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After my mom left early in the morning I packed and met James downstairs. I was dressed in a flowy short summer dress to please his eyes. It was always a pleasure to see him, every time I looked at him I was being draw stronger to him and I liked how it made me feel. At this point I didn’t even care if he was using me. I just liked the thrill of this dangerous relationship and I looked forward to having him only for me. When our eyes met downstairs I couldn’t help but biting my lower lip to his reaction to my outfit. His eyes were already burning with a distinct desire to rip the dress and take me on the floor right here, right now.

You are not going to play fair at all are you?” He asked with a smirk and approached me slowly while eating me up with his eyes. I loved the attention and hunger he had for me. It was the first time a man had shown me how wonderful sex could be that I was craving him constantly, his lips, hands and touches. The discrete smile on his lips warmed me and excited me. He looked so good when he was less formal but I liked a composed and serious man who knew how to undo a woman in his hands.

You are not being fair either.” I said when he was just few inches away from my body. When he was within my reach I placed a hand on his chest and looked directly in to his eyes. He was a sweet distraction and I liked being close to him but whenever I looked at him I saw the reflection of my mom in his eyes. I wasn’t proud of this but I simply couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t stay away from him when he was this delicious.

Let’s get into the car before I change my mind and lock you inside of my garage to fuck you up against every single car I own.” He whispered leaning in for a short kiss. He took my hand in his and looked at the small bag I had packed with an arched brow.

I don’t need that many clothes when I am with you.” I said biting my lips. He helped me into the car and put the bag on the back seat before getting seated on the drivers seat. The drive took around one and half hoursand we arrived to the beautiful beach house he had mentioned. It was by the coastand secluded with a private beach. I couldn’t wait to get into the water.

Feeling the warm sand against my bare feet was nice. I enjoyed the subtle breeze while looking at the beautiful ocean in front of me. James was watching me form the patio. I turned around and walked back to the house where he was waiting for me with a gentle smile on his lips. After so many years abroad this place felt warm and welcoming, it felt like being home.

I wish we could stay here forever. Away from everyone and everything.” I said looking at the water longingly. Bringing my eyes back to James I leaned in for a kiss. His lips were warm and gentle. Getting close to him was also getting dangerous. I desired him but I was afraid to face the fact that my feelings for this man was silently growing stronger. I had to keep reminding myself that this was temporary but I failed every time I looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

Stay...” He whispered pulling me closer to his body. I wanted time to stop right here so I could stay here with him forever but our truth was scarier than that.

You are a married man James. Worst of all, you are married to my mother.” I said avoiding his gaze. Putting his fingers on my chin he directed my eyes back tohis.

A marriage on paper. If your mom was determined to guard this castle she would have been here with me instead of you.” He said trying to give me a reason to feel better about our arrangement. Putting my hands in his jeans back pockets, I pulled him closer and leaned in to kiss him again. He was mine, here and now he belonged to me and I was planning on enjoying this week with him. Biting his bottom lip lightly I looked directly into his eyes and moved my hands up to remove his leather jacket.

Mmmh…” I moaned when his hands lifted the hem of my dress to grope my ass like he owned me.

You are dangerous little one...” He whispered against my lips and grabbed my hand directing me inside. Throwing me on to the nearby coach he positioned himself in between my thighs and ripped my thong to pieces within seconds. His eyes were focused on mine when he dipped down and stroked my aching clit with his tongue. He sucked it like he wanted to break me. Thrusting two fingers inside of my pussy, he was claiming me his bit by bit.

Spreading my legs further with my hands I was giving him access to what belong to him. I loved the feeling of belonging to a man who knew how to fuck me senseless and make me beg for his dick. Our compatibility was beyond anything and I couldn’t think about anything but him pulsing inside of me. I needed him so bad. His rapid motions were bringing me to the edge before he stopped and left me in frustration.

Please...” I begged unable to form a proper sentence.

Please what?” He asked me sheepishly knowing I was painfully close to come.

Please Daddy...” I begged shamelessly. I wanted him to fill me up and fuck me with his deliciously hard cock. I heard the sound of his zipper and my eyes were immediately focused on his erection. He was stroking himself to the sight of my aching pussy. I was desperate to feel him deeply inside of me. Lifting me from the coach he helped me out of my dress. I was naked and dripping in front of this gorgeous piece of a man.

I brushed my hands against his shirt buttons and started unbuttoning them slowly. Removing the last piece of clothing from his body I started touching his toned abs. I started kissing his neck moving down to lick his nipples and further down to lick his delicious abs. Amazed by his devotion to work out and keep this killer body I could only appreciate what was in front of me.

My hands wrapped around his erection and I gave the tip a lick. I took his length into my mouth while looking into his eyes. His hands grabbed my hair urgently pushing his cock further down. His moans were the best music to my ears. I pulled away and started sucking his balls while watching his dazed expression. His fingers bushed my jaw lightly and he lifted my head slowly to kiss my lips with a burning heat.

“You are mine little one...” He whispered against my lips and I looked into those blue eyes that took my breathaway. I was his and I wasn’t complaining about it.

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