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I went down to the kitchen around dinner time and saw that my mom was giving some directions to the staff. She turned around and noticed me immediately.

Sweetheart! Did you have a good rest? You didn’t come by the library so I thought you decided to rest instead.” She said smiling.

I skyped with Amelie. She is doing an internship and does only have time on weekends to do Skype calls.” I said lying. I was honestly not feeling like having any one-sided conversations withmy mother. Her understanding was limited to herself and she wasn’t honestly interested in what I was up to. James entered the kitchen and my eyes focused immediately on him. He flashed one of his killer smiles flipping my core instantly. Walking over to the side of the counter he leaned over and focused his eyes on me.

Ladies...” He said looking over to my mom who was approaching him. Putting her arms around his neck she placed a kiss on his cheek.

I haven’t seen you around since I came back.” She said clinging more to James. I was getting more pissed at how annoying she was.

Honey...” James said and removed her hands putting them down on the counter. “…it’s been a long day.” He said smiling discreetly. He was treating her colder than usual and I enjoyed watching it. Knowing that James was sleeping with me I still considered my mom as competition since she was the one married to him. What if James had a change of heart or what if he was just having some fun with me, living his stepdaughter fantasies? I thought feeling a little uneasy.

I have missed you.” She said mischievously and I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes. I wondered when she had time to miss James while she was in the arms of another man.

When’s the food ready?” I asked trying to sound like I wasn’t interested in their conversation. Keeping up a facade was getting gradually difficult since I had started to convince myself that I deserved to be by his side, not my mom. She was not even treating him as much of a man as I did.

Soon honey. You can wait in the dining room while James and I have a little chat.” She said looking a little serious. I saw the reassuring look in James’ eyes and went into the dining room where the table was set. I took my seat and heard them speak a little but their conversation was unclear so I decided to just wait it out. When they came back inside they both looked fine so we sat down to eat.

So how was your trip?” She asked and I looked at James. She was digging it too much and I didn’t like it.

It was good... since you are not around most of the time, I thought I could at least entertain Amy.” James said and I started to feel anxious about where this conversation was going.

How was your trip mom?” I asked feeling a little rebellious. She had no right to interrogate us when she was doing shady things herself.

It was good.” She said shortly and a silence settled over the table. Eating in peace we were trying to fight the awkward situation hanging over us. James was the one who broke the silence.

We are planning a celebration for the company in two weeks. It’s our 20-year anniversary so the board has decided to throw a party.” He said and looked at my mom. “Please keep that weekend free. I need you to be there for appearances.” He said shortly and a little annoyed. Mom nodded and I felt like I was watching this weird telenovela unfolding in front of me.

James’ leg brushed mine lightly under the table and when I looked up to face him mischief was written all over that playful smirk on his lips. I smiled discreetly and lifted my foot to brush his inner thighs lightly. His eyes were piercing holes through my body and I was feeling more mischievous while my mom was just next to us. My toes brushed his balls lightly and James left out a low growl he was trying to hide with a cough. I decided to leave the game at its best and finished eating. Grabbing my empty plate, I went in to the kitchen.

I’ll be in my room if you need me!” I yelled from the kitchen but I went upstairs when I didn’t hear any response. Shortly after I entered my room my phone buzzed with a message from James.

//I guess I have to discipline your bad behavior tonight.” He wrote and a sudden excitement rushed over my body. I enjoyed his understanding of a punishment.

//I will be waiting for your punishment... Daddy...” I wrote and went over to my closet to find something interesting to wear for James. I found a set of white lingerie and decided to go for those and nothing else. There was no point in dressing up when he would remove them in the end, I though smiling. My heart was beating like crazy with expectation and shortly after there was a knock on my door.

Come in...” I said and James walked in from the door. Closing it gently behind him he locked it before walking over to the bed where I was standing. Smirking deliciously, he pulledme close to his body and our skin brushed against each other. We were both burning with an undeniable heat.

You are here to punish me Daddy?” I whispered looking into his eyes, biting my lower lip. He looked so fucking sexy while licking his lips and brushing his fingers lightly against my arms.

Yes... I am going to discipline you so you won’t do mischievous things when there are other people around.” He said and sat down on the bed pulling me to lay over his lap. Groping my buttocks hungrily he spanked me once... twice... and soon I lost count. The pain was turning into wild pleasure. Ripping the panties, he continued spanking me. It was hot and I couldn’t stop my pussy from aching with want.

Please Daddy...” I begged but I wasn’t begging for him to stop I was begging for him to take me.

Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked while pushing fingers inside my wet hole, teasing me.

Yes...” I answered and he pulled my hair lifting my head.

You are mine... and only mine to please... in return you will obey me do you understand?” He whispered against my ear his fingers started toying with my asshole.

Yes...” I said unable to form a proper sentence.

Tonight... I will fuck this beautiful ass of yours and claim what’s mine entirely.” He whispered making me whimper with expectation. His rough way of handling me was turning me on and I liked how dominant he was tonight. He wanted to mark his territory and I wasn’t going to stop him.

I...” I said and stopped when he pushed a finger inside my ass. This foreign feeling wasmaking me lose myself entirely. I had never tried anything like this before.

Is it going to hurt? I have never...” I said and stopped when I felt him stretching my asshole with a second finger.

You are telling me no one has been up in your pretty ass before?” He asked and I could hear the slight joy in his voice.

Nobody ever suggested that as an option.” I said playfully. Being with James was a rollercoaster ride when it came to sex. It was fast and adventures with hints of surprises. Lifting me up he threw me on the bed and removed his clothes before grabbing my left ankle and dragging me to the edge of the bed. Lifting my ass in the air his tongue took a deep dive between my folds while his fingers were toying with my asshole.

Moaning uncontrollably, I felt every stroke of his tongue. He stopped abruptly after a second and he stood up to position himself at my entrance. The tip of his cock was brushing against my wet pussy. He pushed himself in urgently bending his huge body over my back. Unclasping the bra, I felt his hands come around to grope my breasts while I felt his hot breath against my neck.

Mmmh...” I moaned from be bottom of my lungs. He rose back to his knees again and I felt him pull out of my pussy to position himself in front of my ass. Feeling the cold lube against my opening I shuttered with the need to feel him. The pressure of the tip of his cock was making me crazy already.

Relax and take me in baby.” He said penetrating my ass slowly inch by inch. He was using lube to go deeper and when he was fully buried in me he started moving slowly. Lost in pleasure I moaned forgetting everything about mom. She could probably hear us but at this moment I didn’t care.

His urgent thrusts and throbbing dick was making me crazy and I was at the edge of my orgasm. His hand came around to my clit and he started rubbing it while fucking my ass with full force. I came with an intense orgasm feeling him pulsing deep inside me. His urgent thrusts continued until he let out a final growl and released his hot cum inside my ass. We collapsed on the bed satisfied and spent. Pulling me in to his arms his placed a warm kiss on my forehead.

Next round... I want you to scream my name even louder.” He said and I buried my face against his chest embarrassed.

Do you think she heard us?” I asked a little worried and he kissed me gently on the lips.

She went out after our argument.” He said looking into my eyes. “She will probably not be back until morning.” He continued with a smirk. “His cock bobbed against my thighs and he was getting hard again. His stamina was just way better than all the men I had dated before. Leaning in to his kiss I closed my eyes. I was where I belonged, in James’ strong arms.

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