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My hands cupped his jaw pulling him closer into a kiss. I was pouring my heart into it. How could I even feel this much attracted to someone I had just known for the past month and tried to hate for all the things he made me feel and want. He was pushing my buttons and making me go crazy but I liked it. I enjoyed being played with and I loved the dynamic between us. I had never been involved with a man who could offer me everything at the same time. However, he was still married to my mother.

He lifted me urgently in his arms and balanced my body against the wall. Our kisses had heated our deprived bodies and we were smiling against each other’s lips while his erection was poking my entrance. His hands were on my thighs feeling my burning skin against his palms.

Fuck me... Daddy” I whispered keeping my eyes on his. He positioned himself slowly sliding into my wet hole. I felt him inch by inch claiming every piece of me. His lips crashed on mine and I moaned into his heated kisses. My nails were deliciously marking his back with the intensity of our heat. His dick was pulsing intensely inside of my pussy and he was hitting all the delicious spots thrust after thrust, making me feel him deep inside.

I want you to belong entirely to me. I want to claim every part of your body and mark you as mine.” He whispered intensely keeping my eyes on his. I was taking in his words bit by bit letting him have me totally. What we had was intense and we were constantly craving for more. His rapid thrusts were bringing me closer to my orgasm and when he sucked my neck lightly I couldn’t stop my orgasm crashing on me instantly. He followed me shortly after and filled my pussy with his hot seeds.

Sex with him was amazing and I couldn’t stop thinking of how a future with him would be like. My heart skipped a beat and I panicked with the thought of leaving him after the end of summer. I couldn’t let my heart take over my feelings. On paper we were still a taboo to hide from the public.

Pulling out of my pussy slowly he kept me in his arms and walked us over to the master bedroom to put me down on the bed. Laying down next to me he snuggled closer to my body and whispered sweet nothings to my ear. My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t stop myself from falling hard and deep. I had been in a loveless relationship for so long that the affection he showed me was making my knees go weak.

I liked everything about this forbidden relationship. Turning in his arms I faced him. Looked into those blue eyes that took my breath away. He was beautiful to look at and I wanted to remember every detail of his face so I could remember him after our parting in few weeks.

Amy...” He whispered closing his eyes when I brushed my fingers against his lips.

Stay...” He whispered opening his eyes. His voice was soft and begging. He wanted me to stay here with him but what about everything else in our lives?

I can’t...” I whispered almost silently.

I want you to stay for me. I need you in my life.” He whispered. He was expecting me to sacrifice everything I had built up in London on my own. I couldn’t let my feelings for him control me. I had worked hard to become the woman I was today. I couldn’t let him take that away from me.

I have a life in London, a school I have to finish. I can’t sacrifice that for what we have here. We are not exactly in love James. We know that this is temporary and bound to end.” I said hurting myself deeply. Despite everything I wanted this one thing in my life to be real but there were so many odds against it, against us. He was silently observing me when he pulled me into a tight embrace and we drifted into a peaceful sleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up to an empty bed and decided to shower before I did anything else. I found a white short summer dress in my bag and wore that to cover my nakedness before I walked out of the bedroom to find James in this enormous beach house.

James?” I called out to locate him. I had no idea about where he was.

I am in the kitchen.” He said and I walked over to find him wearing a black pair of boxers while cooking something. Daddy James looked deliciously hot and I couldn’t stop myself from biting my bottom lip. Damn I wanted to bite that tasty ass I thought while I approached him slowly.

Come here.” He said holding out his hand out for me to take. Pulling me closer to his body he gave me a tight embrace while placing a tender kiss on my forehead. I loved this tender affection. He was always so sweet and thoughtful. I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky my mom was to call him her husband.

Can I help with anything?” I asked and placed a tender kiss on his cheek. I was trying to shake the thoughts of my mom away. I was here with James and I was going to enjoy the alone time I had with him.

You can start working on the salad.” He said with a killer smile. He looked so charismatic and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting more with him. I barely knew him though. He was married to my mom now but he must have had other relationships or maybe he had children of his own. He deserved to have children, those genetics should be passed down to the future generations, I though smiling to myself.

Why are you smiling?” He said brushing some hair behind my ear. I turned to look at him and smiled.

I was just wondering if you have any children. I am sure that you have had relationships or marriages before my mom but I haven’t heard you talk about any children.” I said and he smiled while brushing my jaw lightly with his thumb.

I was married once before your mother but that was years ago. I had just opened my firm back then so I wasn’t making much. I was working day and night while my wife was screwing my best friend and business partner. After my divorce I focused on work and had few short-termrelationships but nothing lead to marriage or children. I met your mother last spring and we hit it off immediately. I liked her free spirit and we decided to get married to maintain our image.” He said and I looked at him a little confused.

Maintain your image?” I asked and he nodded.

Your mother is a wonderful woman Amy but her reputation speaks for her. In my case I needed an excuse to keep the board away from selecting someone with a better image for the company. 40 something year old bachelor is not really the best image in the business world.” He said hesitating to joke about it. I finally understood the terms of their relationship.

I just don’t understand why you still sleep with my mom if this is just a marriage on paper.” I said looking for answers.

I haven’t really slept with her.” He said looking into my eyes and I was hesitating to believe him for a moment.

Amy... there are ways to satisfy a woman without fucking her.” He said winking but I had heard them have sex before and I was certain that he was sleeping with her.

I have talented fingers...” He said playfully and kissed my cheek gently before turning to check on the stove. All of a sudden everything made sense.

It’s a shame though... that you don’t have any children.” I said without paying much attention to my words.

Why? Are you sad about not having any step siblings?” He asked sarcastically.

No, of course not. It is just sad that those beautiful genes will die down with you.” I said and gasped when I realized what I had just said. He stepped behind me and placed his head on my shoulder. His hot breath was on my ear and I couldn’t move.

How about we make one?” He asked and I froze on the spot instantly.

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