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Waking up with a sore body, I replayed last night in my head. Rolling around in bed I was wishing he was here so I could eat him up as the first thing in the morning. I decided to get dressed in a pair of short jean shorts and a white crop top, leaving very little to the imagination. I wanted to go down for breakfast looking good. I was hoping to see him in the kitchen. I was even planning on getting my morning kiss and a little more if I was lucky.

Last night was amazing and everything I had been fantasizing about. Just the thought of fucking my stepfather again was making my core flip with excitement. Putting on light makeup I left my room to go down to the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, I saw him by the table with his cup of coffee and laptop. He was working but when I walked in, his attention was immediately on my body. Scanning me from top to toe, I could feel that he was undressing me with his eyes. I wanted to go over to him and untie his robe before wrapping my lips around his delicious cock. I was craving him so badly.

Good morning Daddy...” I said in a sexy voice going over to the espresso machine. His alerts went off immediately making me notice that my mom was just by the window... fuck! She was right there staring at me with a cryptic look in her eyes.

I see... you guys have gotten closer.” She said sarcastically and I knew she was calculating in her head. I had to find away to get out of this situation.

Honestly... I just call him Daddy to tease him. I recently realized that he is not that fond of the word so I am just having a little fun.” I said trying to sound like it was just something I did to torture him.

I do hate it when you call me that. I wish you could deal with our situation a little differently. I know that you are skeptical about this marriage but can you please keep your mind to yourself.” He said coldly cutting me off. Even though I knew this was an act, it hurt to hear those words from him. What if there was a trace of reality hidden in those words?

Honey...” My mom said placing her hands-on James’s jaw. She pulled him in for a kiss and I was there watching them make out in front of me. I had kissed those lips last night,I had felt them on my skin but now that his lips were on another woman, I felt a hint of jealousy spreading through my core. I wanted him to belong to me, entirely, for the next two months at least. He broke the kiss abruptly and looked into my eyes. I melted away at that moment knowing that he had understood the concern hidden in my eyes. He was devoted to keep his promise or so I hoped.

I will spend the day by the pool. The weather is great and I need to work on my tan.” I said trying to change the topic.

I will join you. I don’t have any plans today but I will be gone for a week from tomorrow on. There is some business I have to take care of in Seattle.” Mom said and I knew immediately that her important business was probably a getaway with one of her lovers.

Okay.” I said a little dry.

I hope you and James will be fine without me around.” She said and I smiled. We would definitely be more than fine. She had just given us a wildcard and I was sure that James was thinking exactly the same.

We will make it work... don’t worry.” He said smiling to me. I knew that smile. That smile was an invitation to sin and I was gladly accepting it. I sat down to have breakfast with them. I was wondering how two polar opposites like mom and James had found each other. Looking at them eating breakfast and chatting, everything surrounding their marriage looked like a construction, a facade. There was something about their relationship that I couldn’t understand. Observing them and their behavior I finished my breakfast. I stood up and smiled at the couple in front of me. I had to figure out what this marriage was based on. I had to know why a man like James would marry a woman like my mom.

I will be by the pool if you need me.” I said looking at James directly. I knew that he was home today so he would be around. I wanted to play around despite the risk of getting caught. Half of the excitement came from the thrill of getting caught. Leaving the kitchen, I went in to my roomlooking for a bikini. I wouldn’t be wearing it much but I still wanted to tease his eyes a little. When I had made it down to the pool James was already there, looking all wet and hot.

I bit my lips to the sight in front of me. My mind was only fixed on one thing, him. I wanted to feel him again, I wanted him to fill me up and make me complete. I was so horny since this morning that I could barely keep my hands to myself. Approaching the pool, I sat down and watched him swim. His muscles were flexing and his body was moving in the water. It was all so sexy to watch. I was in my yellow bikini, covering barely the necessities and I was hoping to get out of it soon.

I heard my mom approach us. She laid down on one of the chaise longs and removed her top. When James got out of the water he went immediately over to my mom and she asked him to put some sun lotion on her back. I was watching them a little jealous. I decided to cool down so I rose from my seat and jumped in to the water, splashing them a little. I stayed in the pool for a couple of minutes before getting out and removing my bikini top, looking in to James’ hungry eyes I laid down on the chaise long next to mom.

Mom was half asleep when James was done rubbing her back with sun lotion and I looked into his eyes playfully, knowing that I was so close but yet so far away. He looked so much in pain for not being able to touch me freely. I couldn’t even imagine what he would have done if mom was not here.

Sun lotion?” He asked and I nodded with a teasing smile. I wanted to feel his hands on my bare skin. He sat down on the edge of the chaise long and put the cold lotion on my skin directly and a small moan escaped my lips. His hands started rubbing my back and I felt his hot breath against my ear.

I want to fuck you...” He whispered groping my buttocks lightly while rubbing the lotion.

Are you wet baby?” He asked and I felt his fingers in between my legs, pushing the string of my bikini thong to the side. I was trying to hold back my moans since I was afraid that we would wake up mom.

You have tried to get Daddy’s attention this whole morning. Here am I ready to give you what you have been begging for...” he whispered, pushing a finger inside my already wet pussy. I felt he added another finger while pressing his thumb against my asshole.

Do you like Daddy’s fingers inside you?” He asked continuing his delicious assault.

Mmmmh.” I moaned slowly. I was drenched in my own juices and I could hear how easilyJames’ fingers were slipping in and out of my horny hole. I wanted to feel his dick fill me up.

James...?” My mom said in a sleepy voice. We pulled away from each other immediately terrified that we had been discovered.

Can you help me get inside? I don’t think sleeping on this chaise long is any good for my back.” She said and we both breathed out in relief. James helped her up and inside whileI tried to calm myself down. We were so close to getting exposed. Shortly after I heard footsteps approaching and when I turned around to look, James was already touching my ass like a starved animal.

Come with me...” He whispered and I followed him in to the garage where he kept all his expensive collection of cars. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me against one of the cars, starting to kiss me hungrily.

I can’t get enough of you. You are tempting me to play dangerous games.” He whispered against my lips and our lips crashed against each other in an instant.

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