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The sunset was beautiful from our patio and I was enjoying the beautiful view in front of me. Father and daughter strolling on the sand. He turned out to be the perfect father to our princess. Ivy had erased all the pain from our pasts and we were now living and breathing for her and each other. My love for him grew stronger over the past year and I learned to trust him. We had talked through everything and now that we were completely on the same page we enjoyed where our love was bringing us.

We came back to the States for our anniversary. After all this beach house was where everything had started. The week we had spent here was still a vivid memory and we had returned to celebrate our love for each other. We had settled down in London where we had brought a house to raise Ivy and our future children. We were planning on having a big family and we wanted them to grow up in a cozy home.

James had started to work for a local construction firm while I was finishing up my thesis. After we had worked through our issues everything had settled down for us so fast. We were married within months with a small ceremony and we had a small baby girl to take care of. I couldn’t have asked for anything else. This was perfect, we were perfect together.

Aren’t you guys hungry?” I asked looking at my water monsters. They could spend a whole day swimming around. While they were enjoying the water, I had dolled up a little for my man. I loved being his wife and taking care of him and his needs so I had found a body tight dress that would please him visually.

Coming!” James yelled from the other side of the beach, lifting Ivy to his arms. How did I ever get this lucky I thought, watching them. Placing Ivy on her baby chair he moved to give me a peck on the lips. He looked delicious in those swimming shorts. I wanted to eat him up already.

What are we eating?” He asked and I smiled at him remembering our first meal in this house.

Steaks... and for Ivy, mashed potatoes.” I said and smiled. James took my hand in his and placed a tender kiss on my knuckles.

I will find the best wine for the occasion.” He said and left to bring a bottle of wine to go with the food. When he returned he had two wine glasses and a bottle in his hands. Pouring some wine in both glass he handed one over to me.

To our beautiful family.” He said and we took a sip from our glasses.

Da da!” Ivy said out of the blue and I looked over to James. I was waiting for it to come... he would comment on this again. Like he did the previous 100 times Ivy made any kind of sound.

Did you hear that? She said dad!” He said with joy in his eyes.

Sure honey... sure she did.” I said since I was tired of arguing over it. He was so persistent to make her say dad first.

Babe come on! This time, it really sounded like she said dad.” He said.

Yeah like all the other times.” I said with a smile. He was cute and I adored this soft side of him. However, I preferred the rough side in bed.

It’s okay babe. I will make sure that our next one will say mom first.” He said winking and which made my knees go weak. Damn this sexy piece of a man was getting more attractive every single day. I had to admit that our sex life was quite adventures these days and we were all over each other whenever we had some privacy. Since we were parents to a needy toddler we tried our best make time for each other as well.

I enjoyed James’ affection and he would occasionally go out and get me a new pair of lingerie to wear for him. If it was up to him he would force me to walk around in sexy underwear but I had to set some boundaries. Looking up I realized the way he was looking at me ready to eat me up any minute and I blushed. He could still make me blush like this with just his bedroom eyes.

Stop that! Not in front of Ivy!” I said and realized she had already finished eating and was halfway to falling asleep. I cleaned her up and put her to sleep before returning to the dining room where James was waiting with my wine glass in his hand. He walked closer and handed the glass over to me before positioning himself behind me.

Should we revisit our memories?” He whispered close to my ear making me shiver.

Are you wearing anything under that dress?” He whispered lifting the hem of the dress slowly.

N-no...” I said with a shaky voice. I liked to follow his orders it made he feel obedient and his. I enjoyed being his good girl in the bedroom or wherever he wanted to fuck me. I loved this man to the extent that I was ready to commit to him fully. I wanted to pleasure his body and mind. We belonged to each other.

Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” He whispered and I nodded feeling his palms pressed against my hips. His erection was hard and strong against my ass and I wanted to tear those shorts apart and just taste him. Lifting the dress to my waist his hands went in between my thighs and found my wet folds. He flicked his fingers against my clit making me moan instantly.

Already this wet? What kind of things were you thinking of during dinner? Your nipples were so hard against the fabric of your dress, tempting me to fuck you on this table.” He said and bit my earlobe lightly.

I was thinking of you, Daddy. I wanted to taste you so bad.” I said and pushed his hand away. I put my glass down on the table and went down on my knees. Removing his shorts slowly I kept my eyes on his. When I pushed down the shorts entirely, I was rewarded with his hardness. Taking it in my hands I started jerking him slowly. Licking the tip, I took him in slowly inch by inch. His husky groans were echoing inside the dining room and I enjoyed every second of feeing his dick twitch in my mouth. His hands grabbed my hair and started thrusting in and out of my mouth making me gag lightly.

Fuck... your lips around my cock is so beautiful.” He said and lifted me up and sat me on the table. “…but I want to taste you now. On all fours.” He commanded and I took position on top of the dining table showing him my wetcunt. He took a deep dive thrusting his tongue deep into my wet hole. I whimpered and moaned ready to explode in his arms.

Please, don’t stop… I need to come.”I moaned and he stopped. Frustrated I turned around and looked at him and he was wearing a dirty smirk on his lips. Grabbing my arm, he lifted me from the table and put me on my feet before positioning himself in between my thighs. He ripped the thin fabric of the dress apart and started playing with my hard nipples. Lifting my legs he wrapped them around his waist.

Hold tight baby... it’s going to be a fast ride.” He said and lifted me from the table bringing me over to the wall. Positioning me against it he grabbed my thighs and spread my legs to the side. Sliding in slowly he filled me up inch by inch. His thick hardness was filling me up perfectly and when he started rocking against me I couldn’t keep my moans low anymore. He was hitting my g-spot over and over again making me almost scream in pleasure.

Yes baby... scream my name and milk my cock. Tell me… who owns this pussy?” He said. His dirty talk was always doing it for me.

You... I am all yours.” I said in between my cries for pleasure. After several rapid thrusts I shattered in his arms with my intense orgasm.

Yes baby... Milk my fucking dick and drink me up!” He said and came inside me. His hot cum filled me up and I leaned in to place a kiss on his lips. He emptied his load completely before collapsing against me.

I think it might be jackpot this time.” He said breathless while placing lazy kisses on my neck.

Jackpot?” I asked a little confused.

Yeah... take a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks. I am certain I will get you pregnant before we return to London in two weeks.” He said with a lazy smile on his lips.

I don’t think it just happens by doing it once.” I said daring him and he looked into my eyes serious.

Then I guess I will do a better job on the second round.” He said and his dick started to twitch inside my pussy. He was seriously getting hard again? So fast? This man’s sexual stamina was beyond this world.

//Bwwaaahh!!!” The baby monitor went off with a crying Ivy.

Our little princess is quite serious about not wanting any siblings.” He said smiling and pulled out of me. He went over to the table and picked his shorts up and got dressed.

I will go check on the princess while you stay where you are. We are not done yet...” He said and disappeared into the dark hallway. He was everything I had ever dreamt of and I was lucky to be his wife. We had promised to love each other until our last breath and I couldn’t wait to grow old with him. After all he was my silverfox.

—— THE END ——

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