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We spent the week away together in James’ beach house by the coast. It was perfect. We spent every second together like a newlywed couple. Breakfasts in bed, walks on the beach and lazy cuddles on the sofa in front of the television, we paid zero attention to. The whole week was about us and I was sad to see it coming to an end. I had enjoyed having him all to myself and I wasn’t ready to face my mom and the feeling of guilt I had been hiding away for the past week.

Ready to leave?” He asked pulling me into his arms. He had been warm and gentle since we had sex on the beach that first night. I liked his possessiveness since it was the first time anyone wanted to keep me in their life this desperately.

Can’t we just stay here forever?” I asked knowing that it wasn’t going to happen. We had responsibilities we had to return to.

We can always come back.” He said kissing my forehead. The sweet gestures were making my knees go weak. I had started to develop feelings for him and whenever he did something sweet I couldn’t calm my poor heart down. I wanted to be in his arms constantly. Taking a step away from him realized that he was dressed in one of his suits. Guessing that he would directly go to the company after dropping me off I was feeling a little sad about letting this bubble go that we had been in for the past week.

I was dressed in a turtleneck and a miniskirt feeling comfortable. I had to choose something less provocative so I wouldn’t distract my man while driving. James grabbed my bag and opened the door for me. I sat down on the passenger seat waiting for him to walk around the car and sit on the drivers seat. He looked so handsome every time I looked at him and I couldn’t believe that I was actually having an affair with a man like him.

You are staring beautiful... you are distracting me.” He said with a smirk and took my hand in his while driving away from the property.Looking back to the house of my dreams I felt a little sad to say goodbye. He brushed my hand in his gently with his thumb.

We will come back.” He said reassuring me. This was the only place I could call ours. A house where only James and Amy had lived. We were silent most of the drive back while holding hands. Even a simple thing like holding hands was making my heart flutter and his sexy smile would get my panties wet immediately.

I was so madly into this man that it was scaring me. I had no clue about his feelings or what the future had to offer this relationship. All I knew was that I was going back to London in the end of the summer leaving him here, with my mom, his wife. I was doing this thing again where I was just guilt tripping myself into feeling bad for what I was doing with James.

When we arrived at the house he dropped me off and went to work right away. Everything was back to normal, I was back to being James’s little secret as much as he was mine. I walked up to my room and threw myself on the bed. I had some thinking to do. I had to figure out what I wanted to do with these feelings I was growing inside of me. I had already promised myself that I wasn’t going to stay no matter what. I had to go back to London, go back to my life, friends and school.

Maybe it was the best decision for the both of us. If I left he could just continue his life with my mom like nothing happened. I just had to keep my feelings under control. I wasn’t someone’s dirty little secret. I wanted to be more than that for a man. Stripping out of my clothes I went in to the bathroom. Filling the bathtub with water I decided to rest and think a little over my situation with James. I heard a knock on my rooms door while I was in the tub relaxing and my mom walked in.

Hi sweetheart, how have you been?” She asked and I started cringing a little inside. I loved my mom but I also hated how less she cared about people around her. I came all the way from London to spend my summer with her but she was spending more time outside this house with other men than she was spending with me. I was angry but yet again who am I to talk? I am the daughter who sleeps around with her new husband.

Fine... Nothing much happened.” I said and looked at her smiling face. She was at least happy with this new side-man she was screwing.

James told me that you guys went to the beach house. I hope you got the opportunity to bond a little.” She said. Apparently, James had told my mom that we were going on a friendly stepfather-daughter trip.

Yeah... it was nice to get out of the city.” I answered shortly looking away from her.

Honey... you should call some of your old friends. Hang out with people your age.” She said with her annoying voice. Sometimes I just wanted to shake some common sense into this woman. I had no friends in this city thanks to my mom’s reputation of a man hunter. She had even slept with my best friend Stacie’s father which basically ended our friendship since her parents divorced after the scandal went public.

Don’t worry about me I am fine by myself.” I said a little distant. She nodded in silence and smiled.

I will be in the library reading if you want to come and hang out.” She said and I smiled. We had so little in common to talk about so I wondered what kind of bonding she was planning for us in the library. Closing my eyes, I relaxed in the tub. James’s face flashed in my mind and I bit my lower lip. We have had plenty of sex over the past week but I couldn’t stop myself from craving him again and again. After finishing my long bath, I threw on a white mini dress before heading out of my room.

Heading down the hall I looked at James’ office door. My heart started beating unintentionally and I walked up to the door. Putting my hand on the doorknob I opened the door and walked in. I had been in this office before but I had never looked at it like I did today. Walking around and inhaling his scent in the air of the office I sat down on the chair closing my eyes. I was thinking about the past week when the door opened and James walked in.

I thought you were coming back late today.” I said a little surprised and heard the door lock behind James. I stood up from the chair and went over to the edge of the table brushing my fingers against it.

My assistant had prepared the paperwork I had to look at while I was away so I thought of working from my home office.” He said approaching with a smile.

I guess being the CEO pays off in some situations.” I said beaming with happiness to see him home. He dropped his bag on the table and turned to give me an intimate kiss.

I locked the door...” He said with a mischievous grin and sat me on the table. Brushing my thighs with his hands he earned a low moan from me.

We can’t...” I whispered closing my eyes.

I know...” He whispered and took a step away. It bothered him but we couldn’t do much when my mom was basically in the room next to the office. He sat down on his chair and gestured me over to him. Pulling my body gently, he made me sit in his lap before placing another heated kiss on my lips.

I want you so bad. I couldn’t even stay at the office for few hours. I was constantly thinking about you.” He said kissing me again slowly. His hands brushed my dress up a little andstarted drawing circles on my bare thighs. My heart was betraying my mind and I couldn’t seem to control myself when I was around him.

Come to my room tonight.” I said and placed another kiss on his lips before standing up and leaving his office.

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