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Pretending that I was asleep, I didn’t go down to have dinner with my mother and stepfather. What had happened a couple of hours ago, was still replaying in my mind. My stepfather was a sexy man and it was bothering me. My mind was going dangerous places remembering what my mother had told me about James. How good he was in bed. I was feeling hot even when I was naked under the covers. I felt more comfortable sleeping naked and I wouldn’t change this just because I had an intruder earlier.

Unable to fall asleep, my mind was partially occupied with my hot new stepfather and the feeling of hunger. I didn’t eat much during the day so I was basically starving. I was wondering whether I should sneak down to the kitchen and grab something to eat. It was already past 2 am so everyone was probably sleeping right now. I stood up and put the first thing I could find, a tunic. It covered just enough, I thought and headed to the door, opening it slowly.

I walked slowly and passed their room, when I realized that the door was not fully closed. Low moans were echoing inside their bedroom and I couldn’t stop myself from peeping a little. I was simply curious. Was he really that good?!? Was he big? Oh God, I really had to get laid fast and unfortunately, I was in a relationship.

I was practically watching my mom have sex with her brand-new husband. I must be crazy, I thought and decided to go for the target destination, the kitchen. Her moans were echoing down the hall, haunting me for every step I took. When I reached the kitchen, I could barely hear them. I opened the fridge and looked for something I could eat. I decided to make a light sandwich and eat that before heading back to bed. I ate standing by the kitchen island and enjoyed the silence that had washed over few moments ago. The silence was broken when I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

If you are going to peep around whenever I have sex with your mom, I can send you an invitation.” James said, making me cough in surprise. He had seen me? Or heard me? Damn it! I thought and my eyes trailed down to his bare chest. He looked good and well maintained. He was probably working out intensively to maintain that body.

Well taking in to consideration how fast you ‘finished’, I am not even close to being curious about your ‘machinery’.” I said looking directly into his eyes. The kitchen was dark since I had avoided to turn on the lights when I walked in. He started moving closer with a wicked grin spread across his lips. When we were only few inches apart, I was struggling to keep the eye contact.

Who said I ‘finished’? He asked and I watched his muscles flew when he leaned against the counter. He looked so damn good for a man in his late 40s. His eyes drifted down to his crotch and my eyes followed him to see that he was still hard under the fabric of his boxers.

I must have tired your mother out. She came twice before she drifted into a peaceful sleep in my arms.” James said.

Enough! You don’t have to tell me how many times you make my mom orgasm or how hard you are right now. It’s none of my business.” I said, irritated.

You implied and I answered…” He said, analyzing me closely. He was clearly enjoying this.

Well… I am not interested in knowing those things.” I said getting a little angry. I couldn’t believe that I was actually attracted to my stepfather. But if I could turn this extreme sexual tension into something else I would benefit greatly from it. I couldn’t simply drool over the man my mother had just married.

Amy… tell me one thing. How long has it been since you’ve had sex with your boyfriend? It seems like you have built up a lot of sexual tension. I can clearly see the need to be touched by a man in your eyes. You seem to miss the feeling of having a man inside you hard and ready to give you what you have missed for months.” He said looking into my eyes. I hated that he was right and I felt the need to defend my dignity. My hand flew up instinctively and I was aiming to slap him for challenging me like this. He grabbed my wrist instantly before my hand could even reach his face. Feeling his thumb move in circular motions on my wrist I was losing my mind. My skin was burning where he was touching me.

Be careful little one… whatever you decide to do can either bring you pain or pleasure.” James said and I yanked my hand out of his tight grip.

Whatever I decide to do is my problem. Don’t come here and pretend to act like my real father by giving me advice.” I said pissed.

Oh sweetheart… believe me I am not trying to become your new father here. Not after what I saw in that shower earlier today.” He said biting his bottom lip. His eyes were focused on my lips and I was trying to avoid the sweet temptation. I had just met this man who happened to be my stepfather and I was officially drooling over him inside his very own kitchen… Great! I thought. I am officially insane.

This… this is too much. I am not going to stand here and listen to you.” I said and turned around. I walked over to the door urgently, avoiding his piercing eyes. I had to get away from this man, he was dangerous. No wonder my mom was so head over heels in love with him. He was talented in seducing women.

Before I could reach to door, I was pinned against the wall. Lifting my arms above my head, he leaned in and brushed his lips against mine lightly.

So how bad do you want this?” He said grinding his hardness against me. Fuck… he was hard and I wanted to get a taste of him so badly. I was sex starved and he was offering me a very appealing appetizer but it was wrong. Deep down inside, I knew it was wrong. The man had just married my mom two months ago.

Let me go…” I said with an unsteady voice. He could feel how conflicted I felt about this.

Okay…” he said releasing my arms. I was free but I couldn’t move. My mind and body were working against each other. He wasn’t moving either. His eyes were focused on my lips and his hands were simply brushing my arms with an invitation to sin. He wasn’t making a move. He was letting me decide if I wanted to make a move or not. He was a smart man. A very smart and sexy chunk of a man. My mind was going crazy with all the possibilities. The moment I was giving in to the temptation, we heard footsteps from the hallway.

Honey… are you there?” We heard my mother’s voice. Her voice was echoing through the hallway and when I looked into James’ eyes, I saw a trace of annoyance.

I just came down to drink some water… Go back to bed honey, I will be back immediately.” James said and remained silent. When the sound of my mom’s footsteps disappeared from the hallway James turned to look at me still pressing his rock-hard body against mine.

We are not done with this conversation Amy…” He said and left the kitchen.

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