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Waking up to Amy in arms was an amazing feeling. I had finally opened up to her about my feelings and I wanted everything with her. I was ready to speak with Charlotte about our divorce settlement so I could propose to Amy. She was my everything and I could easily walk away from everything just for her. Lost in my own thoughts I realized that my phone was buzzing.

I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. A picture of Ben and Amy flashed on my screen and I was utterly confused. Why was he holding her? Ben had asked me to come out to the office and I was told that he never came in today so adding one thing to another I started to realize that the ghosts from my past was haunting me again.

She was like all other women... wasn’t she. Grabbing my keys, I rushed out of the office and sat into my car. I was going to end things once and for all. How could she say she loved me and walk into another man’s arms hours later? I was sick to my bones. I had been tricked again by another woman who had told me that she loved me. The past repeated itself and I was getting more furious just by the thought of being fooled by another woman.

When the car pulled in front of the house they were nowhere to be seen. I stepped inside and started roaming every single room until I reached Amy’s room. I walked in without knocking and saw her in Ben’s arms again.

What the actual fuck?” I said looking at them with hate. Her suitcase was spread across the bed and she was clearly packing to leave me. She should be packing since she wasn’t welcome here anymore. After whoring around with other men, I had no intentionsof keeping damaged goods. Her eyes met mine and instant disgust was written all over her face.

You lied to me, haven’t you? Your reputation speaks for itself! You disgust me!” She said furious.

My reputation has nothing to do with this scene in front of me! Why is he here? In you room? Why is he offering you comfort? Why did you call him? Why did you fuck behind my back? Why the fuck did you even lie to me about how you felt? You are just like all the other women. You are just a slut who moves from one man to another! I should have known considering how fast you forgot about Brandon in my arms!” I said, watching her move towards me, I could feel the hatred in her eyes and she slapped me across my face.

“How dare you? You don’t even know how it felt to go behind my mom’s back. I was so stupid that I even considered staying for you!” She said.

You mean staying for him!” I said and looked at Ben who had taken a step closer to stand in between Amy and I.

I think you both should calm down. Look James... Amy and I wa...” I punched him in the face. I wasn’t going to wait for him to finish his sentence to confirm the fears I had built inside of my head.

I want you both out of my house!” I said looking at Amy. Her toxic tears were trailing down her cheeks and I was determined to wipe her out of my life.

“Look James... seriously... calm down!” Ben said and my rage blinded me completely.

If you say another word I swear to God I will kill you with my bare hands! Get the fuck out of my house and life!” I said and watched Amy close her suitcase and follow Ben out. I followed them to make sure they were completely gone. Charlotte was inside the living room when I turned around and she had a victorious smile spread all over her lips.

Insecurity doesn’t suit you James...” She said looking at me like I was a piece of trash.

Why did you send me that picture?” I asked needing answers. She had done this knowing how I would react to it.

How does it feel James? How does it feel when people go behind your back?” She said. She had known this all along. I was stupid enough to believe that she wouldn’t figure it out. “Yet again you couldn’t keep it in your pants. You could have had anyone but why Amy? Why my daughter?” She asked demanding answers.

Charlotte, I am not going to justify my feelings in front of you. I loved her but it seems like she moved to the next one whenever she got the opportunity.” I said and Charlotte’s face changed instantly.

Don’t mistake her with me. She is a brilliant woman who knows where to stand. I just didn’t want you to ruin her. If she chose you she wouldn’t have been happy. She would constantly worry about your whereabouts and in the end the paranoia would eat her up. She deserves a man who can be faithful and loyal to her.” She said nonchalantly.

That man is Ben?” I asked laughing sarcastically.

No... but thanks to you and your temper she will find someone who really treasures her. Ben was just at the right place at the right time so I could show Amy your true colors. James Ashwood... you are just a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to be loved.” She said. What she was trying tell me was that her intentions were to make me misunderstand that picture. I had pushed her away with my own hands thinking she was having an affair with Ben but in reality, Charlotte had set us up? What kind of a wicked game was this woman playing?

Why did you do it? Why did you set this up? We loved each other!” I yelled desperately.

That isn’t love James that is obsession. You want what you can’t have. She was just a challenge and after you got what you wanted she would just be another trophy.” She said like she knew how I felt about Amy. How could a woman like Charlotte even understand the concept of loving and losing someone? The only person she really cared about was herself.

You are wrong! My feelings for Amy was genuine which is why I need you to leave now. You will never understand how loving and losing someone feels like. You will hear from my lawyer.” I said calmly leaving her alone in the living room. I had made a huge mistake of not trusting the woman I loved and now I had to do anything to win her back.

Going upstairs I entered her room and collapsed on her bed. Her smell was filling my heart and I instantly regretted every single word I had said earlier in this room. I had fucked everything up. Grabbing my phone instantly, I called Amy but she had turned her phone off. I decided to call Ben instead since they had left together earlier.

//I need to speak with Amy. Do you know where she is?” I asked right away. I felt bad about everything I said earlier to him and Amy but right now I had to know where she was so I could find her and beg her to forgive me.

//I dropped her off at the airport she was planning on leaving for London with the first flight. You should have listened... I tried to warn you.” He said with a serious tone. If Amy was leaving for London I would lose her completely. I had no information about her life in London and I wouldn’t be able to locate her easily.I had messed everything up.

//What would you have done if the woman you loved were in another man’s arms?” I asked.

//I would have listened to her. Acting the way, you did confirms her fears about you. She was genuinely thinking that you were going to throw her out like trash when you were done with her and you did.” He said and I hung up feeling like a disaster. I had found the woman I wanted to spend my days with and now that she was slipping away I couldn’t do anything but watch it. I was stupid enough to hide behind my jealousy without offering her to explain herself. Now that she was gone I had to pick up my pieces and move on I had to find her. I had to win her heart back. She belonged to me, she was my woman.

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