences. It was different in the beginning. Our relationship was hot, steamy and unpredictable but now, we were no different from an old married couple.

These three months I would spend in the States could help me clear my mind about my future with Brandon. I had loved him in the beginning but there wasn’t much love or passion left in our relationship. Even the sex was boring. I had developed new methods to orgasm since he was unable to do anything for me during sex. Sex meant a lot for me in a relationship and I enjoyed the intimacy but recently it was more like a hit and run case with Brandon. I needed time away from him to think and decide what I wanted to do.

When my Uber pulled up in front of a huge mansion in Beverly Hills, I was more than shocked by the view in front of me. Mom came from a wealthy family but her new husband seemed to match up quite well. Stepping out of the car I got another glance of the beautiful mansion in front of me. I was drooling over the modern architecture and how beautiful this place looked. No wonder mom enjoyed spending so much time at home with her new husband, I thought. Turning my attention to mom, I went over to her immediately to give her a hug. It had been about 2 years since I last saw her. Returning to the States felt weird, so many things had changed yet so many things had remained the same.

Welcome home sweetheart!” Mom said and pulled me in to another tight hug.

I am so happy to see again mom. You look stunning!” I said and placed a kiss on her cheek. I loved my mom above everything in this world. She had her reasons for being the person she was and I still loved her. If she was happy, I was happy.

James takes good care of me. He is such a wonderful man who is amazing in bed.” Mom said and I blushed slightly. I wasn’t a huge fan of listening to my mom’s sex life but I knew that she was a sexually active woman even before she married James. Well I shouldn’t look that far to see where I got my sexual stamina from, I thought and hugged my mom again. I had missed her, after all she was the only family I had in this world.

Let’s get you settled in before dinner. James will arrive in a couple of hours.” Mom said and I followed her inside the house. It was a beautiful home, decorated with delicate pieces of furniture. I wasn’t used to live in a huge mansion with staff but this was going to be my life for the next 3 months.

Do you like it? James have personally picked out every single furniture.” Mom said and I was impressed. My new stepfather had interesting traits. Usually rich men like him wouldn’t even spend time on interior design, they would mostly hire someone to take care of it.

Honey, this is your room…” Mom said, leading me in to a spacious room with an amazing view. Even the bathroom felt bigger than my apartment in London. I was amazed by how beautiful and well thought every single furniture was in this place.

Take a shower and relax before dinner.” Mom said and left me to unpack and settle down. I decided to unpack my stuff before taking a shower but first I had to text Brandon that I had arrived safely to my mom’s place.

//Babe, I have just arrived at my mom’s place. It’s amazing! I wish you be here with me.” I wrote half lying. I was happy to spend a little time away from him but I didn’t want to sound like an ungrateful bitch. Despite all the problems in our relationship, he is still a nice guy, who wants to make me happy, I thought.

//Babe, I’m so happy to hear that you arrived safely. I miss you already. The bed is so empty without you in it.” Brandon wrote and I was rolling my eyes lightly to his message. Even if I was in his bed, he would have probably just slept. He had no sexual drive, which was driving me crazy. I wanted the rough and passionate kind of sex but all we did these days was just to cuddle. I had started watching porn, just to satisfy my need. Yes, I know… I am needy but I am. Not embarrassed to feel this way. I am a healthy young woman who enjoys sex.

Stripping out of my clothes I went in to the huge bathroom, turning on the waterfall shower, I stepped under it. The cold water felt great against my skin. Los Angeles was hot and my body was not used to the heat yet. Feeling the water drops massaging my skin, I closed my eyes imaging how it would feel to have a real man with me in this shower. I was horny. I started touching myself, grabbing my E-cup breasts and rubbing my hard nipples, I was already moaning. My eyes remained closed when I let my right-hand travel down to find my aching clit. Spreading my legs slightly, I started toying with my sensitive bud.

Fantasizing to get fucked by a wild and passionate man, I pushed two fingers inside my pussy. It had been six months since Brandon and I had sex. Six months… I was forced to take care of myself like this. I wanted to feel a real man inside my pussy. I wanted to get fucked by a man who was capable of satisfying me. I moaned louder, moving my fingers faster and faster. I came shortly after feeling my pussy contractions. I needed a minute calm down and catch my breath. Turning off the water, I reached for the towels and covered my wet body.

Taking a step out of the shower cabin I looked up to see a broad-shouldered man. He was leaning against the doorframe while looking at me his sexy blue eyes. His gaze was intense and he looked so damn tasty. The muscles, the beard and most important of all, his visible erection in his jogging pants. Who was this man? I thought and bit my lower lip meeting his gaze again.

Nice to meet you Amy. I am your stepfather, James.” He said, licking his lips and winking before he left the room. I stood there dumbfounded and watched him leave. I had just masturbated in front of my sexy as hell stepfather.

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