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His question came as a surprise and I couldn’t gather my thoughts together to say anything. I was so confused about my feelings for him and our relationship that I simply didn’t know how to answer that innocent question.

Don’t worry Amy. I wouldn’t force you to have my children.”He whispered playfully and pulled away. This was an awkward turn of events and it felt a little distant when he pulled away abruptly. He wanted to have children with me? That was an interesting turn of events considering the fact that we had only known each other for such a short period of time.

Pushing those thoughts away Icontinued preparing the salad. When the dinner was ready we set the table and James brought out a bottle of red wine to go with the steaks. This felt so intimate yet so awkward after the topic of exes and children.

Don’t think too much about it, Amy. I just said it without thinking much about it. I know that you are young and you have your own version of a future you want to live.” He said looking serious. He had gotten dressed after preparing the meal and I was already missing the sight of his flexing muscles under the black t-shirt.

I don’t know how to say this...” I said taking a sip from the wine. “It’s not an issue of having or wanting children. I like what we have right now but I am confused. My feelings are a mess. I can’t joke around something so serious.”I said and he nodded understanding my worries.

I am sorry. I shouldn’t have mentioned.” He said and reached to take my hand in his. He lifted it gently and placed a warm kiss inside my palm.

I haven’t felt this drawn to any women in long time Amy. I want to explore these feelings and see where it brings us but I also understand your worries and I wouldn’t stand in the way of your dreams.” He said placing another hot kiss on my wrist making me melt into his intense blueeyes. Releasing my hand, he let me enjoy the food and we chatted a little more about our previous lives before meeting each other. I was learning so much about him and I liked knowing what kind of a man he was before I met him.

Have you ever dreamt of leaving the States and moving somewhere else?” I asked. Our conversation had drifted from one thing to another and I was curious to know if he would ever be willing to move his life for me or any other reason.

I have never thought about it. My life was built here and I have my company to run. I need a solid reason to move. I am not 25 and adventures anymore.” He said and laughed. It was like he was wishing to be young again.

Come here...” He said and gestured me to sit on his lap. I disappeared in his embrace and rested my head against his shoulder. My heart was racing like crazy with how intimate this moment was. If I could I would have stayed in this moment forever.

I can’t help but feeling greedy when I am with you, when you are in my arms...” He whispered and brushed my cheek softly with his rough fingers. I leaned in to his touches and took in his manly scent. Standing up I took his hand in mine and directed him out to the patio. The sun was setting at the horizon and we startedwalking on the sand hand in hand. There was something so raw and intimate about our connection and I couldn’t seem to distance myself from his sweet affections.

Pulling me into a back hug we stood like that and watched the calm waves. Even though I was confused and my head was overthinking, I wanted to just focus on him at this moment. Lifting his left hand, I placed a kiss on it and I kept it inside my small hand. This moment in his arms was precious and I wanted him to know how much I appreciated my time with him.

James...” I said in a raspy voice. The words escaped my lips before I could take themback.

Make love to me...” I said, I wasn’t playing the Daddy game anymore. He was James, my James and I wanted to know how it would feel to be loved by this gorgeous man. His lips were on my neck kissing me slowly and I turned in his arms to look into those blue eyes that I lost myself in.

So beautiful...” He whispered against my lips and pushed away a strand of hair from my face tugging it behind my ear. His hands cupped my face and I felt his lips gently brush against mine. Laying my body down on the sand he continued to kiss me slowly.My thoughts were bubbly and I was finally focusing on only him. Brushing his hands up from my thighs I felt his fingers against the fabric of my thong. His finger was pushing the fabric against my swollen clit and I was melting into his slow touch.

His lips never left mine when he was toying with my clit. His tongue was exploring deeper and I was gradually giving the power to him. I liked being at his mercy. He could take me any way he wanted and I wouldn’t complain. I had already made my mind and I belonged to this man, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. Breaking the kiss for a moment I felt my panties rip and I couldn’t stop smiling against his swollen lips.

Hey... I need those you know.” I said playfully but his expression was serious and demanding.

You don’t need to cover yourself when you are with me. I will take what’s mine with or without the challenges.” He whispered and crashed his lips on mine once more. He was like a drug paralysing every unwanted thought on his way. He removed the dress easily by pulling the straps and I was soon naked on the white sand.

Grabbing the hem of his t-shirt I pulled it up revealing his muscled body. His eyes never left mine. He was trying to keep my attention on him. He was trying to connect with me so he could pour all the intense feelings in between us directly into my body and mind. When he stood up to remove his jogging pants and boxers he was still keeping the eye contact which was making me aware of my nakedness. A sudden shyness washed over me and I tried to cover myself with my hands blushing. He lay down next to me and turned my body to face him.

Don’t ever hide yourself from me…” He whispered and kissed my lips gently. Pushing me back on my back he towered over me and started to kiss down my neck. I was dripping wet and ready to feel him inside me. My hands went up to cup his face and I kissed him again and again.

I want to feel you...” we whispered at the same time without breaking the eye contact between us. He positioned himself in between my legs and soon his erection was poking my entrance, wanting to get a taste of my heat.

He entered me slowly claiming every part of me his. Our eyes were connected and we felt every inch of each other. My heart was beating like crazy when he was fully inside me. He stopped and brushed the hair away from my face. He looked so handsome in the orange glow of the setting sun. This very moment he was mine and only mine. I was falling deeply for his charms unable stop myself.

He started moving slowly but it was still intense. Our eyes never left each other’s and we moaned the words we were afraid to say to each other. His trusts became more urgent and rapid while my toes started curl slowly leading me to an amazing orgasm.

Amy... my beautiful Amy...” He moaned breathlessly. Every thrust hit my g-spot perfectly shattering me pieceby piece.

Come for me...” He whispered increasing the speed of his powerful thrusts. I started clenching around his cock buried inside my pussy while I moaned out his name like a prayer.His pulsing cock hit my g-spot one last time before he released his hot seeds inside of me. I was spent and marked by this amazing man. He had just made love to me and I couldn’t seem to calm myself down. I was really falling for him helplessly.

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