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I put my hands against the car and spread my legs as he ordered. His hands were immediately on my buttocks grabbing and removing the tiny fabric of my bikini bottom. His fingers were immediately pushing my wet folds to enter my already wet pussy. However, he was a tease. He was just toying with my clit slowly in circular motions without entering me. He went down on his knees and I felt his tongue against my clit. I started to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t be heard by anyone. His tongue against my pussy was so good, I wanted him to eat me up like this.

Don’t cover your mouth. Nobody can hear us in here.” He said giving me the free card to scream his name. His motions on my clit was getting more intense and I was getting closer to come all over his lips. How could a man be this good at pleasuring a woman I thought when I felt his mouth pull away. I was desperate for a release so I left out a confused whimper.

Please... continue.” I begged, turning my head to look in to his clear blue eyes.

I want to feel your pussy embrace my dick tightly when you come. I want to feel how much your pussy have missed having me inside you. God, I want to hear you scream my name when I pound in to your cunt again and again.” He whispered kissing my shoulder. The warmth of his lips spread across my whole body and I yearned for him. I was truly craving him to be inside of me.

Please Daddy... Fuck me.” I begged hearing his low growl. He was so sexy when he was turned on.Thinking about his age, you would have thought that he would have a low sexual stamina but his dick was proudly erect when he removed his shorts. Rubbing the crown of his thick cock against my entrance I felt so ready to take him in. He entered me slowly enjoying every second of penetrating my tight pussy and then he pulled out entirely. Repeating it over and over again I was begging for more.

I needed him to fuck me roughly. I wanted to feel his animalistic side while he was pulsing inside me. I wanted him to fill me up with his cum and make me scream his again and again. He entered me one more time before he started moving steadily. I was trying to balance my body properly when his hands came around my waist and he pulled my back against his hard chest, fucking me in this standing position in the middle of his garage filled with expensive cars.

Tilting my head, I leaned in to lock my lips with his. Moaning in to his mouth I orgasmed with an explosion. I was shaking with him still pumping inside of me and I was being pulled in and out of this intense orgasm, feeling it last for minutes. His hands were all over me touching, groping and feeling me until one of his hands reached down to my clit. He started rubbing my clit intensely with his fingers while he continued moving in and out of my slippery hole. His hungry bites on my neck was intoxicating me and I couldn’t get enough of him. He was working my body for another powerful orgasm. I leaned against his expensive Porsche to steady myself. His thrusts were so powerful.

Yes Daddy! Please... Faster!” I moaned, dazed and intoxicated.

Do you like this baby? Do you like how Daddy makes you feel?” He asked knowing what he was doing to me. It was not only making me feel good but also him. His pulsing dick inside of my pussy was the proof of how much he enjoyed being inside of me.

Yes... Fuck me. I want to feel you hot cum inside my pussy.” I said and he spanked my ass. I felt the tingling pain turn into hot waves of pleasure.

So fucking dirty.” He whispered and plunged deeper in to me, reaching depths that no man had ever reached. I was shaking with the overwhelming pleasure he was gifting me with. Getting closer to another orgasm I felt him increase his speed and soon the garage was filled with our begging moans for release. I came hard on his dick the moment he shot the first load of cum into the depths of my pussy.

Trying to catch our breath we collapsed against his Porsche. He was still inside me when his arms pulled me in to a tight embrace. It was full of warmth and passion. I smiled knowing that he at least cared for me a little and this wasn’t just steamy sex.

Well I have never been fucked against such an expensive car.” I said playfully and his lips were nibbling on my neck.

It’s yours now.” He whispered and I couldn’t understand what he meant by that. He pulled out of me and turned me to face him knowing that I had difficulties understanding why he was giving me one of his expensive cars.

You can have whatever you want. I can give you whatever you want. Name it and it’s yours.” He said looking at me serious. He wasn’t joking. My rich stepfather was volunteering to become my sugardaddy. How ironic was that?

Now you want to be my sugardaddy as well?” I asked a little annoyed but he wasn’t bothered by my question at all.

I am fucking you so let me at least take care of your needs. I left a credit card on your bedside table. Use it to buy whatever you want.” He said being serious. I couldn’t believe he was serious about this. He should know that I wasn’t a whore he could pay and keep happy. I was sleeping with him because I wanted to sleep with him not because of what he could offer me. I pushed him away and looked at his face in disbelief.

I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to pay me or for my services. I fuck you because I want to, not because of what you can give me.” I said and grabbed the bikini bottom from the floor. He stepped closer to me when he noticed how much his words had hurt me.

I didn’t mean to upset you.” I said and he brushed my arms lightly with his fingers. His blue eyes were genuinely apologizing for his words while his lips were afraid to say more that could hurt my feelings.

I just want you. I am attracted to you, you make me feel wanted.” I said being the most honest I had ever been since I had met him. He gave me an intimate kiss. It was different than the heated, urgent kisses we usually shared. When his lips parted, I couldn’t stop myself from leaning in and wanting more.

Let’s go somewhere after Charlotte leaves tomorrow. I have a vacation house by the coast and I am sure you will like the privacy.” He said and placed a kiss on my forehead. I was going to spend more time with him. I was going to be alone with him, without anyone around to disturb us.

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