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Open the door or I am going to break it open!” He yelled again snapping me out of my thoughts. I went over to the door and turned the lock. Afraid of what he wanted to do I stepped away from the door and walked over to the bed where my suitcase was spread across. Watching the door open slowly, he stepped inside with jealousy written all over his face. He looked pissed and most of all he looked murderous. He approached me instantly grabbing my wrist possessively, pulling me closer to his body.

Why did you leave with Ben? I told you that he was bad news, didn’t I? Or maybe you enjoyed the attention he gave you. Did you enjoy his attention? Did you like his hands on you that much that you asked him to take you home?” He said tightening his grip. He was jealous, he was pissed that I had left with Ben.

Answer me!” He yelled. He was angry and hurt but I haven’t even done a fraction of what he had done in front of my eyes with his wife.

You kissed her in front of me. You didn’t even try to avoid it or find an excuse. I had told you when this all started that I was going to be the only woman in your life yet you couldn’t stand the tiny pressure from the people around you and you kissed her.” I said furious. Remembering the kiss, they shared. This was breaking my heart and hurting my pride.

Who the fuck are you to ask me for an explanation. You don’t deserve an explanation! The moment I walk out of that door you will become a nobody to me!” Hurt flash on his blue eyes and he sat down on the bed holding his head between his hands he was selecting his words carefully.

You belong to me Amy, you are mine. I already made that pretty clear to you! Yet you turned your back to me the moment you could.” He said trying to calm down his rage. “You know that this marriage is on paper.” He said looking up to meet my eyes.

So what? This doesn’t change anything. I will be out of your life in a couple of weeks so why bother?” I asked.

You don’t really understand, do you?” He asked with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Understand what? That you have to keep an appearance? No, I don’t, not after you telling me that I am yours. Why do you belong to someone else then?” I asked.

I don’t...” He said shortly keeping his eyes locked on mine.

Then why are you holding on to your marriage just for appearance? Why are you hiding this relationship if it means so much to you?” I asked calmly, wanting to know his feelings.

Because I love you Amy!” He said, making my heart skip a beat. He had just said that he loved me and I was more confused now.

I want to protect you from every single bad thing. Standing next to me tonight would have labelled you as the bad person. You would have been named the girl who stole her stepfather away from her mom. I want you to stand next to me with your head held high and proud to be mine.” He said approaching me slowly and holding my hands in his.

I was afraid to tell you how I felt about you knowing that you are young and have your own dreams to chase. I was fine with being your dirty secret Amy. I was thinking of letting you go in the end of summer since I couldn’t hold my feelings for you above your head. I wanted you to choose me by yourself without feeling obligated to stay because I had declared my love to you but here we are. I am doing the very thing I told myself I wouldn’t.” he said while his hands were shaking slightly. He was nervous of trusting his heart to me.

Tonight, made me realize that I can’t tolerate seeing other men next to you or around you. The moment you stepped into this house I wanted to know you. I was so invested in you that I couldn’t think of anything but you. The first night I held you I felt this strong connection that I wasn’t willing to let go of. That’s why I tempted you countless times… I wanted this so bad. When we were at the beach house I realized how much I had missed a woman in my life. Having you by my side the whole week made me desire the family I had never really dreamt of since my divorce to my first wife. You made me want to be someone I thought I couldn’t be.” He said holding my hands tightly.

Taken aback by this love declaration I was confused. My heart was warm and the tears were trailing down my cheeks but it was just harder to decide now. If I chose to go back to London I would lose this man but if I stayed I would lose myself and everything I had worked so hard to achieve.

Amy...” He whispered with his raspy voice. He was looking for answers and I was dumbfounded by the turn of events. This whole situation was messy and I simply didn’t know what to say. I loved him but how about my mom? How could I ever tell her that I had slept with James and I was in love with him. I was a huge mess.

Hold me...” I whispered and he pulled me in to his arms. His embrace was warm and addictive but would I really be able leave everything and just commit to him and this relationship. I was afraid to hurt the only person I considered family even though she had failed to love me as a mother I still wanted to have her in my life. She was selfish but she was the only person on earth I had as a family. This decision was going to be difficult.


We had spent the night in each other’s arms cuddling and feeling the warmth of our bodies. His heartbeat against mine was reminding me of what life was really about. If it was just the two of us the equation would probably be easier to solve I thought and felt his fingers brush my cheek gently. Looking up we welcomed another morning together. Taking his hand in mine I leaned in to his touches.

Good morning...” He whispered and I realized that we were still in our clothes from last night.Covering my face desperately I jumped out of the bed and launched myself to the bathroom to wash my face. The running mascara and the ruined makeup looked horrible. James appeared at the door with a smile.

You are beautiful even with your running mascara.” He said approaching me to give me a back hug. Leaning in I enjoyed feeling his warm body pressed against mine and then I felt something else pressed eagerly against my back.

How about a shower? Or we could get into the hot tub.” He suggested with a low growl. Turning my head slightly I leaned in to a long intimate kiss.

Shower sounds good. Will you be joining me?” I asked playfully knowing the answer already.

Always...” He whispered and started stripping me out of my clothes and to his surprise there wasn’t much to remove after the dress was gone. Biting my bottom lip I looked up to meet his eyes. He lifted me to sit on the countertop by the sink before he went down to get a taste of my dripping pussy. I could do this every morning I thought touching my nipples while watching James eat up my pussy. This was the best morning view a woman could wish for. His tongue was licking and sucking all the good spots and one of my hands were pushing his face deeper in. God he was good at this.

Fuck... I love how wet you are already.” He said and took another dive, swirling his tongue around my clit. I felt the warmth spreading inside my core. His fingers toyed with my entrance and entered me slowly, making me want more.

Mmmh... I want to feel you inside me.” I said breathlessly. He stood up and started undressing and within seconds his expensive tux was on the ground and his erection was out in the free. I bit my bottom lip looking at how tasty he looked. Sliding down from the counter I went down to my knees and licked the tip of his dick. It jolted with joy and I wrapped my hands around it before taking him in slowly. He grabbed my hair urgently and started to thrust his hard cock into my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum back in my throat.

Fuck...” He said followed by a low growl and he helped me up on my feet. He pushed me inside the shower cabin before lifting one of my legs and entering me without any prior warning. His pulsing cock inside of my wet pussy felt amazing and my mind was filled with him and only him. I wanted to please and be pleased. His trusts were deep and hard. I was shattering piece by piece with his consistent thrusts and my moans were echoing loudly inside the bathroom.

Yes baby… Milk my dick like that. Take me in and consume me.” He whispered sweetly against my lips and our swollen lips met in an instant kiss. Our tongues were battling sweetly while our sexes were uniting us aggressively. I felt him down to my fingertips. I was his and only his. My breath quickened and I shattered into an amazing orgasm in his arms. Following my intense orgasm, I felt his dick tense and release his hot cum inside of my aching cunt. My body and heart were full of him and I kissed him once more while he was still inside me.

I love you...” I whispered and collapsed in his strong arms. I trusted this man enough to walk away from everything and everyone. I belonged to him entirely.

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